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• paid off and cleared ; and out of the Revenue of the General • Letter Office, or Post Office, or the Office of the Poftmaster « General, after all the Tallies charged upon the Weekly Sum of • six hundred Pounds, issuing out of that Revenue, pursuant to « the faid Act of Parliament of the seventh Year of His Ma. • jesty's Reign, and still remaining unsatisfied, and all the In• terest thereof shall be fully paid and discharged ; and out of

the small Branches of His Majesty's Revenues hereinafter men900,00ul. yearly ' tioned and expressed, that is to say, The First Fruits and granted out of • Tenths of the Clergy; the Fines for Writs of Covenant and hereditary Duo

• Writs of Entry payable in the Alienation Office ; the Post ties of Excise

• Fines; the Revenue of the Wine Licences; the Monies arising and other Du. ties.

by Sheriffs Profers and Compositions in the Exchequer, and • by the Seizures of uncustomed and prohibited Goods; the • Revenue of the Duchy of Cornwall, and any other Revenue • arising by the Rents of Lands in England or Wales, or for Fines • of Leases of the same, or any of them; and the Duty of four • and an half per Centum in Specie, arising in Barbadoes and

the Leeward Islands in America ; and out of the Monies which « from and after the Commencement of this Act fhall arise by

the further Subsidies and Duties hereby granted ;' Be it therefore further enacted, &c. « If the aforesaid Revenues produce more than 700,000l. per “ Annum, Overplus not to be disposed of but by Parliament.

[Repealed as to the Overplus, 12 & 13 W. 3. 6.12. $ 4.].

An Act for the enlarging the Time for purchasing certain

Estates or Interests in several Annuities therein men-

Moft Gracious Sovereign,

E Your Majesty's moit dutiful and loyal Subjects, the

Commons in Parliament assembled, duly considering Your Majesty's extraordinary Occasions for Supplies of Money, do cheerfully and unanimously present unto Your Majesty a further Aid to arise by the Contributions hereinafter mentioned ; and be it enacted, &c. “ Persons having or not having Annuities for Life at 141. per Cent, per Annum, 6 & 7 W. 3. c.5. may advance for every 100l., &c. 561. for changing the same into a certain Term “ for the Residue of ninety fix Years, &c. or to take Effect « after the said Estate for Life, &c. Persons on Payment “ intitled to such Annuities charged on the respective Funds, " &c. § 1. Powers in the Act 7 & 7W.3.c.5. revived. Ø 2: “ Monies arising by the said Contributions appropriated to the “ Off-reckonings of the Army. $ 3.


[Here the Roll is indorfed, Fifth Part 9 W.3: and goes to
Cap. 31. inclusive, and the Title is repeated.]

An Act for granting to His Majesty, His Heirs, and Suc-

ceffors, further Duties upon Stampt Vellum, Parchment
and Paper.

Most Gracious Sovereign,
TE Your Majesty's molt dutiful and loyal Subjects, the

Commons in Parliament assembled, being desirous to raise such Aids and Supplies as may be proportionable to Your Majesty's great and extraordinary Occasions, do humbly present Your Majesty with the free Gift of the further Rates and Duties hereinafter mentioned ; and do beseech Your Majesty that it may be enacted; and be it enacted by the King's Moft Excel. lent Majesty, by and with the Advice and Consent of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and Commons in Parliament assembled, and by Authority of the fame, That from and after the first Day From 1 Aug. of August in the Year of our Lord One thousand fix hundred 1698, for ever ninety

eight, there shall be throughout the Kingdom of Enga shall be paid to land, Dominion of Wales, and Town of Berwick upon Tweed, the King, his raised, collected and paid unto His Majesty, His Heirs and Suc. Heirs, &c. ceffors, for ever, for the several and respective Things hereinafter mentioned, which shall be written or ingroffed at any Time or Times after the said first Day of Auguft One thousand lix hundred ninety eight (over and above the Rates and Duties, and Sums over and above of Money, now due and payable to His Majesty, or to any the Sums now Person or Persons, Bodies Politick or Corporate whatsoever for payable, the Du

ties following, the same) the several and respective Rates, Impofitions, Duties,

viz. Charges and Sums of Money hereinafter expressed, in Manner and Form following (that is to say) [Several of the Duties granted by this Aa 1-40 are repealed by divers Ads, and fuch of them as remained made to cease, 44 G. 3. 6.98. s 1. 48 G. 3. c. 149.]

VII. For every Skin or Piece of Vellum or Parchment, or Prełentation, Sheet of Paper, upon which any Presentation or Donation which &c. shall pass the Great Seal of England, or upon which any Collation to be made by any Archbithop, or other Bishop, or any Presentation or Donation to be made by any Patron whatsoever, of or to any Benefice, Dignity or Spiritual or Ecclesiastical Promotion whatsoever, shall be ingrossed or written, the Sum of forty

Proviso. Shillings; Provided such Benefice, Dignity or Promotion be of the yearly Value of ten Pounds or above in the King's Books.

IX. For every Skin or Piece of Vellum or Parchment, Shect or Piece of Paper, upon which Admittance of any Fellow of the Admittance to College of Physicians, or of any Attorney, Clerk, Advocate, Fellowship, &c. Proctor, Notary, or other Officer or Officers in any Court what. soever, shall be ingrossed or written, the Sum of forty Shillings.

X. Provided, That this A& shall not be extended to charge, Corporations. with the Duty last mentioned, any annual Officer in any Corpo. ration or inferior Court, whose Office is under the Value of ten Pounds per Annum in Salaries, Fees, or other Perquisites, but the said annual Officer is hereby exempted and discharged from the said Duty.


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Warrant, &c. in

XXIV. For every Skin or Piece of Vellum or Parchment, or Admiralty.

Sheet of Paper, upon which any warrant, Monition, or personal Decree, in any Court of Admiralty, or the Cinque Ports, Thall be ingroffed or written or upon which any Beneficial Warrant or Order under the Sign Manual of His Majesty, His Heirs or Succeffors (except Warrants or Orders for the Service of the Navy, Army, and Ordnance) shall be ingrossed or written, the Sum of two Shillings and Six pence.

XXVIII. For every Piece of Parchment or Paper, upon Alfidavit. Exception.

which any Affidavit hall be ingrossed or written (except Affi. davits taken pursuant to several Acts made in the thirtieth and two and thirtieth Years of the Reign of King Charles the Second, for burying in Woollen ; and except such Affidavits as shall be taken before the Officers of the Customs, or any Justice or Justices of the Peace, or before any Commissioners appointed or to be appointed by any Act of Parliament for the assessing and levying any Aids or Duties granted or to be granted to His Majelty, His Heirs or Successors, and which Ăffidavits shall be taken by the said Officers of the Customs, Justices or Commifsioners, by virtue of their Authority as Justices of the Peace or Commissioners respectively, and not otherwise) the Sum of Six

pence. Indenture, XXX. For every Skin or Piece of Venum or Parchment, or Leals, &c.

Sheet of Paper, upon which fhall be written or ingrossed any InException.

denture, Leafe or Deed Poll, not hereby otherwise charged, the Sum of Six pence; except Indentures for binding poor Parish

Children Apprentices. Original Writ, XXXI. For every Piece of Vellum or Parchment, or Piece Subpæna, &c. of Paper, upon which any Original Writ, (except such Original

on which a Writ of Capias issues) Subpæna, Bill of Middlesex, Latitat, Writ of Capias, Quo Minus, Writ of Dedimus Poteftatem to take answers, examine Witnesses, or appoint Guardians, or any other Writ whatsoever, or any other Process or Mandate that shall issue out of or pass the Seals of any the Courts at Weftminfler, Courts of the Great Seffions in Wales, Courts in Cowes Palatine, or any other Court whatsoever, holding Plea where the Debt or Damage doth amount to forty Shillings or above, or the Thing in Demand is of that Value, shall be ingrossed or written, (Writs of Covenants for levying Fines, Writs of Entry for suffering Common Recoveries, and Writs of Habeas Corpus alway excepted) the Sum of Six

pence. Depofirions in

XL. For every Skin or Piece of Vellum or Parchment, or Chancery, &c. Sheet of Paper, upon which any Depositions taken in the Court

of Chancery, or other Court of Equity (except the Paper Draughts of Depositions, taken by virtue of any Commiffion,

before they are ingroffed) which are not herein before charged, Exceptions

or upon which any Copy of any Bill, Answer, Plea, Demurrer, Replication, Rejoinder, Interrogatories, Depositions or other Proceedings whatsoever, in any Court of Equity, shall be in

grofled or written, the Sum of one Penny. Officer to date XLII. And for preventing Abuses committed by arresting Writ of Arreft; Persons without any Writ or legal Process to juftify the same, and enter the by Means whereof the Duty hereby given for ever to the Crown fame. upon such Process will be loft ; Be it enacted by the Authority


aforesaid, That from and after the faid first Day of August One
thousand fix hundred ninety eight, every Officer or Clerk be-
longing, or which shall hereafter belong, to the Court of King's
Bench, Common Pleas or Exchequer, who shall sign any Writ or
Process before Judgment, to arrest any Person or Persons there.
upon, shall, at the Signing thereof, set down upon such Writ or
Process, the Day and Year of his figning the fame, which shall
be entred upon the Remembrance, or in the Book where the
Abstract of such Writ or Process shall be entred ; upon Pain to
forfeit the sum of ten Pounds for every Offence or Neglect of Penalty.
such Officer or Clerk aforesaid, to be recovered by any Person
who shall sue for the same, in any Court of Record of His Ma-
jefty, His Heirs or Succeffors, by A&tion of Debt, Bill, Plaint
or Information, wherein no Wager of Law, Protection or Effoin
or more than one Imparlance shall be allowed. [See 6 G.:.
1.21. 54.]

XLIII. Provided always, That this AA or any Thing therein Proviso for Bills contained shall not extend to charge with the said Duties or any

of Exchange, of them, any Bills of Exchange, Accounts, Bills of Parcel, Bills &c. of Fees or any Bills or Notes (not sealed) for Payment of any Money at Sight, or upon Demand, or at the End of certain Days of Payment.

ÝLIV. Provided, That nothing in this A& contained fhail Proviso for Will, extend to charge with the said Ďuties, or any of them, the &c. of common Probate of any Will, or Letters of Administration, of any

Soldier, &c. common Seaman or Soldier, who shall be llain or die in the Service of His Majesty, His Heirs or Succeffors, a Certificate being produced from the Captain of the Ship or Vessel, or Captain of the Troop or Company, under whom such Seaman or Soldier served at the Time of his Death, and Oath made of the Truth thereof, before the proper Judge or Officer, by whom such Probate or Administration ought to be granted ; which Oath such Judge or Officer is hereby authorized and required to adininifter, and for which no Fee or Reward shall be taken.

XLV. Provided also, That this Act, or any Clause therein Provilo for Warcontained, shall not be construed to charge with any Duty, any rant of Justice of Warrant made by, or Recognizance taken before any Justice or Peace, &c. Justices of the Peace, or any Surrender of any Copyhold Estate, or Copies of such Estate, or any Proceedings of any Court Martial, which relate to any Trial of any common Soldier; or any Orders, Decrees or Proceedings before any Commissioners of Sewers, or in the Court of Stannaries ; but such Warrants, Recognizances, Surrenders, Copies, Orders, Decrees and Proceedings, shall and are hereby declared to be exempted from the Payment of any of the Duties before mentioned in this Act.

XLVI. Provided also, and it is hereby enacted and declared Sea Officers to by the Authority aforesaid, That the Officers at Sea shall by pay the same this A&t pay the same Duty for their Stamps that the Officers Duty as Land

Officers. of the Army at Land pay by this Act, and no more upon

the fame A& only; any Thing herein contained to the contrary notwithstanding

XLVII. And it is hereby declared, That all the Duties by Duties redeem. this Act granted to His Majesty, His Heirs and Successors, shall able by Parlige kevertheless be subject and liable to such Condition and Power of mente


I 3

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Redemption by Parliament, as by any Act of this Session is or
Mall be declared and provided.

XLVIII. And be it further enacted by the Authority aforesaid, That for the better and more effectual levying, collecting and paying unto His Majesty, His Heirs and Successors, the several and respeđive Duties hereby granted for or upon stamped Vellum, Parchment and Paper, it shall and may be lawful for His Majesty, His Heirs and Succeffors, and to and for the Commis

oners of the Treasury, or any three or more of them, or the High Commissioners

Treasurer of England for the Time being, from Time to Time to be appointed, &c.

to nominate and appoint such Persons as they shall think fit, to be Commissioners, or Officers for the stamping and marking of Parchment, Vellum and Paper, and managing the Duties there

upon, pursuant to this Act, and that the Commissioners so to be Head Office in appointed, shall keep their Head Office in some convenient Place London or Welt. within the Cities of London or Westminsler ; and such Commismintter.

fioners, or the major Part of them, are hereby impowered,

under their Hands and Seals, to appoint such other inferior Inferio 1 Officers. Officers for the marking or stamping of Vellum, Parchment and

Paper, or for the better collecting or levying the Duties hereby granted to His Majesty, His Heirs and Successors, as they in their Discretion Nall think fit; and the same Commissioners shall provide from Time to Time Marks or Stamps proper for the marking and stamping of Vellum, Parchment and Paper, according to which Marks or Stamps the King's Duties ought to be paid.

XLIX. And whereas such'or the like Duties as are by this Act charged for ever upon the several Skins, Sheets or Pieces

of Vellum, Parchment and Paper, herein before enumerated or • mentioned, are also charged upon and payable for the fame • respectively, until the first Day of August One thousand seven • hundred and fix, by several former Acts of Parliament in that • Behalf; so that in Effect the Duties (as to Skins, Sheets or • Pieces of Vellum, Parchment and Paper in this Act before

particularly expressed) are doubled until the said first Day of

August One thousand seven hundred and fix, but the said Duties • by the said former Acts, and those by this thereupon, are • appropriated or applicable to different Purposes, so that it is • necessary to have distinct Accounts kept of the fame :' New for the better securing His Majesty's Dues, and for diftinguishing of such Skins, Sheets or Pieces of Vellum, Parchment and Paper as are doubly charged as aforesaid, from those which remain liable only to the fingle Duties on the said former Acts; - and to the Intent that the said Duties arising upon this and the faid former Acts, upon Vellum, Parchment, and Paper, may be issued and applied to the respective Uses to which they are

severally appropriated or intended ; Be it further enacted by Velluin, &c. to the Authority aforesaid, That all Vellum, Parchment and Paper, he stamped with herein before charged, and whereof the Duties are hereby inMarks.

tended to be doubled for a Time, as aforesaid, shall, before any of the Matters or Things herein before mentioned to be there upon ingrossed or written (such Writing or Ingrossing being after the said first Day of Auguf One thousand fix hundred ninety eight, and before the said hrst Day of August One thoufand seven hundred and lix) be firit brought to the Head Office for the said

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