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Sifu shi yan ming left his performance group as a student and was never a monk. He has 3 children with different women and has no connection to the shaolin temple. He uses advertisements to sell a fake brand and doesn't even teach in his own school. He stands I'm the corner and watches students being taught incorrectly but only sees money. The students receive punishments and are taxed money fines. Do not support his his false program. Amituofo. The book only teaches 5 moves and gains sifu all his money. He sells the shaolin name for money and taxes people for being a fan of the Kung fu movies 

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Mostly just an advert for Sifu Shi Yan Ming to show off with. The morning routine presented seems safe and reasonable, and works well as a warm up to start the day. Everything is sufficiently explained and demonstrated, and the photography is excellent. Little attention is given to the beginner trying to achieve flexibility, or to safety considerations, so it would help if the reader already knows a little about stretching safely. 

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A great book for people interested in the philosophy of the Shaolin monks and their styles of Gung Fu. This book not only shows what these dedicated monks do on a daily basis, but why the do it.

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