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Folly, s. foolishness, weakness.

Informa'tion, s. intelligence given."
Illness, s. sickness.

Unti'l, ad. to the time that.
Legislator, s. a lawgiver.

Presu'me, v. n. to suppose, to venture,
Republick, s. a commonwealth without a

Mortifica'tion, s. vexation, trouble. king.

Prejudice, s. judgment formed beforehand Disrespect'ful, a. irreverent, uncivil.

without examination.
Ac'ceptable, a. grateful, pleasing.

Aston'ishment, s. confusion of mind.
Prof'itable, a. gainful, useful.

Inev'itably, ad. without possibilty of escape. Situa'tion, ś. position, state.
Forego', v. a. to give up.
Quarrel, v. a. to debate, to scuffle, to fight. Rema'in, y: n. to continue.
Am'ity, s. friendship.



Apprehen'sion, s. conception, fear.

Resu'me, v. a. to take or begin again.
Acco'st, v. a. to address, to salute.
Sol'ace, s. comfort, alleviation.

Ex-tem'po-re, ad, without premeditation. Enhance'ment, s. augmentation of value.

Subject, s. matter under consideration or

operation. -93.

Cho'rus, s. verses of a song in which the Participa'tion, s. the act or state of partak- company join the singer. ing or having part of something.

Plain'tive, a. lamenting. Enumerate, v.a. to number.

Literally, ad. in the letter or exact words. So'cial, a. familiar, fit for society.

Ver'sify, v. a. to relate in verse, to make Irreproach'able, a. free from blame. Valuable, a, being of great price, worthy. Sad, a. sorrowful, bad, vexatious. Ungovernable, a. not to be ruled, wild.

-100.Fidel'ity, s, honesty, faithfulness. Resentment, s. deep sense of injury.

Land'lady, s. mistress of an inn. -94.-

Rec'ompense, s. equivalent, compensation.

Heir, s. a male that inherits by law. Solicitous, a, anxious.

Inca'pable, a, unable, unfit. Reconcilia'tion, s. renewal of friendship. Model, s. a copy to be imitated. Nec'essary, a. needful, not free.

Perfec'tion, s. state of being perfect. Affability, s. civility.

Max'im, s. a general principle. -95.

101. Carve, v. a. to cut wood, meat, &c.

Pru'dence, s. wisdom applied to practico. Besprinkle, v. a. to sprinkle over. Gesture, s. action or posture expressive of Accident, s. casualty, chance.

Vivac'ity, s. liveliness, longevity. sentiment. Criminal, s, faulty, guilty:

Searce, a, not plentiful, rare.

Wardrobe, s. clothes, a room where clothes Ridic'ulous, a, worthy of laughter.

are kept. Awk'wardness, s, inelegance.

Wa)'let, s. a bag, knapsack. 96.

Hideous, a. horrible, dreadful. Asso'ciate, v. n. to unite with, to accom

Discre'tion, s. prudence, knowledge to govpany:

ern or direct one's self. Narra'tion, s. history, relation.

Sub'al-tern, a. inferiour, subordinate. Bungʻling, a. clumsy.

Instruc'ter, s. a teacher. Perspicuous, a. clear, not obscure.

In'terview, s, sight of each other. Puzzle, v. a. to perplex.

perintend'ent, s. one who oversees. Mut'ter, v, a. & n. to utter confusedly.

-102.Sput'ter, v. a. & n. to speak hastily Unintelligible, a. not to be understood.

Gov'er-ness, s. a tutoress, a directress, Talent, s. gift of nature, a certain weight Solicita'tion, s. importunity.

Nup'tials, s. marriage or wedding. Celebrate, v. a, to praise.

Siege, s. act of besetting a fortified place. Va'rious, a. different, changeable.

Ob'stinacy, s. stubbornness.

Peas'ant, s. one whose business is rural la-97.

bour. Contiguous, a. meeting so as to touch. Assau'lt, s. attack, invasion, storm. Inces'sant, a. continual.

Assai'lant, s. he that attacks. Roy'al, a. belonging to a king.

Carnage, s. slaughter, havock. Mag'nify, v. a. to make great.

Resigna'tion, s. a resigning, submissiou. Wretch, s, a miserable or worthless mortal. Precipitately, ad. headlong, in blind hurry.

-103.Insensibil'ity, s. stupidity.

Happen, v. n. to fall out by chance. Charitable, a. kind, liberal.

Serve, v. a. to supply with any thing, to Repa'y, v. a. to pay back in return.

obey. Brand, v.a. to mark with a note of infamy. Pursu'ant, a. done in consequence. Guest, s. one who is entertained.

Obscu'rity, s. unnoticed state, darkness.

Mean'ness, s. low rank, sordidness. -99.

Pre-em'i-nence, s. superiority of excellenou Hos'pitable, a. kind to strangers.

Reforma'tion, s. change from worse to bet Associa'tion, s. union, confederacy.


or sum.


Infir'mity, s. weakness, failing. Attain'uble, a. that which may be obtained. Com

pass, s. circle, space, due limits Lib'erally, ad bountifully.

Min'istry, s. ecclesiastical function.

Intem'perance, s. excess.
Defrau'd, v. a. to rob by a trick.
Mor'sel, s. a small quantity.

Unadvi'sedly, ad. indiscreetly.
Flatterer, s. one who praises falsely.

Compo'sure, 8. calmness, form.

Meek'ness, s. gentleness, mildness.
Devou'rer, s. a consumer.
Embarrass, v. a. to perplex, to distres

Pa'tience, s. the power of suffering.
Tease, y, a. to torment with importunity.

-106.Clam'our, s. noise, outcry.

Ignominious, a. mean, shameful. Thirst, s. want of drink, eagerness. Inferiour, a. lower in place or value Yea, ad. yes.

Sublime, a. high in excellence. Gran'deur, s. state, magnificence.

Dig'nity, s. grandeur of mien. -105.

Impres'sive, a. forcible, fixing deep. In'cident, s. an event, cacualty.

Insid'ious, a. sly, circumventive. Enco'mium, s. eulogy, praise.

Imper'fect, a. not complete. Disci'ple, s. a scholar.

Compar'ison, s. estimate, simile. Fer'vent, a ardent, zealous.

-159.Rational, a. wise, agreeable to reason Incipient, a. beginning, commencing. Ab'solute, a. complete, unconditional.


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