Memoir of Miss Elizabeth T. Read, of New Bedford, Mass., who Died at the Institutions of the Messrs. Abbott, 536 Houston Street, New York, Jan. 20, 1847

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Edward O. Jenkins, Printer, 1847 - 221 pages

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Page 60 - And still on that evening, when pleasure fills up To the highest top sparkle each heart and each cup, Where'er my path lies, be it gloomy or bright, My soul, happy friends, shall be with you that night : Shall join in your revels, your sports, and your wiles, And return to me, beaming all o'er with your smiles — Too blest, if it tells me that, 'mid the gay cheer, Some kind voice had murmur'd,
Page 193 - She was the lovely star, whose light Around my pathway shone, Amid this darksome vale of tears, Through which I journey on, Its radiance had obscured the light, Which round His throne doth dwell, And I wandered far away from Him
Page 65 - ... spheres. I would I had an angel's ear to list That melody. I would that I might float Up in that boundless element, and feel Its ravishing vibrations, like the pulse Beating in heaven ! My spirit is athirst For music — rarer music ! I would bathe My soul in a serener atmosphere Than this ; I long to mingle with the flock Led by the < living waters...
Page 192 - HE DOETH ALL THINGS WELL. I remember how I loved her when a little guiltless child, I saw her in the cradle as she looked on me and smiled ; My cup of happiness was full, my joy words cannot tell, And I blessed the glorious Giver "who doeth all things well.
Page 25 - Let us love one another, — not long may we stay ; In this bleak world of mourning some droop while 'tis day, Others fade in their noon, and few linger till eve ; Oh ! there breaks not a heart but leaves some one to grieve...
Page 60 - FAREWELL ! — but whenever you welcome the hour That awakens the night-song of mirth in your bower, Then think of the friend who once welcomed it too, And forgot his own griefs to be happy with you. His griefs may return, not a hope may remain Of the few that have brightened his pathway of pain, But he ne'er will forget the short vision that threw Its enchantment around him, while lingering with you.
Page 20 - The sun may warm the grass to life, The dew the drooping flower ; And eyes grow bright, and watch the light Of Autumn's opening hour ; But words that breathe of tenderness, And smiles we know are true, Are warmer than the summer time, And brighter than the dew.
Page 193 - He doeth all things well." I remember well my sorrow, As I stood beside her bed, And my deep and heartfelt anguish, When they told me she was dead; And oh ! that cup of bitterness — Let not my heart rebel, God gave — He took — He will restore —
Page 57 - As if he would have prayed, but had no words — And she who was to die, the calmest one In Israel at that hour, stood up alone, And waited for the sun to set. Her face Was pale, but very beautiful — her lip Had a more delicate outline, and the tint Was deeper ; but her countenance was like The majesty of angels.

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