Poems of Rural Life in the Dorset Dialect

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C. Kegan Paul, 1879 - Dialect poetry, English - 467 pages

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Page 293 - Below the beeches' bough, my love, Where you did never come, An' I don't look to meet ye now, As I do look at hwome. Since you noo mwore be at my zide, In walks in zummer het, I'll goo alwone where mist do ride, Droo trees a-drippen wet ; Below the rain-wet bough, my love, Where you did never come, An' I don't grieve to miss ye now, As I do grieve at hwome.
Page 183 - BLACKMWORE MAIDENS THE primrwose in the sheade do blow, The cowslip in the zun. The thyme upon the down do grow. The clote where streams do run; An...
Page 294 - I don't grieve to miss ye now, As I do grieve at hwome. Since now bezide my dinner-bwoard Your vaice do never sound, I'll eat the bit I can avword A-vield upon the ground ; Below the darksome bough, my love, Where you did never dine, An' I don't grieve to miss ye now, As I at hwome do pine. Since I do miss your va'ice an" feace In prayer at eventide, I'll pray wi' woone sad va'ice vor greace To goo where you do bide; Above the tree an' bough, my love, Where you be gone avore, An' be a-wai'ten vor...
Page 151 - How mother, when we us'd to stun Her head wi' all our naisy fun, Did wish us all a-gone vrom hwome : An
Page 112 - An' slammen door an' rottlen lock That in thik empty house da sound Da never seem to miake look round '/V/ik downcast weepen liady. A liady, as the tiale da goo, That oonce liv'd there, an' lov'd too true, Wer by a young man cast azide A mother sad, but not a bride; An...
Page 222 - They clear'd the groun' vor grass to teake The pleace that bore the bremble breake, An' drain'd the fen, where water spread, A-lyen dead, a beane to men; An' built the mill, where still the wheel Do grind our meal, below the hill; An' turn'd the bridge, wi' arch a-spread, Below a road, vor us to tread.
Page 65 - ... wi' the wind, that blow'd It right into his eyes. An' he did blink, an' vow he'd catch Me zomehow yet, an' be my match. But I wer nearly down to hatch Avore he got vur on ; An...
Page 62 - The time o' greenness, the time o' mowen, When in the hay-vield, wi' zunburnt skin, The vo'k do drink, O, Upon the brink, O, Where thou dost float, goolden zummer clote ! Wi...
Page 241 - But now when winter's rain do vail, An' wind do beat agean the hall, The while upon the wat'ry wall In spots o' grey the moss do grow, The ruf noo mwore shall overspread The pillor ov our weary head, Nor shall the rwose's mossy ball Ah!
Page 348 - Or bring vrom her veet the light doust, She do tread in the Spring. O zun, meake the gil'cups all glitter, In goold all around her ; An' meake o' the deaisys' white flowers A bed in the Spring.

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