Memorials of transactions in Scotland, A.D.MDLXIX-A.D.MDLXXIII [ed. by D. Laing].

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Page xxiv - of the marriage between Darnley and Queen Mary is still extant in the " Buik of the Kirk of the Canagait,' one of the oldest and most curious Registers of the kind that is extant. ' The 21 of July, anno domini 1565. The quhilk day Johne Brand, Mynister, presentit to
Page 107 - of faddomes to the rute of the wall, to the which we bare cordis in lyk maner. • Be this was done, day licht was come, becaus it was long of doing; and thair we tuike one of the ledderis and brocht to the wall, whairwith we enterit euerie man. And
Page xix - in this realme; wherein he hath continued and perfectly ended at the year of God 1564: So that of things done fenfyne, nothing be him is putt in that form and order as he hath done
Page viii - Robert Mylne, writer, aged 103. He enjoyed his sight, and the exercise of his understanding, till a little before his death, and was buried on his
Page xiii - a feeble voice and slow action; but soon heating himself by the force of his passion and hatred, he bestirred himself like a madman; he broke his pulpit, and
Page 324 - now, I thank God that now I find me at this point, that I am rather content to die than to live; and that I
Page 258 - to reprove thaim, whidder thai wer done in the colleges or not; and that he knew the pairt of the young men of SancT; Leonardis college to be
Page 55 - in the chayre of trueth, the abhominable murtheraris of Harie Stewart, king of this land, and my lord Regent, laitly murthered; declaring out of the buike of God that the plages
Page 372 - specifeit alanerlie. And gevis and committis the intromissioune with the samin to the saidis Margaret Stewart, relict of the said vmquhile Johne Knox, Martha, Margaret, and Elizabeth Knoxis, his dochteris, his
Page 108 - number of bullatis for thame. Item, tuo myons, ane monted for the wallis and not for the feildis, the vther vnmounted ather for wallis or feildis; with

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