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Appendix. F.


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the inhabitants, on the coast, is permitted to every person having a fixed residence in Iceland, from which neither the clergy, nor civil officers are excluded. Our appointed magistrates, and especially the inspectors of the districts, have it likewise in charge, that whatever we have ordained, as well as whatever else we may in due time think proper to ordain, be attended to in the strictest manner possible, and also that they shall by all means encourage the inhabitants of the fishing villages to cleanliness, and industry. They have in particular to attend to supplying the fishing villages with good and wholesome water, wherever it may be deficient; and for such purpose the taxgatherers shall oblige all the fishermen in their several districts, to do the needful work, on pain of punishment according to the nature of the offence. It is our farther will and pleasure, that the lieutenant of the county, the high bailiffs, and bailiffs of theseveral districts, shall give information to our treasury, of whatsoever in their judgment may contribute best and most effectually to the encouragement of the fisheries in general, either by the introduction of new and more suitable regulations, or by removing such obstacles, as may possibly hitherto have laiu in the way; and we shall more especially expect to receive their sentiments, concerning the mode by which the so denominated loan of men, may in time be set aside, or restricted; in like manner as it is our intention of doing, on the estates to us belongings 3

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The fishermen are otherwise not to be obstructed in seeking the best places for fishing, and even in their own boats, on condition of their paying to the farmer, on whose possessions they may have taken their stations, for landing their boats, house-room, and services for the season, according to what has been the usual custom at the place. But, in case of all the room being so completely occupied that they cannot find sufficient convenience for themselves, either of houses, or place of landing thereto attached, and that they can find some other landing-place, it shall be permitted them to put into it, and, if they are so inclined, there remain under the cover of tents, or of their own boats. In such case, no claim for ground-rent shall take place, provided the strangers shall not, by treading, have caused any damage in the fields or meadows. In case that they, from deficiency of fishhuts, proper heath, or other places, should be under the necessity of drying their fish near the shore, and in places where grass might possibly grow, it shall not be considered that the farmer thereby sustains any damage, but rather that he therefrom derives a benefit, as the roes, with the fish which are there laid, manure the land, and render it capable of producing grass, if the soil be

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