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1815. PAGE

but remarking on the stipulation for the evacuation of

the fortresses held by the Allies at the expiration of

five years. . . . . .59

Nov. 4. Mr. Brackenhury to Mr. Planta, with enclosure: . 60

3. References to certain letters and documents concerning

the Bordeaux claims, under the Decree of the King

of France . . . . .61

6. Memorandum by the Duke of Wellington, upon the

application of the twenty-five millions coming to Great

Britain and her Allies for the Battle of Waterloo and

the capture of Paris. His Grace suggests that Govern-

ment ought to give that sum to the army, to be dis-

tributed among them in the shape of prize-money,

and furnishes a calculation of the proportion in which

it should be divided among the British and their

auxiliaries . . . . .63

7. Lord Bathurst to Lord Castlereagh, reporting an appli-

cation made by M. Fagel, the Dutch Ambassador,

respecting the fortifications to be erected for the de-

fence of the Netherlands . . . .65

14. Mr. Brackenbury to Joseph Planta, Jun., Esq., relative

to the claims of British subjects on France . . 66

15. Mr. W. Hamilton to Sir Henry Bunbury, transmitting

a Note from Mr. Colquhoun, Diplomatic Agent for

the Hanseatic Republics, containing a complaint of

the Senate of Bremen against the Danish Govern-

ment, with enclosure: . . . .68

14. Note, giving a circumstantial account of the manner

in which the Senate of Bremen had been forced by

the Danish Government to quarter and support in

that city a number of troops commanded by the

Prince of Hesse, but belonging to the army under

the Duke of Wellington; representing the little

prospect there is of getting these expenses refunded;

and soliciting the interference of the British Go-
vernment . . . . ib.

16. Lord Walpole to Lord Castlereagh, reporting an increase

of the Russian forces, and fall of the exchange . 73

17. Mr. Stratford Canning to Lord Castlereagh, stating the

result of his inquiries respecting the idea suggested by

1813. PAGE

Mr. Liston, of procuring a supply of officers for the

Persian army from Switzerland . . .74

Nov. 20. Lord Bathurst to the Hon. Charles Bagot, relative to

two important points brought into discussion since the

conclusion of the Treaty of Ghent, namely, the privi-

leges of fishing, as conceded in 1783, and the resti-

tution of slaves, or other private property, and con-

veying instructions on these points . . .76

24. Lord Bathurst to Mr. Baker, signifying the appointment

of the Hon. C. Bagot to be his Majesty's Envoy Ex-

traordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary to the United

States; and the Prince Regent's entire approbation of

his (Mr. Baker's) conduct in that mission . . 77

Note confidentielle, containing observations of the Allied

Cabinets addressed to the Duke de Richelieu, with the

projet of the principal treaty, and of the particular

Conventions which accompanied it . . .78

Dec. 2. Mr. John Bramsen to Lord Castlereagh, communicating

a narrative of a tour made during the last two years

through Europe, principally to ascertain the senti-

ments entertained towards Great Britain in the dif-

ferent capitals which he visited . . .80

13. Lord Clancarty to Lord Castlereagh, conveying thanks

for the option allowed him between the Embassy at

the Hague or home employment; and recommending

that Government should reserve to itself the appoint-

ment of attaches to embassies . . .98

18. The Hon. F. Lamb to Lord Castlereagh, relative to the

differences between Austria and Bavaria . . 99

Account of Murat's descent in Calabria, transmitted by

Lord Exmouth ..... 101

28. Lord Cathcart to Lord Castlereagh, adverting to the

practice of opening all letters sent through the Russian

Post-office, and to Russian affairs . . .102

28. Lord Castlereagh to Mr. Rose, remarking on the ten-

dency to alarm respecting the designs of foreign

Powers, especially Russia, and explaining the line of

policy which Great Britain ought to pursue; and

adding instructions for his conduct . . .104

Memorandum of the subsidies voted in 1815 .107




1816. PAGE

Jan. 1. Sir Charles Stewart to Lord Castlereagh, relative to the

desire of the French Court for the return of M. Blacas

to the Ministry, with enclosure: . . . 109

Lavalette, some particulars concerning him; and gene-

ral remarks on French politics . .110

1. Lord Clancarty to Lord Castlereagh, relating to the

points at issue between Austria and Bavaria, and to

the affairs of other continental States . .112

6. Lord Clancarty to Lord Castlereagh, relative to the

Austrian and Bavarian question; and adverting to

differences between Prussia and the Netherlands, with

enclosures: . . . . .117

Dec. 81. The Hon. F. Lamb to Lord Castlereagh, on the sub-

ject of the negotiations between Austria and Ba-

varia ...... 122

Jan. 4. Lord Clancarty to the Hon. F. Lamb, on the same

subject, with enclosures: . . .123

Dec. 19. The Chevalier de Sack to the Baron de Nagell, rela-

tive to territorial arrangements between Prussia

and the Netherlands . . . .126

26. The Baron de Nagell to the Chevalier de Sack, in

answer to the preceding . . . 127

Jan. 10. Mr. B. Frere to Lord Castlereagh, respecting Parga and

other continental districts which were by treaty to be

ceded to the Porte . . . .129

13. The Hon. F. Lamb to Lord Castlereagh, on the Austrian

and Bavarian negotiations, with enclosures: . 131

7. The Hon. F. Lamb to Lord Stewart, on the same

subject as the preceding letter . . . 133

13. The Hon. F. Lamb to the Earl of Clancarty, on the

same subject . . . . .134

20. Mr. G. H. Rose to Lord Castlereagh, referring to sup-

posed views of Russia upon Turkey, and to his rela-

tions with his diplomatic colleagues . .139

1816. PAGE

Jan. 21. Lord Clancarty to Lord Castlereagh, representing the

unpromising state of the Austrian and Bavarian nego-

tiation ...... 142

23. Sir Thomas Maitland to Lord Castlereagh, cautioning

against the employment of young Foresti . .145

23. Sir Charles Stuart to Lord Castlereagh, referring to Sir
Robert Wilson's arrest, on account of the escape of
Lavalette, with enclosure: ... ib.

22. Report on the state of France, adverting to General

Sarrazin's publications, and the interest manifested

in behalf of Sir R. Wilson and his companions . 146

25. The Hon. F. Lamb to Lord Castlereagh, on the Austrian

and Bavarian affair . . . .149

27. Lord Clancarty to Lord Castlereagh, representing the

state of the negociation between Austria and Bavaria;

and adverting to the manner in which the expenses

incurred for the garrisons of the fortresses of the

German Confederation are to be provided for . 150

28. Lord Clancarty to Lord Castlereagh, deprecating un-

settlement of territory; giving an extract of a letter

relative to the movements of Lavalette . . 154

Lord Clancarty to the Hon. F. Lamb, on the negociation

between Austria and Bavaria . . .155

29. Extract of a despatch from Lord Castlereagh to

Lord Stewart, relating chiefly to the negotiation

at Munich ..... 162

31. Lord Castlereagh to Lord Clancarty, on the claims of

Eugene Beauharnois .... 164

Feb. 10. Mr. J. James to Lord Castlereagh, remarking on the

Constitution given by the King of the Netherlands,

and the manner in which the Government of that

country conducts its internal affairs . .165

15. Count de Fernan-Nunez to Lord Castlereagh, trans-

mitting translations of two decrees issued by the King

of Spain; one suppressing all commissions employed

on criminal proceedings, and prohibiting the use of the

appellations Liberal and Servile; the other rein-

stating M. de Ceballos in the office of Minister for

Foreign Affairs . . . • .169

Statement on Sums paid on account of Subsidies to

1816. PAGE

Foreign Powers in the year 1815, and to the 18th of

February, 1816 inclusive . . . .171

Statement of Sums paid on account of Subsidies to Minor

Powers, under engagements made by the Duke of

Wellington . . . .172

Jan. 25. Sir Charles Stuart to Lord Castlereagh, relating that,

after the exchange of the ratifications of the Treaty of

the 30th November, diamond-boxes were presented to

the Plenipotentiaries of the four Powers by whom the

ratifications were exchanged; that, on his objecting to

accept one, he was assured that this proceeding was in

accordance with a principle adopted by the French

Government; and requesting Lord Castlereagh's de-

cision how he was to act . . . .173

Feb. 26. M. Fouche1 (Ducd'Otrante) to Lord Castlereagh, explain- ,
ing his situation, soliciting his permission to reside in
England, and communicating his intention to devote
his leisure to write a memoir relative to the events
which had occurred since his entrance into public life,
in 1789; vindicating his conduct while in the service
of Louis the Eighteenth, and applying for passports . ib.

29. Sir Charles Stuart to Lord Castlereagh, representing the

precarious situation of the French Ministers . 176

March 6. Extract of a Letter from Sir Thomas Maitland to Lord

Bathurst, transmitting one relative to Count Capo

d'Istrias and his son .... 179

9. Lord Castlereagh to Sir Charles Stuart, sending an

official instruction for the direction of his conduct in

Sir R. Wilson's case; concluding by enforcing the

claim of the British Government that blood shall not

be shed, however culpable may have been the conduct

of the accused . . . . . ib.

10. Lord Clancarty to Lord Castlereagh, relative to proposed

territorial cessions by Baden to Bavaria, with en-

closures: . . . . .181

Feb. 16. Lord Stewart to Lord Clancarty, animadverting on

the negociations at Munich, and on the sacrifices

demanded from Baden . . . .185

26. Lord Clancarty to Lord Stewart, on the state of the

negociations at Munich . . 187

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