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wards sent me the enclosed written statement of his transactions, together with my being informed by Mr. Jorgensen himself that he had been an apprentice on board an English collier, served as a midshipman in the English navy, then commanded the Admiral Juul Danish privateer, which was captured by his Majesty's sloop Sappho, that he was not exchanged, neither had he signed any parole of honor as a prisoner of war, but was set at liberty in London without any written documents: all these circumstances considered, I deemed it my duty to prevent his being left alone on the islandat thehead of a government of his own formation, and have consequently taken those steps to obviate it, which to the best of my opinion and that of my officers would be right and most approved of by government. Enclosed I send copies of my answer and order to Mr. Phelps, in consequence of the before-mentioned statement, also every other document in my power to obtain, hoping they will give every information and explanation necessary on the subject. Not considering myself authorised to interfere with the imprisonment of Count Tramp, nor


thinking it would be proper under the pre-
sent circumstances to hoist the British colors
on the island without first informing you;
at the request of Mr. Phelps, I have restored
the former government to the two men next
in rank on the island to Count Tramp. In
order to secure the quick and safe delivery of this intelligence, I have sent in the Mar-
garet and Anne Lieutenant Stewart of his
Majesty's ship under my command, who is
acquainted with all the circumstances, and
charged with the delivery of the new Icelan-
dic flag to you.

I have the honor to be,
Sir, &c,

Alexander Jones.

Rear-Admiral Sir Edward Neagle, Commander in Chief, &c.,&c.,&c, teith.


Between His Royal Danish Majesty's Counsellor of State and Chief Justice of Iceland, and His Danish Majesty's Bailiff in the Western County of the said Island on the

one part, and the Honorable Alexander Jones, Captain of His British Majesty's Sloop of War, Talbot, and Samuel Phelps of the City of London, Esq., on the other part.


1. All proclamations, laws, appointments, &c, made by Mr. Jorgen Jorgensen, since his arrival in this country, are to be abolished and totally null and void, from the moment this agreement is signed.

2. The former government is to be perfectly restored, and the chief command to devolve upon the said chief justice of Iceland, and the said bailiff of the western county of Iceland, native Icelanders, they being the next in power in the island to Count Tramp.

3. All officers under the Danish government are at liberty to return to their offices.

4. The government shall be responsible for the protection of all British subjects and the property that now is and may be on the island, and all transgressions, thefts, and personal assaults, committed against British subjects or their property, shall be punished with the same rigor, and according to the same laws, as if the property belonged to the natives.

5. No battery is to be erected; and the one now at Reikevig is to be destroyed. No militia is to be raised in the island, nor the country in any way to be fortified or armed.

6. All officers or other persons either armed or unarmed, who, during the late events, have taken part with Mr. Jorgen Jorgensen, shall no longer be in employment, but their persons and property in every respect (whosoever or of whatever nation they may be) shall be respected and protected the same as other persons and natives.—The convention between Count Tramp and Captain Nott, of the l6th of June last, shall be in full force, and be published throughout this country without delay, together with this agreement.

7. All merchants' houses which are shut up in this country shall immediately be opened and the merchants of the said island be permitted to continue or carry on their trade as formerly.

8. All Danish property and public money is to be restored.

Witness our hands and seals this twentysecond day of August, one thousand eight hundred and nine.


Alexander Jones.
Samuel Phelps.
Magnus Stephensen.
Stephen Stephensen.

End Of Appendix, B.

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