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THAT the . Author is gratified by the repeated editions of this little work, on which he has bestowed many a laborious hour, it would be affectation in him to deny—and he flatters himself that the circulation of near Fifty Thousand copies, must contribute in some degree to extend the empire of religious knowledge and Christian charity. In every impression he has attended carefully to recent communications, and where individuals had sent confused and contradictory accounts of their own party, he has endeavoured to adjust their claims with impartiality. To obtain in all instances accurate information, is a task of almost insuperabie difficulty. In many cases prejudice, passion, and interést, have multiplied religious differences to a degree, which excites both his grief and astonishment. But he is persuaded that could the professors of Christianity be once brought to listen candidly to each other's opinions, they would not only be the less likely to be led away by the clamours of bigotry, but


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they would become more thoroughly disposed to keep the unity of the spirit in the bond of peace

“ Fountain of Being! teach them to devote
“ To thee each purpose, action, word, and thought;
“ Thy grace their hopë-thy love their only boast,
* Be al distinctions in the CHRISTIAN lost."


The Author is pleased to find, that the Biographical Illustrations of the Frontispiece prove acceptable to young readers, who cannot be supposed to be better acquainted with the principal characters than with the leading opinions of the religious community. And some information, however short, was thought to be interesting of persons, who, on account of their talents, learning, and piety, have in a manner given laws to the several districts of Christendom. Nor will it be improper just to mention, that the Recapitulatory Table at the end of the work, by being familiarized to the young mind, has been found conducive to improvement.

From a friend who some time ago left Paris, the Author learns that the Sketch is translated into the French and German


languages, under the superintendence of Messrs. Vos and Co. celebrated booksellers at Leipsic. May its increasiug circulation prove the means of diffusing a spirit of free enquiry--and of promoting the exercise of true liberality. " There is a somewhat,says that able defender of Revealed Religion, the present Bishop of Landaff, “ in our COMMON faith, in which all are agreed, and that somewhat is in my opinion a circumstance of such ineffable importance, that I will never refuse the right hand of Fellowship to him who acknowledges its truth--never think or speak of him with disrespect, nor with true pharisaical pride, esteem myself to be more orthodox, more acceptable to my Redeemer, than he is, and that somewhat is Eternal Life, the gift of God through JESUS CHRIST!” : Mr. Jay of Bath, in his excellent Sermons,' remarks that “ the readiest way in the world to thin heaven and replenish the regions of hell, is to call in the spirit of bigotry. This will immediately arraign and condemn, and execute all that do not bow down and worship the image of our

idolatry. Possessing exclusive prerogatives, it rejects every other claim—“Stand by, I am sounder than thou. The temple of the Lord, the temple of the Lord, the temple of the Lord are we!” How many of the dead has this intolerance sentenced to eternal misery, who will shine like stars in the kingdom of our Father!-how many living characters does it not reprobate as enemies to the cross of Christ, who are

placing in it all their glory! No wonder, • if under the influence of this consuming · zeal, we form lessening views of the num

ber of the saved. I only am left---yes, they are few indeed if none belong to them, who do not belong to your party--that do not see with your eyes that do not believe election with you, or universal redemption with you-that do not worship under a steeple with you, or in a meeting with you --that are not 'dipped with you, or sprinkled with you! But hereafter we shall find thàt the RIGHTEOUS were not so circumscribed ; 'when we shall see many coming from the east, and from the west, from the north, and from the south, to sit down with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, in the kingdom

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