An Index to the Wills and Inventories Now Preserved in the Probate Registry, at Chester ...

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Page ii - Council shall deem to be of service to the members. 2. That the affairs of the Society shall be governed by a Council consisting of a President and twelve Members, the former of whom shall be annually elected by the Council. 3. That three Members of the Council shall form a quorum. 4. That the subscription of Members of the Society shall be 1 Is.
Page ii - February in each year, of which at least seven days' notice shall be sent to all the members. At this meeting a report of the work of the Society, with a statement of the income and expenditure, shall be presented. These shall be annually published, together with a List of Members and the Rules of the Society.
Page ii - Society ,with a Statement of the Income and Expenditure, shall be presented. These shall be annually published, together with a List of Members and the Rules of the Society. 7. That so long as the funds of the Society permit, two volumes at least shall be issued to the Members in each year. 8. That no copies of the publications of the Society shall be sold to non-members, except at an increased price to be fixed by the Council. 9.
Page ii - Guinea per annum, which shall entitle them to the publications for the year ; but the name of any member whose subscription shall be two years in arrear shall thereupon be removed from the Society, and shall not be re-admitted until all arrears have been paid.
Page ii - RULES. 1. That the Society shall be called the RECORD SOCIETY, and shall have for its object the transcribing and publishing of Original Documents relating to the Counties of Lancaster and Chester, or such other matter relating thereto as the Council shall deem to be of service to the members.
Page ii - That no payment shall be made to any person for editing any work for the Society, but that the Editor of each Volume shall be entitled to twenty copies of the work so edited by him. 10. That the Treasurer's Accounts shall be audited by two Members of the Society, who shall be elected at the Annual Meeting. 11. No alteration shall be made in any of the above Rules except at the Annual General Meeting. Notice of any proposed alterations must be sent to the Hon. Secretary a month before such General...
Page 7 - Inv" occurs, it signifIes that the deceased had most probably died intestate, and that an inventory of his goods had been filed and administration granted to his representatives. Where the word "Admon" occurs, it shows that an administration bond had been filed as well. In all other cases the wills themselves are extant, either with or without the accompanying inventories. j.
Page vi - ... Index to the Lancashire Wills proved at Richmond, 1680 to 1748. Annales Cestrienses. Index to the Wills at Chester, 1660-1680. Lancashire Inquisitions. Stuart Period. Part II. 1614 to 1622. Lancashire Inquisitions. Stuart Period. Part III. 1622 to 1625. Index to the Wills at Chester, 1681 to 1700. Civil War in Cheshire. Index to the Wills at Chester, 1701 to 1720. The Register of Leyland, co. Lancaster, 1653 to 1715.
Page vi - Pleadings and Depositions in the Duchy Court of Lancaster. Part I. Miscellanies, Lancashire and Cheshire. Vol. III. Containing: — 1. A List of Clergy for Eleven Deaneries of the Diocese of Chester, &c., 1541-1542. 2. Chorley Survey, 1652-1653. 3. List of WILLS, &e., at the Diocesan Registry, Chester, 1487-1620. Plundered Ministers' Accounts, Lancashire and Cheshire.
Page 7 - Owing to the original spelling of the wills having been followed in the MS. Index, and allowing for possible misreadings, enquirers are particularly desired to search for any name bearing a resemblance to that they are looking for, as for example Leigh for Legh or Lee, Newall for Nowall, Houghton for Haughton, &c., &c. As far as possible this has been indicated by cross references in this list. Words now spelt with an \ then frequently had y.

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