New Leaders Wanted - Now Hiring!: 12 Kinds of People You Must Find, Seduce, Hire and Create a Job For

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Meetingminds Publishing, 2007 - Business & Economics - 240 pages
There is a widespread consensus amongst people in business that the future can't be an extrapolation of the past. What's more: organizational life today is complex, often unpredictable, volatile, high risk and at the same time full of opportunities never dreamt of before. However, companies are by and large still hooked on the old sets of skills and competences that worked well for many years. A small percentage of the workforce has the key to success. A selected group of managers make all the difference. In the current business environment, success requires different skills, different mental models and different approaches to reality. Some of those new skills are counterintuitive and not often described in job advertising pages. This is a self-perpetuating way of producing perhaps moderate success. But a quantum leap can only be obtained by an 'internal engine' of people who think and behave differently. You can't afford to ignore the question of who these people are or where they may be, whether you have them already or whether you need to find them! New Leaders Wanted explores those new mental models and new skills that, together, have the power to create the conditions for success in the modern organization. It maps the 12 kinds of people that can literally make or break a company's success and will guide you in your search to find those people. New Leaders Wanted will help you create the conditions for extraordinary success in your organization.


ONE Reconstructors of 15
TWO Signal Spotters
THREE Space time architects
SEVEN Riders of the network
EIGHT Chaordic acrobats
ELEVEN Conquistadores
TWELVE TalkiWalkers

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