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a Whig Journal, Devoted to Politics and Literature.


POLITICAL DEPARTMENT, OF Hon. D. D. BARNARD. THE AMERICAN REVIEW is now entering on the first volume of its Second Series, being the seventh in order. It stands now before the country as a permanent work. In the spirit of its conduct no changes will be made. It was established as a national organ, thoroughly discarding all sectional interests and prejudices : that character it will maintain.

The following is from the original Prospectus, issued at Washington by the Wbig Members of the Twenty-Seventh Congress:

« Earnestly approving of the plan of such a National organ, long needed and of manifest importance, the undersigned agree to contribute for its pages, from time to time, such commu. nications as may be requisite to set forth and defend the doctrines held by the united Whig Party of the Union-Géo. P. Marsh, D. D. Barnard, J. McPherson Berrien, J. R. Ingersoll, E. Joy Morris, T. L. Clingnan, Daniel Webster, R. C. Winthrop, Thos. Butler King, Hamilton Fish,'J. P. Kennedy, J. Collamer, Wm. S. Archer, Rufus Choate, Alexander H. Stephens

Hon. D. D. Barnard is permanently connected with the Political Department-an addiion which cannot fail to command the respect and confidence of all sections of the country. "Besides this, contributions may be expected from other eminent public men in the Sooth and the North ; and articles from the pens of Prof. Tayler Lewis, Rev. Orville Dewey, Prof. Henry, of N. Y. University, H. N. Hudson, Geo. W. Peck, J. D. Whelpley, E. P. Whipple, J. T. Headley, the Rev. H. W. Bellows, and the author of “ Notes by the Road;" (together with many other accomplished writers, whose names we cannot mention)—will fill the Magzine with matter of unusual variety and interest.

The Department of the NATIONAL INDUSTRIAL and MANUFACTURING INTERESTS, will be par ticularly attended to, the list of Mr. Fisher's publication having been transferred to the Revier.

The ENGRAVINGs in the year will be increased in number, embracing eminent public men, both of Enrope and America.

May we hope, then, for this work, a support commensurate with its importance. We ask its friends everywhere, to do something more than give their good wishes. If every one willing to subscribe himself would obtain one additional subscription from a friend, the higbest hopes and desires of its conductors would soon be realized.

TERMS.-$5 00 a-year. Payment liable to be calleu for in advance, or early in the year.

Agents for the Review.

PHILIP D. Webb, GENERAL AGENT. 07 Mr. HENRY M. LEWIS is our traveling agent for Alabama and Tennessee ;

Mr. ISRAEL E. JAMES for the Southern and Southwestern States, assisted by James I. Whipple, William H. Weld, O, H. P. Stem, John B. Weld, T. S. Waterman, John Collins James Deering, Isaac T. Guyer, and R. S. James.

Mr. C. W. TAMES for the Western States, Iown and Wisconsii., assisted by James R. Smith, J. T. Dent, T. Gardiner Smith and F. J. Hawes, John W. Armstrong, Jassen Tayler, E. M Stevenson, and W. Ramsey.

John W. Moore,
Philadelphia., W. Wilson,

Poughkeepsie, N. Y.
T. Wiley, Jr.,
Boston, Mas. J. L. Agens,

Newark, N.J. Henry Bowen,

EII Morris,

Trenton," Jonathan Allen, Lowell, “ John Terhune,

New Brunswick. C. Burnett, Jr., Providence, R. I. Wilson & Heald,

Wilmington, Del. C. B. Edwards, Burlington, Vt. Taylor, Wilde & Co.

Baltimore, Md. A. Rose, Hartford, Ct. Frank Taylor,

Washington, DC Safford & Park, Norwich,“ Justus White,

Bainbridge, N. Y. Thomas H. Pease, New Haven,“ George Oates,

Charleston, S. C. George Stanwood, Natchez, Miss. W.C. Richards,

Athens, Ga. Thomas S. Cutting, Buffalo, N. Y. Thomas H. Hardin,

Savannah, L. R. Carswell, Lockport,“ D. Baker & Co.,

New Orleans. D. M. Dewey,

C.C. Langdon,

Mobile, Al.
Derbey & Co.,

F. S. Latham,

Memphis, Tenn. G. N. Beaseley,

Geo. L. Weed,

Cincinnati, Ohio. Young & Hart,

W. R. Rose,

Indianapolis, la W. C. Little &

Philo Parsons,

W, H. Callahan,
Newburgh, John A. Dolman,

St. Louis, Mo.


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AT NEW HAVEN, CONNECTICUT. THIS Series commenced on the first of January, 1846, and will be published in six numbers annually, namely, in January, March, May, July, September and November, of each year.

Each number will contain from 140 to 160 pages, making annually two volumes of 420 to 450 pages each, fully illustrated by engravings, as the subjects may require. The price will be Five Dollars a-year, in advance.

This Journal is intended to be a faithful record of American and Foreign science. The “ Scientific Intelligence" will contain a summary of the progress of Physical Science at home and abroad. The aid of the most able collaborators has been secured in carrying out the plan, and we trust the “ Journal" will commend itself to a large class of readers.

A greatly increased subscription (over that which the First Series of 50 volumes could number) is required to sustain the expense of a more frequent issue and the reduction of price,

The most liberal discounts will be made to those who will act efficiently as agents in procuring new subscribers.

The New Series will afford a fresh starting point for those who have not been subscribers to the First Series, and the aid of all such is invited as a tribute to the cause of useful knowledge, and to the rising reputation of our country.

It is our design to make this Journal as popular and valuable as possible. The present system of reduced postage will take it to any part of the continent for ten cents per number.

Remittances and communications may be made by mail, addressed to the Editors of the American Journal of Science and Arts, New Haven, Conn.

Complete copies of the First Series of fifty volumes, with a General Index, may be had of B. Silliman, New Haven. The American Journal first appeared in July, 1818. Forty-nine volumes have been published, and the fiftieth volume, to consist of a General Index of the entire Series, is in the course of preparation, and will be printed as soon as possible. These fifty volumes, coeval with nearly a generation of men, cover a very important period in the history of Science and the arts of this country and the world, and must ever remain an important work of reference.

AGENTS.-New York: C.S. Francis and Wiley & Punam. Boston: Little & Brown, Otis & Broaders and Jordan & Co. Philadelphia : Carey & Hart. Baltimore: N. Hickman. Washington: F. Taylor. Albany: W. C. Little.


$ 2,00 ONLY. Sold exclusively by B. E. Watson & Co., No. 45 William Street, one door below Wall Street, opposite Merchants' Exchange, and at the old stand, J. Y. Savage, 92 Fulton Street.

We have had this pen fairly tested, and the result has been exceedingly gratifying; it has established the fact that the “ Richelieu" pen, although sold for two dollars, is the best and cheapest in the country. Being determined not to allow ourselves to be under-sold, we have reduced the prices of all kinds of pens either by the gross or single one; and are prepared to furnish the trade at the best terms to be had in the city. We have Gold pens from 75 cents upwards. Levi Brown's genuine, at $3,00. For the convenience of those down-town, these peps may be had at B. E. Watson & Co's., one door below Wall-st., opposite the Exchange; and at the old stand, J. Y. Savage, 92 Fulton-st. Gold Pens carefully repaired.


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