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the influence of a chartered company, such of the inhabitants of the country, as are willing to apply themselves to better modes of cure, may expect to receive some or other suitable encouragement, according ta circumstances; and more especially if the plans are of such extent, that they may produce a visible effect in the trade. The same will take place with respect to farming and agriculture, both in general, and also in particular, in so far as any one may put himself forward by considerable or important experiments in gardening, planting of woods, growth of corn, potatoes, and other herbs and roots, or by the proper cultivation of several kinds of Icelandic herbs, useful for food; all according to circumstances, and statement thereon to be made by the magistracy to our'treasury, and also partly accords Itlg to our resolutions hitherto passed on such matters,

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Otdiiiaoce'fot Concerning the catching rof birds, and the use to be made eider-duck. thereof, according to law, the same Usage shall continue as hitherto has been the; invariable custom. But no person whosoever, whether a stranger or an inhabitant of the country, shall be permitted to shoot eider-fowls, or destroy them with dogs or nets, under the penalty of three marks for every bird; and also every one that has been present at the time, and has not immediately reported the offence, shall forfeit half that sum: of which penalty the informer shall receive two-thirds, and the poor of the parish the other one-third, after deducting the expences attending examining into the same, unless it be done on such person's own ground, and in such a manner that the neighbors cannot thereby suffer any loss or damage. But, on the contrary, should this be done on another ground-owner's land, who may have adopted any peculiar method for the preservation of the eider-ducks, either by making islets in the fresh-water lakes, or by building of nests for the reception of such birds, or any other thing of the like nature, he shall pay the damage according to law: and, whoever shall be found guilty of having malevolently destroyed or injured such receptacles, shall be punished by a criminal fine. Neither shall the eggs be taken

out of the eyry; and, in such places, where there are several joint owners (unless with the mutual consent of all concerned, and upon certain days for such purpose appointed, and this not to be done at any time later than to the end of the week preceding the week of St. John, at Midsummer), should it be observed that the eider-duck begins to retire to some islet, or other place, which is not the particular property of any individual, there to deposit its eggs, it shall at first be permitted to keep its eggs, both for the purpose of decoying it there and suffering it to increase, until its increase shall have become so visible that the eggs may be taken without detriment to the brood, and in case any of the neighbors or other persons act contrary hereunto, he shall pay one rix-dollar as a fine, of which the informer shall receive two-thirds, and the poor of the parish the other one-third, after a deduction of the law charges; whereas, on the contrary, those who strictly follow such precautions shall be entitled to the rewards stated in our resolution, bearing date the twenty-second of June, 1785.

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Concerning the For the farther encouragement

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dure with sui- and extension of some particular

phur and salt t r

works. branches of industry, it is like

wise our most gracious intention to offer the sulphur-work's at Huusevig, and the saltworks at Reykenes, to private adventurers, and on reasonable conditions; for which purpose, those concerned have to apply to our committee for regulating Icelandic affairs. And, should any one be inclined to renew the working of the sulphur-mines, which were formerly in drift near Kreisevig, in the district of Guldbringue, or to work any other considerable mines, or to make farther improvements in the boiling of salt from the sea-water, by the assistance of the hotsprings, such as are to be found in the district of Bardestrand, at Reykholt, and possibly in sundry other places, we would not only herewith cause the same to be permitted, but likewise encourage such endeavors by proportionate bounties. With regard to the sulphur in general, it shall be permitted for every person to make the best use of it, to the extent of his ability, and wheresoever he may find it; with the sole reservation, that this must be done with the consent of the land-owner, in case it should be discovered in any place beyond the limits of the discoverer's own grounds.

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Encouragement °f such minerals as are found Sa?" in this country, whether of earth, stance*. sand, or stone, every one is allowed to make free use, provided that they are found on the mountains, public roads, or other places, not the property of any particular person. And, as several of the stony kind are found to be very useful for buildings and other uses, such persons as may be willing to break them, may (on a request for such purpose having been legally made) have a right of property granted them to such places, provided they are not already the property of others; but, should the case be otherwise, they must make an agreement for such purpose with the proprietor of the soil; and the magistracy shall likewise take care that none, without sufficient cause, deny another person the liberty of using such kinds of VOL. II. 2 B

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