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capable of it; neither can it be deemed hurtful, that fish are dried, even on good grazing-fields, in such parts where the Vortiden ends on the twelfth of May. But, in case of any dispute arising between the farmer and the strangers, the bailiff of the place shall nominate two independent persons to survey the place, and estimate the damage, according whereto the highbailiff will give his decision. But, on the contrary, should the summer-quarter be taken for this purpose, the drying of fish on useful grass meadows cannot be permitted, unless that the consent of the landholder be thereto previously obtained. '<<

in what man- In case of any whale being

ner the whale

fishery particu- driven on another person's ground,

larly is to be .%

conducted. the method prescribed by the rescript of the twenty-third Jane, 1779, is to be adhered to; and it is farther to be observed, that such of the inhabitants of the country, or strangers, as intend to pursue this fishery, may expect to receive particular assistance for the purpose, according to circumstances, and the utility of the plan. Such persons, more especially, as inhabit the vicinity of the fiords or bays most convenient for such pursuits, as the market-town at Isefiord, and divers other fiords, from Patrix-fiord to the Jokul-fiords, in the west country, and Hvalfiord in the district of Kiose, may expect having assistance granted them for procuring the necessary implements, on due request being made. And, for the same purpose and intent, we will also in such cases give the needful directions for having some young and active persons from those places, duly instructed in the art of the said fishery, and in the manner of using the fish, free of any expence to themselves; and they shall likewise afterwards receive farther assistance for enabling them to establish themselves in Iceland, at some place or other most convenient for such fishery, and there practice the knowledge they have obtained of it.

Encouragement It appearing to us as a matter

for catching of .

porpoises, seals, of essential consequence, as well

and salmon; as .

alto for herring for the inhabitants of Iceland in

and flounder . ,

fisheries. particular, as also for our dominions in general, that, exclusive of the eodfishery, now the most pursued, the taking of all other kinds of fish which nature produces near Iceland should be followed; in order to catch as great quantities as possible of all sorts of fish, and that the fish should be cured in such manner that it may not only be used for the support of the inhabitants, but likewise be disposeable as an article of commerce, we would have it taken into consideration in what manner the inhabitants of the country, in case of their exerting themselves in extending and improving the fisheries, more especially with respect to porpoises, seals, and salmon, and also to catching of herrings and flounders, may best be supplied and assisted with the necessary and proper implements; all according to circumstances, and to the statement expected from the magistracy; more especially when such institutions are made on a great scale, and may be productive of any considerable influence in commercial transactions.

General rules The regulations concerning cer

for the quality °

of the fish. tain descriptions of fish, which existed during the time of the company*! charter, can in future, and with regard to particular circumstances, be no longer applicable; but, in case of other, or more sorts of such goods being required by the traders, it must be laid on the basis of this ordnance, in its second chapter, § 4, but nevertheless, and until other regulations shall be fixed among the concerned, those which have hitherto been in use, shall hereafter continue to be observed, and this for so much the greater reason as they are intended to specify the quality of the chief exports from Iceland. Fresh, or soft fish, such as may be considered good merchandize, should be delivered immediately after being taken out of the sea, and untainted; nor must there be any lean or skin-fish among it. The heads must be cut off, the entrails taken out, the fish properly split, in such a manner that the bone be taken out three joints below the navel, and the scales of the cole-fish must be scraped off. Such fish as can be used for dried fish, must be salted immediately on being caught, with the necessary quantity of French salt, or some other sort equally useful. It should be well cleansed, and afterwards properly cured, according to the Newfoundland mode, in such a manner that it may obtain the proper appearance, and keep well. The neck, and every thing about the neck, must likewise be cut away, before it receives the last day's drying. The dried fish must be well worked and thoroughly dried, and not mouldy, rotten, slimy, 6* maggotty. The neck must be cut off when it is half dried, or at least before it is received and weighed. The fresh cod-roe must be delivered immediately on its being taken out of the fish, the breeches must be whole, and the roe of a red color, firm, and not spawning. The oil must be clear and clean, and leave no sediment.

. ".4 VI. ... '■

ftuies for land And likewise all such goods as

S&S- ape Ponced by farming and its

etabje use. different branches, which are sold by the Icelanders, must in general be elean, warrantable, and well worked; whereas, with regard to particulars, the directions contained in the second chapter, ^14, must be attended to. But, as such goods may partly be employed to much better advantage in trade than could hitherto be done, under

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