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Con'science, s. the faculty by which we | Prosperity, s. success, good fortune

judge of the goodness or wickedness of Magnanimity, s. greatness of mind. ourselves and of human actions.

Liberaľity, s. generosity. Respec'table, a. deserving of respect or Vic'tor, s. a conqueror, a vanquishen regard.

He'ro, s. a brave man. Complaisantly, ad. civilly.

Beneficence, 9. active goodness Obliging, p. a. civil, complaisa’dt.

-38. Character, s. reputation, stamp. Esta'te, s. fortune, rank.

Illus'trious, a. noble, eminent for excellence. Spec'ial, a. particular, noting a species.

Rank, s. order, class, dignity. Powerful, a. mighty, efficacious.

Sta'tion, s. situation, condition of life. -34.

A'miable, a. lovely, worthy to be loved.

Articulate, v. a. to form words. Familliar, a. affable, free.

Education, s. formation of manners in Remedy, s. cure, reparation.

youth, Avarice, s. covetousness.

Errand, s, a message. Whim, s. a freak, an odd fancy.

Mainta'in, v.a. to support, to preserve. Char'ity, s. benevolence, love.

Defra'y, v. a. to bear charges. Mu'tilated, p.a. deprived of some essential Retu'sal, s. denial, right of choice. part.

Transport, s. rapture. Unea'siness, s. state of disquiet.

Favourable, a. kind, propitious. Sub'stance, s. wealth, body. Office, s. an act voluntarily offered, employ- Vic'ar, s. one who performs the functions of

-39.ment. Pursu'it, s. the act of following.

another. Cru'elty, s. savageness.

Providen’tial, a. effected by providence Fu'ry, s. madness, rage.

Surpa'ss, v. a. to excel. Cri'sis, s. a critical time.

Ensure, v. a. to secure, to indemnify. Iktantly, ad. immediately.

Husbandry, s. tillage.

Cordiality, s. sincerhy. --35.

Search, s. inquiry, examination. Aim, s. point, intention.

In'strument, s. deed of contract, a tool. Care'ss, s. an act of endearment.

-40.Regre't, v. a. to grieve at.

Affec'tion, s. love, passion. Vig'orous, a. forcible, full of strength.

Remo'rse, s. pain of guilt. Accom'pany, v.a. to go or be with another. Prac'tice, s. habit, use, method. League, s. a measure of three miles.

Ring'let, s. a curl, a small ring. Acro'ss, ad. athwart, laid over.

Artificial, a. made by art.
Prisioner, s. a captive, one under an arrest.

Ribland, s. a fillet of silk.
Can-oe', s, an Indian boat.
Surprise, v.a. to take unawares, to astonish. Expa'nd, v. a. to lay open.

Ge'nius, s. a spirit either good or evil.
Procu're, r, a. to obtain, to manage. Palace, s. a noble or royal house.
Earnestly, ad. eagerly.


Perpetual, a. never ceasing. 36.-

Specta'tor, s. a beholder.

Doma'in, s. a dominion, empire, estate. Wound, s. a hurt given by violence. Vehemence, s. force, mental violence.

-41.Universal, a. total, extending to all. Nymph, s. a goddess of the woods. Tre'mour, s. quivering motion.

Dissipa'tion, s. extravagant spending.
No'ble, a. great, illustrious.

Stuff, s. cloth or texture of
Conquest, s. victory, thing gained. Op'posite, a. placed in front, ad'verse.
Capital, s. chief city, stock in trade. Protection, s. defence.
Extm-plar-y, a. worthy of imitation Ri'val, s. a competitor.
Ancient, a. öld, not modern.

Train, s. retinue, procession.
Modern, a. late, recent.

Difficult, a. hard, troublesome. Ex'qui-site, a. excellent, consum'mate. Exertion, s. act of putting forth. Gen'eral, s. one that commands an army. Use'ful, a. profitable to any end. Cap'tive, s. a prisoner.

Shi'ning, p. a. splendid, glittering, Civil, a. well bred, complaisa'nt.

Estee'm, s. high value, regard. Poli'te, a. elegant of manners.

Pall, v. a. to dispirit, to cloy. Concer'ning, prep. relating to.

Lan'guor, s. faintness.

9 Betro'th, v. a. to give or receive a contract Disgui'se, s. dress to deceive, a counterfeit. in marriage.

show, -37.

Cheerful, a. gay, full of life.

House'wifery, s. female economy. Anxi'ety, s. solicitude.

-42.Conjuné'ture, s. critical time. Purchase, v. a. to buy for a price.

Ae'cident, s. casualty, chance. Pos'turė, s. place, state.

Mechan'ical, a. skilled in mechanics
Glo'rious, a. noble, excellent.

Custom, s. usage, habit, fashion.
Won'drous, A. admirable, surprising. Des'titute, a. in want of.
Virgin, s. a maid, an unmarried womaa. Suspe'nse, s. uncertainty, delay.

any kind.


Flat'ter, v. a. to praise falsely.

Guide, s. a director.
Manual, a. performed by the hand.
Propo'sal, 8. an offer to the mind.

-49.Expira'tion, s. the conclusion of any limited Exte'nt, s. compass of a thing. time.

Cliff, s. a steep rock. Ingenu'ity, s. wit, invention.

Depreda'tion, s. a robbing.
Industry, s. diligence, assiduity.

Quad'ruped, s. a fourfooted animal
Work'manship, s. the skill of a worker. Similitude, s. likeness.
Couple, s. two, a brace.

Em'pire, s. imperial power.
Affluence, s. plenty, concourse.

Carrion, s. corrupted Aesh. Supe'riour, a. higher, greater in dignity or Sa'ti-ate, v a. to satisfy, to fill. excellence.

Rapa'cious, a. seizing by violence. Doub'ly, ad. in twice the quantity.

Pair, s. two of a sort, a couple. In'digence, s. want.

Quantity, s. bulk or weight. 44.-

Domin'ion, s. sovereign authority. Offspring, s. children, production.

Soci'ety, s. company, partnership. Tallon, s. the claw of a bird of

Acu'te, a. sharp, opposed to blunt.

prey Sugge'st, v. a. to hint, to put in one's mind. Difficulty, s. hardness, distress. Grief, s. sorrow, trouble.

-50.Insti'l, v. a. to infuse by drops.

Retrea't, s. place of privacy.
Venera'tion, s. awful respect.

For'midable, a. terrible.
Deri've, v. a. to deduce from its original. Exe'rt, v. a. to put forth, to enforce.
Remain'der, s. what is left.

Com'fortable, a. receiving comfort.
Docil'ity, s. readiness to learn.

Fam'ine, s. scarcity of food. -45.

Assidu'ity, s. diligence. Cor-re-spon'dence, s. intercourse.

Despa'tch, s. haste, speed. Essen'tial, a. necessary, important.

Domes'tick, s. one belonging to the house.

Falcon-er, s. one who breeds and traine Exho'rt, v. a. to incite to any good action.

hawks. Prob'ity, s. honesty, sincerity. Exact'ness, s. accuracy.

Inna'te, a. inborn.

Serviceable, a. active, useful.
Obliga'tion, s. duty, bond, contract.
Disce'rn, v. a. to see, to distinguish

Imme'nse, a. unlimited.
Impru'dent, a. wanting prudence.

-51.Instruc'tion, s. information.

Landscape, s. the prospect of a country. Sire, s. a father.

Delightful, a. charmning. In'cense, s. a perfume.

Europe an, s. an inhabitant of Europe. Admoni'tion, s. gentle reproof.

Intestine, s. the bowel. Irrev'erence, s. want of reverence.

Imagina'tion, s. fancy: -46.

In'finite, a. unbounded, great.

Nec'tar, s. drink of the gods.
Decli'ne, s. tendency downwards.
Peace, s. respite from war.

Trib'ute, s. payment made in acknowledg Rela'tion, s. kindred, narrative.

ment of subjection. Adver'sity, s. misfortune.

Murmur, s. a low, buzzing noise. Acknowledge, v. a. to confess, to own.

-52.Reciprocal, a. done by each other.

Architect, s. chief builder.
Mu'tual, a. acting in return.
Conve'nience, s. commodiousness.

Veg'etable, s. a plant.

Incuba'tion, s. the act of sitting upon eggs. -47,

Mission, s. persons sent on any acoubt,

commission. Calam'ity, s. misfortune. Bounty, s. generosity, munificence.

Sportive, a. merry, playful.

Perch, v. n. to sit or roost as a bird.
Lan'guish, v, n. to grow feeble.
SuperAupus, a. unnecessary.

Agree'able, a. suitable to.
Exten'sive, a. wide, large.

Colony, s. a body of people drawn from the Insen'sible, a. imperceptible.

mother country to inhabit some distant Ipodigna'tion, s. anger mingled with con

place. tempt or disgust.

-53.'ic'ture, s. a resemblance in colours. Ceiling, s. the inner roof. Potentate, s. monarch, prince.

Smooth'ness, s. evenness, mildness. Commun'ion, s. fellowship.

Distinction, s. honourable note of superio Sov'er-eign, s, a supreme lord.

ty, differeuce. Dispen'ser, s. one who distributes.

Simplicity, s. artlessness. -48.

Continual, a. incessant. Omnipotent, a, almighty,

Sen'tinel, s. a soldier on guard. Astron'omer, s. one that studies the laws of Sig'nal, s. a sign that gives notice.

Intim'idate, V: a. to frighten. the celestial bodies. Telescope, s. a glass for distant views.

-54. %py. v. a. lo discover.

Stratagem, s. an artifice, a tick

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Comparable, a. worthy to be compared.

-59.Crea'ture, s. a being created. Elu'de, v. a. to avoid by artifice.

Auburn, s. a brown or tan colove. Estima'tion, s. esteem, appraisement.

Piercing, p. a. sharp, keen. Anec'dote, s something unpublished, secret Peep: v. n. to look slyly.

Marble, s. a kind of stone. history: Compas'sion, s. pity.

Wood'bine, s. honeysuckle. Attach'ment, s. adherence, regard.

Blea'ting, s. the crying of sheep, Condit'ion, s. stipulation, state, rank.

-60.Permis'sion, s. grant of liberty.

Refre'sh, v. a. to recreate, to cool -55.

Hush, v. a. to still, to quiet. Cour'ser, s. a swift horse.

Safety, s. freedom from danger. Sigh, s. an audible emission of breath. Mod'esty, s. decency, chastity. Miserable, a. unhappy, worthless.

Cheer'fulness, s. liveliness. Approach, v.a.& n. to bring or draw nearto.

-61.Appearance, s. semblance, show,

Exercise, s. labour, practice. Circumstance, s. accident, event, condition, Tem'perance, s. moderation. state of attairs.

Nerve, s. an organ of sensation. Appella'tion, s. name.

Repa'st, s. a meal. Stat'ure, s. height of any animal.

Combat, v. a. to oppose, to fight. Agility, s. activity.

Endu're, v. a. & n. to bear, to last. Ferocity, s. fierceness.

Troub'le, s. calamity. Qual'ity, s. persons of high rank, property, Malev'olence, s. ill will. disposition.

Slan'der, s. false invective. Stern, a. severe of look, harsh.

Remembrance, s. recollection, Spe'cies, s. a sort, class of nature.

Reve’nge, s. return of an injury. Suc'cour, s. aid, assistance.

Mallice, s. deliberate mischief. -56.

Requi'te, v. a. to recompense. Escape, s. a getting out of danger.

Alleviate, v. a. to make light. Oblige, v. a. to bird, to please.

Success, s. termination of any affair. Confinement, s. resti nint.

Pour, v. a. to emit, to send forth. Devoi d, a. empty, destitute of.

-62.Conspicuous, a. emi sent.

Fa'vour, s. kindness, support. Dexter'ity, s. activity, skill.

Generos'ity, s. liberality. Men-ag-er-ie', s. [Fr.) a place to keep cu- Humil'ity, s. freedom from pride, modesty. rious foreign animals.

Mortality, s. subjection to death. Cu'rions, a. nice, elegant, laboured. Love'liness, s. amiableness. Ex'tract, s. substance extracted.

In'sect, s. a small creeping or flying animal Symp'tom, s. a sign, a token. Malig'nity, s nalice, destructive tendency. Numerous, a. containing many.

Em'erald, s. a precious stone. Despair, 's. liopelessness.

Glance, v. a. to view with a quick cast of Kitchen, s. a room for cookery. -57.

-63,Cor'erlet, s. the outermost of the bed Multitude, s. many, a crowd. chthes.

Beau'ty, s. that assemblage of graces which Sagic'ity, s. acuteness of discovery.

pleases the eye. Melancholy, a. gloomy, dismal.

Excellent, &. of great virtue, eminent. Grave, a. serious, sober.

Death, s. extinction of life. Vi'olint, a. forcible, unjustly assailant.

Horizon, s. the line that terminates the view ..Capri:'ous, a. fanciful.

Colour, s. appearance of bodies to the eye Obe'dence, s. submission.

hue, die. Vict'uils, s. provision of food, meat.

Giid, v. a. to wash over with gold. Inoffensive, a harmless.

Shroud, v. a. to shelter, to dress for the Com'fit, s. a kind of sweetmeat.

grave. Deflux'iın, s. a flowing down of humours.

-64.Indus'trisus, a. diligent, laborious.

Sav'iour, s. redeemner. Productive, a. fertile.

Immortality, s. exemption from death. Sim'ilar, . homogeneous, resembling. Bramble, s. any prickly shrub. 58.

Myr'iad, s. the number of ten thousand. Arrangement, s. state of being put in order.

Cherub, s. a celestial spirit.

Hen'bane, s. a plant.
Direct, v. a. to aim, to regulate, to order.
Garland, s, a wreath of flowers.

Embra'ce, v. a. to hold fondly in the area. Warble, v. a. to quaver any sound, to sing.

-65. Transpa'rent, a. pervious to the sight, clear. Mon'arch, s. a king. Sul'try, a. hot without ventilation,

Linge, s. sovereign, superiour lord. Refresh'ment, s. relief, food, rest.

El'ement, s. the constituent principle of as Bathe, v. a. & n. to wash with any thing. thing, any one of the four elements, carta Unawa'res, ad. unexpectedly:

air, fire, water. Gar'ment, s. a cover for the body.

Bois'terous, a. loud, roaring:

the eye.


Apparel, s. dress, vesture. Gra'cious, &. merciful, kind.

Emergency, s. any sudden occasion.

Sugges'tion, s. hint, insinuation. Court'ier, s. attendant on a courte

Distraction, s. confusion, perturbation of Sceptre, s. ensign of royalty borne in the

mind. band. Rebellious, a. opposed to lawful authority.

-73.Sycophant, s. a flatterer.

Ran'som, s. price paid for liberty. Ab'ject, a. mean, or worthless.

Suspic'ion, s. imagination of something ill Disgra'ce, s. ignominy, dishonour.

without proof. Assas'sin, s. a murderer..

Guar'dian, s. performing the office of a kind -67.

protector. Defi'ance, s. a challenge.

Preserv'er, s. one who keeps from ruin of

mischief. Deign, v. n. to condescend. Plun'dering, p. a. robbing in a hostile way.

—74.Insa'tiable, a. not to be satisfied.

Te'dious, a. wearisome, irksome. Ham'let, s. a small village.

Meadow, s. a rich pasture ground. Çom'merce, s. trade, traffick.

Heath, s. common ground, a plant. Philos'ophy, s. knowledge, natural or moral. Rite, s. a solemn act of religion. Dis'cipline,s.instruction,a state of subjection. Incanta'tion, s. enchantment. -68.

Bird'lime, s. a glutinous substance to catch

biri's. An'nually, ad. every year.

Parasitical, a. flattering. Servile, a. slavish, fawning.

Depen'dent, s. one subordinate.
Sla'very, s. servitude.

Dam'age, s. detriment, loss.
Perha'ps, ad. it may be.
In'famous, a. notoriously bad.

-75.-Trai'fick, s. commerce, large trade. Freque'nt, v. a. to visit often. Spirituous, a, having the quality of spirit, Artifice, s. trick, fraud, stratagem. lively, gay.

Intru'der, s. an interloper. Vic'tim, s. a sacrifice.

Counterfeit, a. forged, deceitful. -69.

Dam, s. the mother, a mole or bank. Fu'ture, a. that which is to come.

-76.Iu'dolent, a. careless, lazy.

Pros'pect, s. a view, object of view. Luxu'rious, a. voluptuous.

Rema'ins, s. relicks, the body left by the Transit'ion, s. passage, change.

soul. Mix'ture, s. things mixed.

An'tiquary, s. a man studious of antiquity Stupid, a. dull, heavy, wanting sense.

-77.Stubborn, a. obstinate, stiff. -70.

Halcyon, 3. a bird.

Tri'dent, s. a three forked sceptre of NepPrevious, a. going before, prior.

tune. Servitude, s. slavery, dependence.

-78.Cli'mate, s. a tract of land, the air. Recital, s. rehearsal.

Intent'ly, ad. with close attention, Parlia-ment, s. the assembly of the king, Probably, ad. in likelihood.

Pres'ently, ad. now, immediately. lords, and commons of Great Britain. Prefe'r, v. a. to regard more, to exalt.

Comparatively, ad. in a state of comparison. Pol'icy, s. the art of government, prudence. Swarm, s. a great number of bees, &c. a

Fen'ny, a, marshy, boggy. O'dium, s. invidiousness.

multitude. Apos'trophe, s. a diversion of speech to ano

Compa're, v. a. to examine one thing by

another. -71.

Marl, s. a kind of clay. Sensibility, s. quickness of sensation or per- Rel'icks, s. remains. ception.

-79.Prin'ciple, s. motive, element, fundamental truth, original cause.

Crim'son, s. deep red colour. Hol'yday, s. a day or gayety and joy.

Appa'rent, a. plain, visible. Corletous, a. inordinately eager of money, Optical

, a. relating to vision.

Enlarge'ment, s. increase, release. greedy, avaricious. Cruise, s. a voyage in search of plunder.

Sci'ence, s. art attained by precepts, or buik History, s. a narration of facts.

on principles.

Instruc'tive, a, conveying knowledge.

Channel, s. course for a stream.
Pet'ty, a. small, inconsiderable.
Brokerage, s. pay of a broker.

-80,Corsair, s. a pirate.

Indefatigable, a. unwearied, not tired: Journeyman, s. a bired workman.

Ea'gerness, s. earnestness. Addre'ss, s. verbal application, skill. Torment, s. pain, anguish. Unsa'voury, a. tasteless.

Alo'ng, ad. at length, in company within Fugitive &, Aying, vagabond.

Route, s. road, way.

ther person.

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Laa'dable, a. praiseworthy.

Sea'sual, a. carnal, lewd.
Indulgent, a. kind, gratifying.
Sym'pathy, s. fellow feeling, mutual sepsi-


Furniture, s. moveables, goods. Hillock, s. a little hill.

Eq'ui-page, s. attendance, retinue. Shep'herd, s. one who tends sheep.

Es'timate, s. calculation, valuation. Forlo'rn, a. deserted, lost.

Tire, v. a. to fatigue, to weary. Aban'doned, p. a. forsaken

Sum'mit, s, the top. Assu'redly, ad. certainly.

Bowler, s. an arbour, a seat shaded with -82.

trees. Alterca'tion, s. controversy.

Village, s. a small collection of houses.

Atti're, s. dress.
Pa'triarch, s. the head of a family.
Fraternal, a.

Propri'etor, s. a possessor in his own right. brotherly. Methinks, verb impersonal. I think, it seems Ban'ish, v. a. to drive away.

Joc'ular, a. used in jest, merry. to me. Friendship, s. highest degree of intimacy.

-88.Encourage, v. a. to animate.

Em'ulate, v. a. to rival. Animos'ity, s. hatred.

Agʻriculture, s. tillage, husbandry. Migra'tion, s. act of changing place. Sin'gularly, ad. particularly. Sub'stance, s. wealth, body.

In'solent, a. contemptuous, haughty. Impi'ety, s. wickedness.

Competit'ion, s. contest, rivalry. Persua'sive, š. motives employed in persua- Brook, v. a, to bear, to endure. sion.

Supercil'ious, a. haughty, arbitrary.
Separate, v. a. & n. to disjoin, to part. Authority, s. legal power.
Advan/tage, s. superiority, gain, profit. Nose'gay, s. a bunch of flowers.
Thwart, v. a. to cross, to oppose.

Awk'wardly, ad. clumsily.

Harsh'ness, s. roughness.
Vow, s. a religious promise.

Wilderness, s. a solitary and savage tract. Upbra'id, v. a. to chide, to reproach
So'journ, v. n. to live as not at home. Live'lihood, s. maintenance.
Perverse'ness, s. spiteful crossness.

Farther, ad. at a greater distance.

Lot, s. fortune, chance. Jealous, a. suspiciously vigilant.

Gratifica'tion, s. pleasure, delight. Judg'ment, s. the power of judging, distribu- | Culture, s. act of cultivation.

Ingre'dient, s. a part of any compound. tion of justice, the last doom.

Habit'uate, v. a. to accustom, to render f Ordinance, s. law, rule.

miliar. Sac'rifice, s. the act of offering to Heaven. Sack'cloth, s. coarse clotn.

Impa'ir, v. a, to injure, to make worse.

Me'liorate, v. a. to improve, to make bettes Imag'inary, a. fancied, visionary. Supernumerary, a. above a stated number.

-90.Dive'rt, v. a. to turn from, to please. Man'agement, s. conduct, administration. Liable, a. not exempt, subject.

Lit'erary, a. relating to learning. Ped'igree, s. genealogy.

Dislike, s. disapprobation, disgust. Rab'ble, s. a tumultuous crowd.

Dra'pery, s. the dress of a picture or statue, -85.


Hara'ngue, s. a speech.
Me'nial, a. belonging to the train of servants.

Glooin, s. heaviness of mind.
Gran'ary, s. a store-house for threshed corn.
Childing, p. a. reproving, scolding.

Conta'gion, s. infection, pestilence.
Suc'cessor, s. one that follows in the place Cher'ish, v. a. to nurse up, to support.

Sol'i-tude, s. lonely life or place. or character of another.

Acquain'tance, s. knowledge, the person Coque'tte, s. a gay, airy girl, who by vari

with whom we are acquainted without ous arts endeavours to gain admirers. Parallel, s. resemblance, a line every where

the intimacy of friendship. at an equal distance from another.

--91.Survey', s. view, prospect.

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Va'riegate, v. a, to diversify. Inge'nious, a. witty, inventive.

Grie'vance, s. state or cause of uneasiness. Region, s. tract of land, country.

Rail'ler-y, š. slight satire, satirical merri. -36. Vexa'tion, s. sorrow, a slight teazing trouble. Proportionate, a. adjusted to something else Cha-gri'n, s. ill humour, vexation.

according to a certain rate or comparative

relation. Unnec'essary, a. needless. Ambitious, &. aspiring, desirous of advance


Hon'ourable, a. illustrious, noble.
Popular'ity, s. favour among the people. Mortal, s. man, human being.
Political, a. relating to the administration | Infancy, s. first part of life.
of publick affairs.

Lev'ily, s. lightness, inconstancy, Accu'mulaung; p. a. heaping together. Capric'iousness, s. humour, whimsicalness.


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