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paid to them even by bad Princes, p. 189. They laid down their Lives, in confirmation of their Prophecies, p. 190. Many of their Prophecies fulfilled during their own Lives, p. 191. Their Prophecies committed to Writing, ibid. They (as well as the Law) were carefully preserved, during the Captivity in Babylon, p. 192. The Books of the former and of the latter Prophets; the Books of Samuel, by whom written, p. 193. The Books of Chronicles, and of Kings, by whom written, p. 194. Of the Psalms. Moses and the Prophets comprehend the whole Old Testament, p. 196. The Hebrew Tongue Sufficiently understood by the Jews, when they returned from Babylon, p.197. The Scriptures could not be corrupted afterwards, p.198

CHAP. X. Of the Prophecies and Miracles of the Prophets. Josiah prophesied of by Name, long before his Birth ; the circumstances of that Prophecy, p. 200.

The fulfilling of Elijah's Prophecies, p. 202. The confession of Julian the Apostate, p. 203. Divers other Prophecies and Miracles, ibid.' Cyrus prophesied of by Name, long before his Birt', p. 205. Jeremiah's Prophecies of the Destruction of Jerusalem, p. 207. The contradi£tion which was then thought to be betwixt the Prophecies of Jeremiah and Ezekiel, a manifest proof of the truth of the Prophecies of them both, p. 208. Other plain Prophecies fulfilled, p. 209. These Prophecies and 'Miracles manifestly true,

p. 213

C H A P. XI. Of the dependence of the several Parts of the Scriptures

upon each other; and that the Old Testament proves the New, and the New again proves the Old, as the Cause and the Effet,

p. 215

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Of the Person of our Blessed Saviour.
Our Blessed Saviour's undeniable Innocence and Holiness

of Life, p. 219. Judas himself gave Testimony to it, p. 221. The Prophecies concerning the Birth of the Melias, fulfilled in him, p. 225. The Prophecies concerning his Life fulfilled, p. 234. The Prophecies concerning his Death fulfilled, p. 235. and those concerns ing his Resurrection and Ascension,

p. 240 CHAP. XIII. Of the Prophecies and Miracles of our Blef

sed Saviour. Our Saviour foretold the Treachery of Judas, and the man

ner of his own Death, ibid. The Propagation of his Religion, p. 241. The Destruction of Jerusalem, with the circumstances of it, and the Prodigies attending it, ibid. His Miracles verified the Prophecies which bad been concerning the Messias,

p. 243. CHAP. XIV. Of the Resurrection of our Blessed Saviour. The Resurrection of our Blessed Saviour prophesied of, and

typified , p. 246. The Apostles, who were Witnesses
of our Saviour's Resurrečtion, could not be deceived
themselves in it , p. 249. They would not deceive
ethers, p. 256. They alledged such Circumstances, as
made it impossible for them to deceive, p. 257

Of the Apostles and Evangelists

. The Apoftles were Men of fufficient Understanding, to

know what they testified, p. 261. They had sufficient Means and Opportunities to know it, p. ibid. They were Men of Integrity, and truly declared what they knew; for 'tisey had no worldly Intereft to serve, by their Testimony, bit fuffered by it, and had a certain prospect of

reffering, P: 263. There are peculiar marks of Sincequy in c!l their Writings,

p. 265 СНАР,

Of the Prophecies and Miracles of the Apo-

files, &c. Of their Prophecies, p. 273. Of their Miracles, p. 274.

The Miracles wrought by the Apostles themselves, p.275. A Power of working Miracles communicated by them to others, p. 279. Their supernatural Courage and Resolution, p. 283. This likewise was communicated to their Followers,

p. 287, &c. C H A P. XVII. Of the Writings of the Apostles and Evangelists. The History of our Saviour's Life and Death contains so

notorious and publick Circumstances, that it was an Appeal to that Age, whether the things related were true or not, p. 291, &c. The other Books of the New Testament are explicatory and consequential to the Gospel, History of Christ ; and besides, these likewise contain many memorable and publick Matters of Fact, p. 297. The Gospel, and other Books of the New Testament, cited by Authors contemporary with the Apostles, and' own’d for genuine both by the Jews and Heathens,p.299. Many of the Eye-witnesses to the Miracles of our Saviour and his Apostles, liv’d to a great Age, ibid. The chief Points of the Christian Religion were testify'd in Apologies written from time to time to the Heathen Emperors,

p. 300. CHA P. XVIII. Of the Do&trines contain’d in the Holy Scrip

tures. The Christian Religion teaches an universal

Righteousness both towards God and Man, P.303. The Scriptures propound to us the only true Principles of Holiness p. 304. The Christian Religion proposes the most effeEtrial Motives to Obedience and Holiness of Life,p.305, It affords the greatest Helps and Assistances to a Hely

Life, p. 306. It expresses the greatest Compassion and Condescension to our Infirmities, p. 307. The Propagation of the Gospel has ever had great effects towards the Reformation and Happiness of Mankind The highest Mysteries of the Christian Religion are not meerly

speculative, but have a necessary Relation to PraEtice, for the Advancement of Piety and Vertue amongst Men,

p. 312.

, p. 308.


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p. 320.

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Hat there is no other Divine Revelation, but

that contained in the Holy Scriptures of the Old and New Testament,

P. 315. C H A P. I. The Novelty of the Heather Religions. The Pretences of the Ægyptians to Antiquity examin’d,

p. 316. Of the Chaldæans, p. 318. Of the Chinese,

Of the Defect in the Promulgation of the Hea»

then Religions. The Heathen Religions never extant in Books to be pub

lickly read, p. 326. Every Country had its peculiar Deities. They prevaild only by the Temporal Power. Though the Heathens more in Number, yet the Religion of Christians more promulg’d,

p. 327. CHAP. III. Of the Defect of the Prophecies and Miracles of

the Heathen Religions. Of the Oracles of the Heathens, p. 328. That they were

uncertain and ambiguous, p. 329. But they could not be all counterfeit , p. 330. The Cessation of Oracles gradual, p. 331. Their Miracles never wrought to



confirm any found and useful Doctrine. The Confessions of the False Gods, when they were adjur’d by Christi

p. 335. CHA P. IV. The Defect , in point of Du&trine, in the Hea

then Religions. The Theology of the Heathens absurd, p. 336. Their

Religious Worship wicked aad impious , p. 338. Humane Sacrifices customary in all Heathen Nations p. 339, &c. No Body of Laws , nor Rules of Good Life , propos'd by their Oracles, p. 343. but Idolatry and Wickedness approv’d and recommended by them

p. 344. CHAP. V. Of the Philosophy of the Heathens. The Heathen Philosophy very defe&tive and erroneous

p. 345. Whatever there is of Excellency in the Philosophy of the Heathens, is owing to Revelation, p. 356. If the Heathen Philosophy had been as certain and as excellent as it can be pretended to be, yet there had been great need of a Divine Revelation,

p. 363 CH A P. VI. The Novelty and Defe& in the Promulgation of

the Mahometan Religion,

P. 368.

CHAP. VII. The want both of Prophecies and Miracles in the Mahometan Religion,

p. 370.

CH A P. VIII. The Alcoran is falfe, absurd, and immoral, p.372.


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