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they have been doing every thing to tremble; and would fain hack in their power to hlacken me, be-ont; but back out they shall not; cause I wished, with the honest I will hold them tightly to the people of Kent, Norfolk, Here-stump, until, as that honest felfordshire, and Surrey, to obtain low Guy Fawkes said, I blow an equitable adjustment of the the Scotch beggars back to their nation's affairs, without again re- mountains again." turning to the pillaging, plunder- At present, I shall give them ing, defrauding, and suicide-creat- merely a smell of powder by way ing system of paper-money.- of preparation, though that smell, They have, in all manner of ways, owing to one of its well-known worked to insult, and, if they could ingredients, is already familiar to have done it, to destroy me on their noses. I contended, and I this account. They have been still contend, that there must be cherished by the government;- a large reduction of the interest they have done every thing that of what is called the National they were able to disguise the real Debt; that there must be an adcause of the public ruin from the justment which shall be equitable; people's eyes; they have been that this will enable us really to cherished by those who ought to return (as the Parliament said have known better; they have they had in 1819) to the currency been listened to with all possible of our fathers; that this must attention; they have been brought, take place; or, that there must as a sort of political oracles, before be a convulsion in the country, Committees of the House of Com- approaching to a total revolution. mons; their dark and deep para- This is the opinion which I have doxical stuff has been printed held, and publicly held, and which and published at this taxed peo-jI distinctly and elaborately put ple's expense. This hellish sys-forth and maintained in the year tem, which was born in a Scotch 1806 ; that is to say, twenty years brain, as sin and death came from ago come the month of February the brains of Lucifer, is now tol- next. tering. Owing to the meritorious The Scotch feelosofers have exertions of Mr. Jones of Bristol been busy as the devil in a high the base and fraudulent system wind to counteract the effect of has recently received a stagger- this opinion ; and to effect their ing blow. The feclosofers begin purpose, they have used all manner of means, however foul, with-fland. Thus it was that he got in the last six years especially, the name of Peter, which will and, as I shall presently show, now stick to him, I dare say, to contrary to, in the direct teeth of, the end of his life. 1, at any rate, their own deliberately expressed shall always call him Peter; for, sentiments. One of the feeloso- by that name my readers know fers, Peter MacCULLOCH, whose him, though I am really sorry for christian, or, rather, whose first" it, seeing that it is a name, for name, as they themselves call it, which christians ought to have I thought was Peter, but whose a great degree of reverence. The real name appears to be J. R. copy of the book in question I MACCULLOCH, wrote a book, which got a few days back from Edin-. he published at Edinburgh in burgh, accompanied with the 1816. This book has been, as far following note :as possible, suppressed; but a

Edinburgh, Sept. 16, 1823. gentleman at Edinburgh has “Sir,---I have been long an had the goodness to send me a " admirer of your writings, and copy of it. How I came to call have as long conceived that you the fellow Peter is this : A gen- “ have been most unjustly treated tleman, about three years ago, " by the pretended political phitalking to me about a Jew-like “ losophers, who, in imitation of article that appeared in the news. "the swine of old, would devour paper called the Scotsman, from “ your pearls, and then turn again which Dr. BLACK was everlast " and rend you. Mr. Macculingly making extracts to the great" LOCH, after borrowing his ideas disgrace of the Morning Chronicle," from · PAPER AGAINST GOLD, ' said, “ Peter Macculloch means, " and writing a book upon reI believe, David Ricardo." 1" ducing the interest of the nanever saw the Scotsman paper in “ tional debt, has deserted his my life. So that, the next time “ master and joined the political I had to comment on the extracts " economists, as they call them. from this paper, I called the au- " selves, in accusing you of disa thor Peter MacCULLOch: and I honesty, because, with more gave him this said “ first

name, originality and ability, you rewhen I came to talk of the “ Ri." commended

a similar thing. cardo Lecture," which this impu-" He now wishes to suppress his dent man was reading about Eng." book upon this subject; but, as “I have, by good fortune, pro- themselves; willing slaves, they “ cured a copy, I forward it to you, hate the very name of freedom, it “ not doubting but that in your being a libel on their own dis"able hands the author will meet position, character and conduct, “ with the castigation he so fully It was by following the suggestions “ merits. I am, Sir,

of this pestiferous crew that Ame“Your most obedient servant, rica was lost to this kingdom.

They are always on the side of

that which tends to make the mass I cannot insert this letter, of the people abject, and to mould without expressing my gratitude them into a herd of miserable to the author of it, and without, at beings working for what these the same time expressing my re- reptiles call the “ wealth of gret, that such a man should have nations,” or the “public wealth,for his countrymen those pestilent or some other thing, out of which wretches which come swarming they themselves contrive, by hook upon us from the north, under the or by crook, to live without work, name of " political Economists," instead of being sweeping the as they call themselves, and as streets or blacking shoes, for feelosofers as I denominate them. which nature and a just Providence They abound, as to numbers; the designed them. locusts of Palestine and the lice I call them Scotch, in a lump, of Egypt never cursed the land first, because they are Scotch, more than these curse England. and next, because I cannot stop, They bother the people out of at every turn, to make distinctheir senses. The devil bimself, tions; but, I have often declared, going up and down for the de- and I repeat the declaration, that struction of human souls, is not I have no dislike whatever to the more indefatigable than these pes- Scotch, as a people, any more tiferous feelosofers. They are than I have a dislike to the peoalways the ready tools of injustice ple of my own native county of combined with power; and they Surrey. I am intimate with more have done more to injure the Scotchmen than I am with Surrey people of England, of Ireland, men; and I have been for the aye and of Scotland too, than all last thirty or forty years of my other political vlpeia put together: lite. If Surrey (which God AlHendly slards is stay ni mi sto misliy tarbil) *ers to your frih

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such a pestilence upon the rest of called the National Debt; that
England, I should talk of the they have been constantly insist-
Surrey feelosofers, as I do now ing that the whole of the interest
of these perverse and mischievous of the debt ought to be paid ; that
creatures ; but I should not there to make a deduction from it would
in mean to condemn, nor even to be to commit hórrible injustice;
express disrespect of the whole and, the whole country well
mass of the people of Surrey. knows how they led the way in
However, if Scotchmen in general that hase and infamous attack
take the thing to themselves, take which was made upon me by the
it they must; for, delivered from whole body of the London press,
this scourge, England must be, at the time when I proposed an
(and Scotland and Ireland too,) or equitable adjustment.
they must become wholly unfit for All this is perfectly notorious.
freemen to live in.

Now, then, in 1816, just about I now come to Peter. The ten years after I first proposed a public well know, that, for the reduction of the interest of the last six years, Peter has been ad-debt, and about six years after I, vocating the paper money sys- in Paper Against Gold, proved, to tem; that he has been crying demonstration, that the debt could aloud against what he has called never be reduced by a sinking the fraudulent proposition for re- fund; in 1816, this Macculloch, ducing the interest of the debt; whom I call Peter, and who calls that he, and his fellow labourer himself “ J. R. Macculloch, Doctor Black, have been prating ESQUIRE;" every tinker now against the corn-bill as the great being an esquire, if he keep a cause of the sufferings of the peo- horse and gig, and have any thing ple; that they, and the rest of better than mere drugget to put their tribe, including Parson upon the back of his wife; in MALTIUS, whom I am sorry to 1816, I say, this very Peter pubsay

I believe to be an English-lished a book at Edinburgh, entinian, have been harping about the tled, “An Essay on the Question indiscreet breeding of the wo-" of reducing the Interest of the men; and that, in short, they have" National Debt; in which the 'been finding out all sorts of causes "justice and expediency of that for the misery of the common peo- measure are fully establish ed.” ple, except the weight of what is And yet this very Peter, and Doc

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TOR Black, and all the infamous 'debt. This fellow, this Hamilton, newspapers of London, and all wrote his book a year or two bethe stupid orators of the stupid- fore 1816. I had written Paper est assembly in the world; and against Gold, containing the comDaddy Core in his holes and plete proof, in 1810. Who wanted corners, and the cunning hickery a book from this Hamilton, I should quaker of Norwich ; and Betty be glad to know? But these Scotch Harboard to the hooting owls in a fellows began to see that somebarn; all cried aloud, fraud, thing was likely to be done about fraud, fraud; national faith, sacred reducing the interest of the debt, faith, holy faith, when I and the and they rushed forward to claim sensible and spirited men of Kent all the merit of the doctrines. and of Norfolk sent up a petition, Let us take the title of the last praying for “a just reduction of chapter of Peter Maccullocu's the national debt."

hook; I mean the head of the To quote from Peter's book, as chapter, or section, as it is called, far as it relates to this matter, would The reader will be almost ready be little other than quoting from to swear that I am making an exmyself; the book being, as far as tract from my own writings. it has sense in it, a mere string of “ Propriety of repealing the Rethefts from Paper against Gold.“ striction Act, and of obliging the And here I must observe on the “ Bank of England to resume consummate baseness of these “ Cash Payments --Inexpediency Scotchmen. This dark and deep “ of Cash Payments, unless acfellow Macculloch quotes from companied with a reduction of AUDEM Smeth; (without saying a "the interest of the National word about his sinecure;) he quotes


PROOFS (proofs, from a great parcel of fellows be-“ mind !] of the necessity and sides, amongst whom is some fel“ justice of this measure of reduclow that he calls Doctor Hamil- ' tion.”—1 will just take one short ton; I think 'tis a Doctor, but it is passage : “ WE maintain, that it not worth while to turn the leaves" is manifestly unjust to compel over to see. He quotes from Ricar-“ the country to pay depreciated do; but he quotes particularly paper, or paper perhaps 20 per from this Hamilton, something to "cent. less valuable than bullion, prove that no sinking fund can with paper convertible at pleaever diminish this intolerable " sure into the precious metals.

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