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Premiums for It is besides our will and plea

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weaving of sure, that (for the better encou- woollens and v linens. ragement of the inhabitants to attend, with all possible industry, to such manufactory, a peculiar premium be appointed for woollen goods made in Iceland, from well-assorted wool, and of the finest quality; and also previously, for the first ten years, a premium of ^10 per cent, on the value of the cotton, flax, and hempyarn there spun by tale-reels. It is, however, incumbent on those who apply for such premiums for yarns, to produce the needful custom-house attests on the quantities so imported from Iceland into our kingdoms and provinces, as likewise to make attestation on oath, both of the value, and also of its being actually spun in Iceland; on which point, however, we will not, for the said space of ten years, prescribe any fixed rule, neither with regard to the fineness of the spinning, but leave the same entirely to the agreement made between the parties concerned, it being their joint interest to have the yarn spun to the utmost fineness that the quality of the wool will permit. It is likewise our will that a suitable premium be allowed, for the same space of time, for weaving of coarse cloths and linens, chiefly used in Iceland, in such wise, that a premium of half a skilling per ell shall be paid for every ell of coarse cloths and linens; and one skilling for every ell of finer cloths or linens, whilst still in the loom; the persons concerned providing themselves with an attest from a magisterial person, and a clergyman, of the size and quality of the piece. In like manner, such persons as have particularly exerted themselves in spinning and weaving, may expect, that they, in case of their being deficient of the necessary implements, will be gratuitously supplied by us, in future, as hitherto, with some Danish looms, spinningwheels, hasps, and cards, all according to circumstances, and proposals to be made by the magistrates. , .•• -.■■■a ". »

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weaving of institution which we have set

woollens and

linens. on foot for causing young, and willing Icelanders to be taught in the aft

of spinning and weaving of woollen and linen goods (partly at the manufacture of Reikevig, in Iceland, and partly in other


dition of their again returning to Iceland, and there practising the knowledge that has been taught them, will be continued. The foresaid institution at Reikevig, shall be continued until the term of years appointed is expired; or until the fixed i pupils, three from each five districts of Oefiord, Hunevand, Rangevalle, Myhre, and Arnaes, shall be thoroughly instructed, both in spinning and weaving. During the time that they are so learning, they shall have free board and lodging, and the needful clothing for daily use: and, although that the term of apprenticeship is generally fixed at three or four years, yet this shall not be any impediment to those who may within a shorter time, so perfect themselves, that they may be deemed fit to work for themselves, and afterwards to teach others, immediately returning home again. The district judges must, however, not at present

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