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Sir Charles Stuart to Lord Castlereagh, referring to Sir
Robert Wilson's arrest, on account of the escape of
Lavalette, with enclosure: - - -

Report on the state of France, adverting to General

Sarrazin's publications, and the interest manifested

in behalf of Sir R. Wilson and his companions

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Foreign Powers in the year 1815, and to the 13th of

February, 1816 inclusive. .

. 171

Statement of Sums paid on account of Subsidies to Minor

Powers, under engagements made by the Duke of



Jan. 25. Sir Charles Stuart to Lord Castlereagh, relating that,

after the exchange of the ratifications of the Treaty of

the 30th November, diamond-boxes were presented to

the Plenipotentiaries of the four Powers by whom the

ratifications were exchanged; that, on his objecting to

accept one, he was assured that this proceeding was in

accordance with a principle adopted by the French

Government; and requesting Lord Castlereagh's de-

cision how he was to act . . . . 173

Feb. 26. M. Fouché (Duc d'Otrante) to Lord Castlereagh, explain-

ing his situation, soliciting his permission to reside in
England, and communicating his intention to devote
his leisure to write a memoir relative to the events
which had occurred since his entrance into public life,
in 1789; vindicating his conduct while in the service

of Louis the Eighteenth, and applying for passports . ib.

29. Sir Charles Stuart to Lord Castlereagh, representing the

precarious situation of the French Ministers . 176

March 6. Extract of a Letter from Sir Thomas Maitland to Lord

Bathurst, transmitting one relative to Count Capo

d'Istrias and his son

. . 179

9. Lord Castlereagh to Sir Charles Stuart, sending an

official instruction for the direction of his conduct in

Sir R. Wilson's case; concluding by enforcing the

claim of the British Government that blood shall not

be shed, however culpable may have been the conduct

of the accused . . . . . ib.

10. Lord Clancarty to Lord Castlereagh, relative to proposed

territorial cessions by Baden to Bavaria, with en-

closures : . . . . . 181

Feb. 16. Lord Stewart to Lord Clancarty, animadverting on

the negociations at Munich, and on the sacrifices

demanded from Baden. .


26. Lord Clancarty to Lord Stewart, on the state of the

negociations at Munich · · · 187



Feb. 29. Lord Clancarty to Lord Stewart, on the Baden and

Bavarian question . . . . 190

Droit de Garnison de Mayence-Proposition de l'Au-


: : : . 193

Droit de Garnison de Mayence-Contre-Proposition

Prussienne . . . .

, 194

Mar. 11. Mr. B. Frere to Lord Castlereagh, representing the con.

duct of the Austrian Internuncio, and suggesting that

it may arise from the desire of Austria to obtain the

annexation of Ragusa to her dominions; and conse-

quently anticipating little assistance from him in press-

ing the accession of the Porte to the treaty respecting

the Seven Islands . . . . 195

27. Lord Burghersh to Lord Castlereagh, adverting to the

general dissatisfaction of the people to the Papal Go-

vernment; and recommending for our Consular de-

partment a person qualified to take charge of all the

inferior agents

. . 196

31. Lord Clancarty to Lord Castlereagh, transmitting several


. . . . 197

17. Baron de Nagell to the Earl of Clancarty, complain-

ing that Prussia had not given up certain districts,

agreeably to the Treaty of Vienna . . 198

21. Lord Clancarty to the Baron de Humboldt, on the

subject of the preceding letter . .


22. Lord Clancarty to the Baron de Nagell, transmitting

copy of a private letter written by him to Baron de

Humboldt for the purpose of being sent to Prince

Hardenberg . . . . . 203

25. Baron de Humboldt to Lord Clancarty, discussing the

subject of the preceding correspondence. . 205

26. Lord Clancarty to Baron de Humboldt, on the same


. . . . . 210

April 1. The Duc d'Otrante to Lord Castlereagh, repeating his

application for permission to come with his family to

England; and transmitting copy of his letter to the

Duke of Wellington, with enclosure: . . 213

Feb. 1. Le Duc d'Otrante au Duc de Wellington, on the

events which preceded and followed the 20th of
March, 1815 . . . . . ib.

April 4. Lord Cathcart to Lord Castlereagh, referring to a cir-
cular to the Russian Ambassadors, proving the pacific
intentions of the Emperor; adverting to a Convention
concluded at Munich, for settling the whole territorial
question between Bavaria and Austria, and to the pro-
vision proposed for Prince Eugene; and briefly de-
scribing the celebration of the anniversary of march-
ing into Paris in 1814 - - - -

6. Mr. Bagot to Lord Castlereagh, transmitting papers rela-

tive to the etiquette to be observed on presentations

to the President - - - -

13.M. Gallais to Mr. Quintin Craufurd, containing reflec-

tions on the removal of the statues of Mirabeau, Con-

dorcet, &c., from the Luxembourg, and enclosing

papers relative to the state of Paris, and to the ani-

mosity manifested in France against the English; and

relating a singular story concerning the gardener of

Charenton - - - -

15. Lord Castlereagh to Mr. A Court; the subject not men-

tioned, but probably relating to the proposed provision

for Prince Eugene - - -

May 4. Baron Wessenberg to the Earl of Clancarty, referring to

the result of discussions between Austria and Prussia

24. Mr. G. W. Chad to Lord Castlereagh, relative to the
licentiousness of the Belgian press . - -

28. Lord Castlereagh to Lord Cathcart, referring to the

Baden and Bavarian question, and to the expediency

of making the Slave Trade and the question of the

Barbary Powers go hand in hand; and bespeaking
the Emperor of Russia's attention to reasonable claims
of indulgence on the part of the Shah of Persia

June 4. Lord Castlereagh to Lord Clancarty, referring to the

Bavarian and Baden question, and notifying his ap-

pointment to the embassy at the Hague - -

13. Sir Charles Stuart to Lord Castlereagh, referring to the

case of Count Toreno and other Spaniards arrested at

Paris - - - - - -

20. Lord Cathcart to Lord Castlereagh, referring to the
fetes on the occasion of the departure of the Prince of
Orange with his bride

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