The History and Chronicles of Scotland, Volume 1

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Reprinted for W. and C. Tait, 1821 - Scotland
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Page xxxiv - afore the cumyng of this werk to lycht we saw his hanche-bane, als mekill as the haill bane of ane man : for we schot our arme in the mouth thairof. Be quhilk apperis how strang and square pepill grew in our regioun afore thay were effeminat with lust and intemperance ofmouth."f III. By Ireland. " There standeth," as Stanihurst relates, " in Ostmantowne greene an hillocke, named little John his shot. The occasion," he says,
Page xlviii - Finaly quhen thay ar cumyn to the just mesure and quantite of geis, thay fle in the aire, as othir fowlis dois, as was notably provyn in the yeir of god ane thousand iiii hundred Ixxxx in sicht of mony pepyll besyde the castell of Petslego, ane gret tre was brocht be alluvion and flux of the see to land.
Page lvii - ... pattern, acted as jurists for the Lordship. There can be no doubt that these breitheamhan were the far-off heirs of the learned men reported among the Celts of Gaul by Julius Caesar and Posidonius. That the women of Celtic Scotland were as combative as those of Ireland is attested by Hector Boece: The wemen war of litil les vassalage and strenth than was the men; for al rank madinnis and wiffis, gif they war nocht with child, yeid als weill to battall as the men.1'4 In his splendid, erudite book,...
Page lii - ... the Jews (or those who would convert to Christianity) a telling role in these latter days, Scottish thinkers agreed that the nation of Israel would prove surprisingly relevant to their own future and to the meaning of their culture. Introductory: Scotland and the Fatality of Geography "Thay auctoris is na worth that sayis, all peple far fra the sonne ar harbour and miserable"*.
Page cvi - And gevin to sleuth and lust immoderat ; All that his eldaris wan, he puttis away ; And fra thair virtew is degenerat : The more his eldaris fame is elevat, The more thair life to honour to approche, Thair fame and loving ay interminat ; The more is ay unto his vice reproche.
Page xii - As watter purgis and makis bodyis fair ; " As fire be nature ascendis in the aire, " And purifyis with heitis vehement; " As floure dois smell ; as frute is nurisare ;
Page xxxviii - Quene of Scotland. Als sone as Sanct Margaret saw the oulie spring ithandlie, be divine miracle, in the said place, scho gart big ane chapell thair, in the honour of Sanct Katherine. This oulie hes ane singulare virtew aganis all maner of cankir and skawis.
Page lix - God, all maner of necessaryis, to the sustentatioun of man, may be gottin plesandly in it, gif thair war sic pepill that culd laubour it, effering to the nature thairof. Nochtheles, as our eldaris, quhilkis dwelt continewally merchand with the realme of Ingland, lernit the Saxonis toung, be frequent jeoperdeis and chance of battall, sustenit mony yeris aganis thaim ; sa the pepill, now present in Scotland, hes tint baith the langage and...
Page 5 - Kyngis nobyll grace [1541]," folio. The First Buke, fo. ii.— " Sicker peace thus standyng amang the two pepyll, Gathelus sittand in his chiar of merbyll within his ciete of Brygance governit his pepyll in justice. This Chiar of merbyl had sic weird, that it maid every land (quhair it wes found) native to Scottis, as thir versis schawis. The Scottis sall bruke that realme, as natyve ground (Geif weirdis fayll nocht) quhair evir this Chiar is found.

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