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pence of printing them shall be paid out of the

revenue of the Land or Estates given for esta“blishing the Divinity Lecture Sermons; and “ the Preacher shall not be paid, nor be entitled “ to the revenue, before they are printed.

“ Also I direct and appoint, that no person « shall be qualified to preach the Divinity Lec“ ture Sermons, unless he hath taken the Degree “ of Master of Arts at least, in one of the two “ Universities of Oxford or Cambridge; and that " the fame person shall never preach the Divi“nity Lecture Sermons twice.”

A List of PERSONs who have preached the BAMP

TON LECTURES from their first Establishment.

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In 1780. James Bandinel, D. D. of Jesus College. 1781. Timothy Neve, D. D. of Merton College. 1782. Robert Holmes, M. A. of New College. 1783. John Cobb, D. D. of St. John's College. 1784. Joseph White, B. D. of Wadham College. 1785. Ralph Churton, M. A. of Brazen-nofe College. 1786. George Croft, D. D. of University College. 1787: William Hawkins, M. A. of Pembroke College. 1788. Richard Shepherd, D. D. of Corpus Chrifti College. 1789. Edward Tatham, D. D. of Lincoln College. 1790. Henry Kett, M. A. of Trinity College. 1791. Robert Morres, M. A. of Brazen-Nose College. 3792. John Eveleigh, D. D. Provost of Oriel College. 1793. James Williamson, B. D. of Queen's College. 1794. Thomas Wintle, B. D. of Pembroke College. 1795. Daniel Veysie, B. D. of Oriel College. 1796. Robert Gray, M. A. of St. Mary Hall. 1797. William Finch, LL. D. of St. John's College. 1798. Charles Henry Hall, B. D. of Christ Church. 1799. William Barrow, LL.D. and F. S, A. of Queen's Coll. 1800. George Richards, M. A. of Oriel College. 1801. George Stanley Faber, M. A. of Lincoln College. 3802. George Frederick Nott, M. A. of All Souls' College. 1803. John Farrer, M.A. of Queen's College.

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