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p. 49.

Coy: fondle, caress. IV. 1. p. 84. Fearful duty: timid loyalty. V.
Crazed : having a flaw. 1. i. p. i. p. 102.

Fell: fierce, furious. II. i. p. 34;
Cry: pack of hounds. IV. i. V. i. p. 108.

Flewed: with hanging chaps. Cupid's flower: the pansy. IV. IV, I. p. 89.

Fond: foolish. III. ii. p. 67. Curst: spiteful, shrewish. III. For aye: for ever. 1. i. p. 21. ii. p. 75, &c.

Fordone: overcome,

exhausted. Damned 'spirits: those who died V. ii. p. 114.

by their own hand. III. ii. p. 79. Forgerses: inventions. II. ii. Dank: damp, moist. II. iii. p. 48.

Friend: often used for 'lover.' Darkling: in the dark. II. iii. II. iii. p. 48.

Gawds: baubles, finery. I. i. p. Dead: deadly. III. ii. p. 64.

19. Defeated : deceived, cheated. IV. Generally: singly: I. ii. p. 28. i. p. 91.

Gentleness: kindness, goodDefect : effect. III. i. p. 54.

breeding. II. iii, p. 49. Dewlap: loose flesh about the Glance: hint. II. I. p. 36. throat. II. 1. p. 35.

Gleek : scoff. III. i. p. 59. Dian's bud : a herb said to have Gossip's bowl: a mixture of ale,

the virtue of keeping men and spice, sugar, and crab-apples, women chaste. IV. I. p. 87. prepared for christening feasts. Discharge: perform. I. ii. p. 32; ii. i. p. 35. IV. ii. p. 95.

Government: “In -"under Disfigurē: destroy. I. I. p. 20. control. V. i. p. 103. Distemperature: disturbance of Hempen homespuns: coarse, the elements. II. ii. p. 38.

home-bred fellows. III, i. p. 55. Distilled : perpetuated in essence Henchman: a page of honour, (in scent). I. i. p. 21.

II. ii. p. 38. Dole: grief. V. i. p. 110.

Hiems: winter. II. ii, p. 38. Double: false, deceitful. II, iii. Hight: called, entitled. V. i. p.

104. Duke: leader, general ; Lat., dux. Human: humane. II. iii. p. 48. I. i. p. 17.

Imbrue: stain. V. i. p. 113. Eglantine: sweet-brier. II. ii. Immediately: purposely. I, i. Enforced : violated. III. i. p. 61. Increase: produce. II. ii. p. 38. Ercles : Hercules. I. ii. p. 30. Intend: pretend. III. ii. p..77. Estate unto; confer upon. 1. i. Jew: used as a term of endear

ment, probably from Fr., bijou, Ethiop: ‘dark-complexioned a jewel. III. creature.' III. ii. p. 73.

Juvenal: youth. III. i. p. 55. Note to Brow of Egypt. V. i. p. Kind : (in this) respect (the ques. 97.)

tion of marriage). I. i. p. 20. Extenuate: mitigate. I.i. p. 28. Knacks: gewgaws, pretty trifles. Eyne: old plural of eye. 1. i. p. I. i. p. 19. 28, &c.

Knot-grass: a low-growing Fair: beauty. I. i. p. 25.

herb which in the form of a Fancy: love. I. i. p. 24; IV. i. decoction was said to have the

property of stunting growth. Favour: countenance, appear.

Ill. ii. p. 77. ance. 1. i. p. 25.

Know: make sure. I. i. p. 20.

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Latched : smeared, anointed. Orbs : rings of luxuriant grass III. ii. p. 63.

attributed to fairy dances. II. Leave your courtesy : Cease i. p. 33. bowing. IV. i. p. 85.

Orient : shining. IV. i. p. 86. Leviathan: a sea-monster, often Original : originators.

identified with the whale. II. 38. ii. p. 41.

Ounce : an animal of the leopard Liveries: proper garb. II, ii. p. species. II. iii. p. 47. 38.

Ousel cock : blackbird. III. i. Lob: clumsy person.

JI. i. p. 34.

Owe: own, possess.

II. iii. p. Lode-star: polar-star, guiding. 49. star. I. i. p. 25.

Oxlips : a larger kind of cows. Lordship: dominion.

I. i. p.

lip. II. ii. p. 44. 21.

Pageant : show. III. ii. p. 67. Lose : forget. I. i. p.


Pale : enclosure. II. i. p. 33. Love-in-idleness: pansy. II. Pard : leopard. II. iii. p. 47. ij. p. 40.

Parlous : perilous. III. i. p. 53. Loves: "of all," for love's Patches : fools. III. ii. p. 62. sake. II. iii. p. 52.

Patent : privilege. I. i. p. 21. Margent: margin. II. ii. p. 87. Paved fountain : a stream with Masque: a display by masked a pebbly bottom. II. ii. p. 37. performers. V. i. p. 98.

Pelting : paltry. II. ii. p. 37. Means: utters her lament (an Pensioners : retainers. II. i. p. archaic use of the word). V. i. 33.

Pert : brisk, lively. I. i. p. 18. Mechanicals: labourers, trade Phibbus : Phoebus. I. ii. p. 30. workmen. III. ii. p. 62.

Philomel : Philomela, a classical Mewed: imprisoned. I. i. p. 21. name of the nightingale. II. Mimic: actor. III. ii. p. 62.

ii. p. 46. Minimus: a being of the small Plain-song: a song

without est size. III. ii. p. 77.

variations. III. i. p. 58. Misgraffed : grafted on a wrong Point: culminating point, zenith.

or unsuitable stock. I. i. p. 23. II. iii. p. 48. Misprised: mistaken. III. ii.

Preferred : proffered, submitted

for approval. IV. i. p. 96. Misprision: mistake. III. ii. Preposterously : perversely.

III. ii. p. 67. Momentany: momentary. I. i. Presented : represented. III. ii. Mouse: to tear to pieces. V. i. Presently : immediately. IV.

ii. p. 96. Murrain : a disease of sheep Preva ilment: weight, perand cattle. · II. ii. P. 37.

suasive power.

I. i. p. 19. Neeze: sneeze. II. i. p. 35. Prey : act of preying. II. iii. Neif: a fist. IV. i. p. 85. Night-rule: nocturnal order of Privilege : safeguard. things. III. ii. p. 62.

42. Nowl: Saxon knol, head. III. Proper : handsome, good-look. ii. p. 62.

ing. I. ii. p. 32. Obscenely: Bottom's blunder Properties : stage necessaries. I. for seemly.' I. ii. p. 33.

ii. p. 32. Observation : observance (of Quail : quell, overpower. V. i. the May-day rites). IV. i. p. 98.

p. 65.

P. 66.

P. 23.

p. 62.

p. 110.

p. 52.

II. ii. p.

p. 111.

Streak: stroke lightly.

II. ii.

p. 44.

Quaint: fantastical. II. ii. p.

37. quell : kill. V. i. p. 111. Quern : a handmill. II. I. p. 34. Questions : cross-examining. II.

ii. p. 43. Quill : "little -,"shrill note.

III. i. p. 58. Recorder : a small flute. V. i.

Tailor: an

exclamation used when anyone fell backwards

off his seat. II. i. p. 35. Taurus: a chain of mountains in the S.E. of Asia Minor.

III. ii. p. 68. Tender: offer. III. ii. p. 66. Thick-skin: thickhead, block

head. III. ii. p. 62. Throstle: missel-thrush. III, i.

p. 103,

p. 58.

p. 56.

p. 34.

Rere-mice : bats. II. iii. p. 45. Respects : regards, considers. I.

i. p. 24. Ringlets : band-in-hand circles.

11. ii. p. 37. Ripe : ripen. II. iii. p. 50. Roundel : a circular dance ; also

used for a song. II. iii. p. 45. Sad: serious. IV. i. p. 88. Sanded: of a sandy colour.

IV. i. p. 89. Savours : sweet perfumes. II.

i. p. 33. scrip: scroll : corruption of

'script.' I. ii. p. 28. Seething : active, excited. V. i. P.

97. Sheen: shining, bright. II. i. Shrewd : mischievous. II. i. p.

34. Sinister : left. V. i. p. 105. Sisters Three : The Fates. V.

i. p. 113. Skill : comprehension. II. iii.

p. 50. Small: effeminately. I. ii. p. 30. Snuff : offended, angry (used

quibblingly). V. i. p. io9. Sort : company. III. ii. p. 62. Spleen : paroxysm of passion.

i. p. 24. Spotted: evil, impure.

22. Spring: opening. II. ii. p. 37. Square: quarrel. II, i. p. 34. Squash : an unripe pea-pod.

III. i. p. 61. Stood upon : depended on. I.

i, p. 23.

Thrum: the end of a weaver's

warp. V. i. p. 111. Tiring-house: dressing - room.

III. i. p. 53. Toward: in preparation. II. iii. Trace: traverse. II. i. p. 34. Translated : transformed. I. i.

p. 26, &c. Triumph: pageant, festivities.

I. I. p. 18. Troth: truth. II. iii. p. 47, &c. Unbreathed : unexercised. V. i

p. 100. Unhardened : impressionable.

I. i. p. 19. Upon: by. II. ii. p. 43. Yaward: fore-part, early por.

tion. IV. i. p. 80. Voice: sanction, approval. I.

i. p. 20. Wanton : luxurious.

36. Waxen: increase. II. i. p. 85. Weed: garment. II. ii. p. 44. Welkin: sky. III. ii. p. 78. Wit: wisdom, intelligence. III.

i. p. 58. Withering: delaying. I. i. p. 18. Wode: distracted, mad. A play

upon words, wode being the Middle English form of 'wood.'

II. i. p. 41. Woodbine: honeysuckle. II. ii.

p. 44; (probably) convolvulus.

IV. i. p. 86.
Wot: know. II. ii. p. 92.

II. ii. p.

I. i. p.



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