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In what Care and by the Authority of the same, That from and after the Bills of Exchange four and twentieth Day of June next, which shall be in the Year drawn in Eng

One thousand fix hundred ninety eight, all and every Bill or Bills land, &c. of sl. or upwards,

of Exchange drawn in, or dated at and from, any trading City may be protefled. or Town, or any other_Place in the Kingdom of England,

Dominion of Wales, or Town of Berwick upon Tweed, of the Sum of five Pounds Sterling or upwards, upon any Person or Persons of or in London, or any other trading City, Town or any other Place (in which said Bill or Bills of Exchange shall be acknowledged and expressed the said Value to be received) and is and shall be drawn payable at a certain Number of Days, Weeks or Months after Date thereof, that from and after Presentation and Acceptance of the said Bill or Bills of Exchange (which Acceptance shall be by the underwriting the fame under the Party's Hand so accepting) and after the Expiration of three Days after the said Bill or Bills shall become due, the Party to whom the said Bill or bills are made payable, bis Servant, Agent or Afligns, may and shall cause the laid Bill or Bills to be protested by a Notary Publick, and in Default of such Notary Publick, by any other fubftantial Person of the City, Town or Place, in the Presence of two or more credible Witnesses, Refusal or Neglect being first made of due Payment of the fame; which Protest shall be made and written under a fair written Copy of the said Bill of Exchange, in the Words or Form fol.

lowing : Form of Protet. : K NOW all Men, that I A. B. on the

at the usual Place of Abode of the said

have demanded Payment • of the Bill, of the which the above is the Copy, which the said

did not pay, wherefore • I the said

do hereby proteft the « said Bill. Dated this

[This is the Form of Protefl as on the Roll.] [Party refusing to underwrite Bill, it may be protested, 3 & 4 Ann.

1.9.54. which Aa is made perpetual, 7 Ann. c. 25. $ 3.] Proteft or Notice II. Which Protest so made as aforesaid, shall within fourteen thereof to be

Days after making thereof be fent, or otherwise due Notice shall given in 14 Days be given thereof, to the Party from whom the said Bill or Bills

were received, who is, upon producing such Proteft, to repay the said Bill or Bills together with all Interest and Charges from the

Day such Bill or Bills were protested; for which Protest shall be In Default of

paid a bum not exceeding the Sum of Six pence; and in DeProteft.

fault or Neglect of such Protest made and sent, or due Notice

given within the Days before limited, the Person so failing or nego Costs.

lecting thereof, is and shall be liable to all Costs, Damages and

Interest, which do and shall accrue thereby. Bills loft or mir.

III. Provided nevertheless, That in case any such inland Bill carried, Drawer or Bills of Exchange shall happen to be lost or miscarried within to give another. the Time limited for Payment of the same, then the Drawer of

the faid Bill or Bills is and shall be obliged to give another Bill or Bills of the same Tenour with those first given, the Person or Persons to whom they are and shall be so delivered giving


Day of Security if demanded, to the faid Drawer, to indemnify him against all Persons whatsoever, in case the said Bill or Bills of Exchange so alledged to be loft or miscarried, shall be found again (a).

(a) [This Aa is numbered 8 on the Roll.]

An Act for the repairing the Highways from the Town of EXP.

Birdlip, and the Top of Crickley Hill, in the County of
Gloucester, to the City of Gloucester (b).

(6) [This Ad is numbered 7 on the Roll.]
(Here the Roll is indorsed, Fourth Part 9 W.3. and goes ton
Cap. 24. inclusive, and the Title is repeated.]

An Act for cleansing and making navigable the Channel

from the Hithe at Colchester to Wivenhoe.
[Time enlarged, 5 G. 1. c. 31. and both Ads made perpetual,

13 G. 2. c. 30. See 21 G. 3.6. 30.]

An Act to naturalize the Children of such Officers and EXP.

Soldiers, and others the natural born Subjects of this
Realm, who have been born Abroad during the War,
the Parents of such Children having been in the Service
of this Government,

An Act for the better preventing the counterfeiting, clip.

ping and other diminishing the Coin of this Kingdom.
:W HEREAS the preventing the Currency of clipt and

unlawfully diminished, and counterfeit Money, is a more effectual Means to preserve the Coin of this Kingdom intire ' and pure than the most rigorous Laws for the Punishment • of such as diminish or counterfeit the same: And whereas • by the known Laws of this Kingdom no Person ought to pay, ' or knowingly tender in Payment, any counterfeit or unlawful • diminished Money, and als Persons not only may refuse to

receive the same, but may, and by the ancient Statutes and • Ordinances of this Kingdom have been required to destroy and • deface the same ; and more especially the Tellers in the Receipt

of the Exchequer, by their Duty and Oath of Office, are ' required to receive no Money but good and true; and to the • end the same might the better be discerned and known, by the

ancient Course of the said Receipt of the Exchequer all Money

ought to be received there by Weight as well as by Tale : · For the restoring of which Course, together with other Things, 'an Act was made in the last Session of this present Parlia• ment, intituled, An Aa for the better Obfervation of the Course 8 & 9 W. 3. ar.ciently used in the Receipt of the (a) Exchequer, whereby C. 28. $ a.

• amongst

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• amongst other Things it is enacted, That the respective Tel• lers of the said Receipt of Exchequer, when any Money shall

be brought to the faid Receipt of the Exchequer, to be there • paid, shall without Delay receive it, weighing the same in • intire Sums or otherwise, and making due Entry of the Weight • and Tale thereof, according to the ancient Course; but 110 • Provision is made in the said Act, that the said Teilers fhall • refuse to receive the said Money, in case it shall not be of its • due Weight: And the former and ancient Laws heing grown • into Desuetudc, whereby unlawfully diminished and counterfeit

Money reccive a Currency, and wicked and traiterous Persons

are encouraged to diminish and counterfeit the fame: Now to • the end the Kingdom, after fo valt a Charge and Expence for • the Reformation of the Silver Coin, and reitoring it to its due

Weight and Purity, may not relapse into the fame Evil, from • which it hath been so 'lately delivered with great Difficulty ' and Hazard, and that counterfeit and unlawfully diminished • Money, which already begins to increase, may be defaced and

destroyed,' Be it declared and enacted by the King's Moft Excellent Majesty, by and with the Advice and Consent of the

Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and Commons, in Parliament Any Person

assembled, and by Authority of the fame, That it is and shall suspecting Mo

be lawful to and for any Person, to whom any Silver Money pey may cut or deface it.

shall be tendred, any Piece or Pieces whereof Thail be diminished, otherwise than by reasonable Wearing, or that by the Stamp, Impression, Colour or Weight thereof, he shall suspect to be counterfeit, to cut, break or desace such Piece or Pieces; and if


Piece so cut, broken or defaced, fall appear to be

counterfeit, the Person tendring the same shall bear the Loss Who Thall bear thereof; but if the same shall be of due Weight, and appear to the Loss.

be lawful Money, the Person that cut, broke or defaced the same, thall, and is hereby required to take and receive the same at the Rate it was coined for; and if any Question or Dispute

shall arise, whether the Piece fo cut be counterfeit, it shall be Mayor, &c. to determine Dir.

heard and finally determined by the Mayor, Bailiff or Bailiffs, putes.

or other Chief Officer of any City or Town Corporate, where such Tender shall be made ; and if such Tender fhall be made out of any City or Town Corporate, then by the next Justice of the Peace of the County, inhabiting or being rear the Place where such Tender shall be made ; and the said Mayor, or other

Chief Officer, and Justice of the Peace hall have full Power Oath.

and Authority to administer an Oath as he shall see convenient, to any Perfon, for the determining any Questions relating to the said Piece. (a) [The word is the" is not in the Title of the

48.] Officers of the Exchequer, &c.

II. And be it further enacted by the Authority aforefaid, That required to cut

the Tellers of the Receipt of the Exchequer, and their Deputies Money to and Clerks, and Receivers General of every Branch of His tendied, &c.

Majesty's Revenue, Aids, Impofitions, Duties and Taxes, given or granted, or to be hereafter given or granted, fall and are hereby required, to cut, break or deface, or cause to be cut, broken or defaced, every Piece of counterfeit, or unlawfully diminished Silver Money, that shall be tendred in Payment to them to the Use of His Majesty, His Heirs or Successors, or for any Part of the Revenue, Ajds, Impulitions, Duties or Taxes

of His Majesty, His Heirs or Successors ; and the better to discover Silver Money that is counterfeit, or unlawfully diminished, from that which is good and true, the Tellers and Receivers General, and their respective Deputies and Clerks, shall weigh in whole Sums, or otherwise, all Silver Money by them received ; and if the same, or any Piece thereof, shall, by the Weight or and to weigh all otherwise, appear to be counterfeit, or unlawfully diminished, Silver Money

received. the same shall not be received by or from them in the said Receipt of the Exchequer, nor be allowed them upon their respective Accounts.

III. And be it' further enacted by the Authority aforesaid, That an A&t made the last Session of this present Parliament, intituled, An Aa for the better preventing the counterfeiting the 8 & 9 W. 3. Current Coin of this Kingdon, and every Article and Clause therein c. 26. continued contained, shall from henceforth continue and be of Force until the five and twentieth Day of March, which mall be in the Year of our Lord, One thousand seven hundred and one, and from thence to the End of the next Sellion of Parliament. [Sec further, I Ann. Stat. I. c.9.]

An Act to repeal an Act made in the nine and thirtieth

Year of the Reign of Queen Elizabeth, intituled, An

A to reftrain the excelli ve making of Malt, and to discharge and vacate Orders made by Justices of Peace by virtue thereof, for restraining Mallters from making Malt.

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present Parliament, intituled, An Aa for granting to His c. 22. Majesty certain Duties upon Malt, Mum, Sweets, Cyder and

Perry, as well towards carrying on the War against France, as ' for the necessary Expence of His Majesty's Howfhold, and other Occafions, a Duty of Six pence per Bushel was laid upon Malt • for a certain Time therein limited : And whereas an Act was

made in the nine and thirtieth Year of the Reign of Queen 39 Eliz, s. 16. Elizabeth, intituled, An Ad to restrain the excesive making of

repealed. Mals, and there hath been some Doubt, whether the same Act • be now in Force, by reason the Title of the said Act was • mistaken in the Act of Parliament whereby it was designed • to have been continued ; yet nevertheless several Justices of • Peace at their Quarter Sessions have taken upon them to make · Orders to suppress, and restrain Maltters from buying of Barley ' to convert into Malt, and from using and exercising the Employ • of Malting by the Space of one Year, which is a great Damage 'to His Majesty, by leffening the Revenue, and a Discourage

ment to Mallters: For Remedy thereof, Be it enacted by the King's Most Excellent Majesty, by and with the Advice and Consent of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and Commons, in this present Parliament assembled, and by the Authority of the fame, That the said Act made in the nine and thirtieth Year of the Reign of Queen Elizabeth be repealed, and all Orders Justices Ordera made by Justices of Peace for restraining Malsters from making vacated. of Malt, since the said Duty of Six pence a Bushel was laid upon Malt, are hereby vacated and discharged.

САР. .

An Act for granting to His Majesty a further Subsidy of

Tunnage and Poundage, towards raising the yearly Sum
of seven hundred thousand Pounds, for the Service of
His Majesty's Houshold, and other Uses therein men-

tioned, during His Majesty's Life. (2) (Sic Rol.)


THEREAS (a) Your Majesty's moft' dutiful and loyal

Subjects the Commons of England in Parliament assem. • bled, being deeply sensible of the great Blessings which, by the • Goodness of Almighty God, we and all other the Subjects of • Your Majesty's Realms and Dominions, in the free Exercise

of the true Chriftian Religion (the most valuable Benefit • which can be bestowed on any Nation or People) as also in

our Liberties and Properties, do fully enjoy under Your Ma. * jesty's most auspicious Government ; and being desirous to make ia grateful Acknowledgment of Your Majesty's unparalleled • Grace and Favour to us Your Commons, and particularly for • the great and successful Undertakings and Atchievements, • whereby Your Majesty hath been the happy Inftrument of • securing the aforesaid Bleffings to us and our Posterities ;' have therefore freely and unanimously resolved to increase Your Majesty's Revenue during Your Majesty's Reign (which God long continue) and do give and grant unto Your Moft Excellent Majesty the further Rates, Duties and Sums of Money, hereinafter mentioned; and do humbly beseech Your Majesty that it may be enacted ; and be it enacted by the King's Most Ex: cellent Majesty, by and with the Advice and Consent of the

Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and of the Commons, in this Additional Sube present Parliament assembled, and by Authority of the same, fidy of Tunnage That over and above all Subsidies of Tunnage and Poundage, and Poundage. and over and above all additional Duties, Impositions and other &c. granted for

Duties whatsoever, by any other Act or Acts of Parliament, the King's Life.

or otherwise howsoever, already due or payable, or which ought
to be paid to His Majesty, for or upon any Wines, Goods or
Merchandizes whatsoever, imported or to be imported, there shall
be raised, levied, collected, paid and satisfied unto His Majesty,
one other Subsidy called Tunnage, for and upon all Wines, which
from and after the last Day of January, which shall be in the
Year of our Lord One thousand fix hundred ninety nine, at any
Time or Times, during His Majesty's Life, shall be imported or
brought into the Kingdom of England, Dominion of Wales, or
Town of Berwick upon Tweed (that is to say) s 1.
French Wines imported to London by the King's Subjects to

pay 4l. 1os. per Tun, and by Aliens 6l. per "Tun. French “ Wines imported into any other Ports 31. per Tun, and by " Aliens 41. 108. 2. Muscadels, Malmseys, &c. 455. per But

or Pipe, and by Aliens 31. and for every But or Pipe into any “ other Ports 30s. and by Alien 455. § 3. Rhenish Wine, “ &c. 205. per Awm. Wine landed in the Out Ports, and after“ wards brought to London, to pay the whole Duty due in the « Port of London. 12 Car. 2 6.4. 12d. per lb. on all Goods “ and Merchandize imported. Goods imported, &c. and not 4


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