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Lo the Purport and Intent of this present Act, and shall be called, made and kept a Nursery for Wood and Timber only,

• II. And for making the said Inclosures, to be set out and Decayed Trees. • made as aforesaid,' Be it further enacted by the Authority aforesaid, That the said Commissioners, fo to be authorized as aforesaid, or any fix of them, together with the Aflistance of one of the Purveyors of His Majesty's Navy, shall set out so many decayed Trees (not being Ship Timber) as shall be necessary to make the said Inclosure.

III. And it is hereby further enacted and declared, That at Whenever all Times hereafter, whenfoever the Lords Commissioners of the Wouds growing Treasury, Lord Treasurer of England, or Chancellor of the Ex- in Inclotures are chequer

' for the Time being, shall be satisfied, and shall deter- browsing, &c, mine that the Woods and Trees which shall be growing on the faid Two thousand Acres, or any Part thereof, within the Inclosures which shall afterwards be made, as aforesaid, are become patt Danger of browsing of Deer, Cattle or other Prejudice, and shall think fit to lay the same or any Part thereof open and in common, and shall cause the same so to be done, that then and so often it shall and may be lawful to and for His Majesty, His

King may inHeirs, and Successors, from Time to Time, to inclose out of the close the like said Forest, in lieu of so much as shall be so laid open of the faid Quantity for so two thousand Acres, or of the said Number of Acres authorized much laid open, to be inclosed, as aforesaid, the like Quantity out of any.

&c. free from other

Comnion, &c. Part of the Residue of the said Waftes, to be set out and made in like Manner, and by like Commission and Admeasurement, as aforesaid, and to be holden inclosed, freed and discharged of and from all Manner of common Herbage and Pannage, other Rites, for so long Time as the same shall remain and continue inclosed, according to the Direction, Purport, and Intent of this present Act, to be a Nursery for Timber, as aforefaid, instead of so much as shall be laid open, as aforesaid; and Wood not to be whenfoever any Wood or Timber shall at any Time or 'T'imes felled without

Allowance, &c hereafter be directed to be felled in any part of the said Forest, two or more of the Verderers, and four or more of the Regarders of the said Forest, shall have notice thereof, and the same shall be first viewed and allowed to be felled by a Commissioner or Officer of His Majesty's Navy, and shall not be cut or felled until such View and Allowance; nor shall any Coppice Woods, Nor Coppice

Woods cut, &s hereafter to be raised, be cut or drawn, until the Surveyor of the Woods for the Time being, or such Officer or Purveyor of the Navy shall have marked, with a broad Arrow and 'Crown, fo many and such Trees as are fit to be reserved and kept standing for Timber, upon every Acre intended to be cut or drawn, and shall also certify (as he or they are hereby impowered and required to do) unto the Lord High Treasurer or Commissioners of the Treasury for the Time being, the Names of the Places, and the Number of the Trees fo viewed and allowed to be felled, and fo marked to be preserved for the Use of the Navy, as aforesaid; and if any Perfon or Persons shall, at any Time or Times hereafter, either fell or cut down any

Wood or Trees upon

the Premisses, or any Part thereof, before such View and A lowance made thereof, as aforesaid, contrary to the true Meaning of this present Ad, or shall after cut down any of the said marked Trees,



without good Warrant for the same, the faid Person or Persons Penalty.

shall, for every Tree fo felled, forfeit the Sum of fifty Pounds, one Moiety whereof to His Majesty, His Heirs and Successors, and the other Moiety to him or them that will inform and fue for the fame in any of His Majesty's Courts of Record, wherein no

Esfoin, Wager of Law, or Protection thall be allowed the Defendant. Inclosures not to IV. And be it further enacted by the Authority aforesaid, be plowed or

That the said Inclosures shall not be plowed or fowed with any forei, &c.

Corn, or fed with any Cattle, or be ať any Time or Times hereafter kept for Underwood, but in such Manner only as shall be fit for the raising and preserving of Timber for the Use of

the Navy. Forefter, &c.

V. And for further Preservation of the Timber now growing, brotin or lop. or that at any Time or Times hereafter shall or may grow, in the ping Oak or

faid Forest, or any Part thereof: Be it enacted, That if any Beech Tree.

Forester, Keeper or Under-Keeper, or other Officer, or any
Perfon, by the Order, Direction, or Procurement of the said
Forester, Keeper, or Under-Keeper, or other Officer, or any
other Person whatsoever, shall top, lop or browse any Tree of
Oak or Beech in the laid Forest, such Officer, Keeper or Under-

Keeper, for every such Offence shall forfeit and lose the Sum of Penalty ten Pounds, and be utterly incapable of being a Keeper, Under

Keeper or Officer in any Forest, Chase, or Park belonging to

His Majesty : Nor fall any Collier presume to make, or any Regulation for making Charcoal Keepers or Under-Keepers suffer, any Coal Hearths, or Coal in the Forest. Fires, for making Charcoal within the said Forest, to be made

(as hath of late been practised contrary to Law) except in the waste Ground of the said Forest, to be then appointed by one or more of the Verderers, and two or more of the Regarders, and the Surveyor or Woodward, and not within One thousand Paces

of any Inclosure to be made by this Act ; nor shall any of the Coal Hearths to faid Coal Hearths or Coal Fires' be fenced with Bushes, but with be fenced with

Heath or Furse only, but every Collier making such Coal Hearths Heath, &c.

or Coal Fires, and every Forester and Under-Keeper or other

Officer permitting the same to be made within the said Forest, Penalties. shall forfeit and lose for every Offence the Sum of one hundred

Pounds; and the said Under. Keeper or Forefters respectively shall also forfeit and lose the Sum of twenty Pounds for every Neglect, in not making the Drifts of the said Forett (for preventing Surcharges and uncommonable Cattle) as directed by the Statuie made in the two and thirtieth Year of the Reign of King

Henry the Eighth in that Behalf. Breaking down VI. And for the more effectual raising Wood and Timber Incluiures, &c. in the said Forest, and preserving the Covert in the fame ; Be it

further enacted by the Authority aforesaid, That all and every Person or Perfons, who shall break down any of the Inclosures to be made for raising Nurseries of Wood and Timber, as aforeíaid (which Inclosures are intended, and shall be kept up, and carefully maintained and preserved for the Space of twenty Years at least, from and after the respective Times whereon the fame shall be made) or shall burn Heath or Ferri, or deitroy any of the Covert, or steal any of the Wood of the said Foreit, every such Person shall, at the next Attachment or Swain-mote Court to be held for the faid Forest, be presented for the same, and upon


Proof made thereof by any credible Person or Persons whatsoever
the Verderers of the said Forelt, or any two or more them, shall
have Power, and are hereby authorized to fine any Person or
Persons fo offending for every such Offence, in any Sum not Peralty,
exceeding five Pounds, and to commit the Party to the next
common Gaol for three Months, or until Payment of the Sum
fet, as aforesaid ; which Fine and Fines, so be set and paid,
shall be received by the High or Under Steward of the said
Forest ; one Moiety whereof to be to the Informer, and the other
Moiety to be accounted for by the faid High or Under Steward,
as His Majesty shall think fit.

VII. Provided always, That all and every person and Persons, Provifo.
which shall be punished for any the faid Offences, in the Manner
specially directed in this A&, shall not be prosecuted nor incur
the Penalty of any other Law or Statute, for the same Offence.

VIII. Provided also, and be it further enacted, That neither This Act not to this A&, nor any Thing herein contained, shall extend or be alter the Foreft construed to extend to the taking away, or a!tering the Forest Lawrs, &c. Laws (except as before mentioned) but that the said Forest and every Part thereof, shall be subject to and under the Laws of the Forests, as if this Act had never been made; any Thing herein contained to the contrary in any wise notwith!tanding.

IX. Provided always, and it is hereby enacted and declared, Proviso for Com. That all and every Person and Persons, having any Right of mon of Pailure. Common of Pasture or Pannage, or any Privileges within the said Forest, or any Part thereof, mall hold and enjoy the same, in Manner following ; that is to say, their faid Right of Pannage (viz.) between the fourteenth Day of September, and the eleventh Day of November yearly, from and after the Feart of Saint Michael the Archangel, which shall be in the Year of our Lord God One thousand seven hundred and fixteen, and not be. fore, on Forfeiture of any Hog, Pig or Swine, that from and after the Feast of Saint Michael the Archangel next, and before the Time aforesaid, shall be found in the Waltes of the said Forest : And their faid Right of Common of Pafture shall be, and is hereby continued to them, in and through such of the said Waste Ground of the said Foreit, at such Time and Times as the same shall not be inclosed, as aforesaid, the Time of the Fence-Month (that is to say) fifteen Days before and fifteen Days after the Feast of Saint John the Baptist yearly, and the Time of the Times excepted. Winter Heyning (that is to say) from the cicventh Day of November, to the twenty third of April yearly, excepted, under and Tubject to the Forest Laws, in as ample Manner as he or they, or any of them, might lawfully claim, or might have held and enjoyed the fame before the making of this Act ; faving alfo Saving Right of unto the several adjacent Inhabitants their ancient Right of Fuel; Fuel. provided that such Inhabitants do not sell, or otherwise dispose of, any Part thereof, nor that any Person or Persons presume to Proviso. receive or take the same in other Manner than they ought, nor by reason of any Claim or Pretence of Right, that was not allowed, according to the Laws of the Forell, before the seven and twentieth Year of the Reign of Queen Elizabeth. X. And to the end the said Forest and Premisses may be


Grant of any petually estated and preserved in the Crown for publick Ule as the Suid Inclo.

furcs, Trees, &c. aforesaid, and may not be granted to any private Use or Benefit ; void,

Be it further enacted, That in case any Person or Persons whato soever shall presume to take, or shall obtain any Gift, Grant, Estate or Interest, of or in the said Inclosures or Waftes, or any Woods or Trees growing thereon, every such Gift, Grant, Estate or Interest, fall ipfo facto be null and void, and the Person or Persons so taking or obtaining the same shall be and is hereby made and declared utterly disabled and incapable to have, hold

or enjoy any such Gift, Grant, Estate or Interest, and shall also Penalty.

forfeit treble the Value of any such Gift or Grant to him or then which shall first sue for the same in any of His Majesty's Courts of Record, wherein no Effoin or Wager of Law shall be allowed the Defendant, and shall also be incapable of holding or

enjoying any Office or Imployment whatsoever. Notice to be

XI. And be it further enacted, That at all Times hereafter, given when any when any Sale of Wood shall be ordered to be made within the Sale of Wood Thall be mide in

said Forest, public Notice thereof shall be given by the proper the Foreit, &c. Officers of the Foreit, in all the adjacent Market Towns, three

Weeks at least before such Sale, of the Time and Place where such Sale shall be made ; and that the Officers, who are usually in that case intrufted, do set a Valuation before the Day of Sale of the Wood to be sold, of which Valuation to be made Notice shall be given to two or more of the Verderers of the said Forest ; and the Person or Persons, who at the Time and Place aforesaid shall offer most Money for the Parcel of Wood then to be sold, over and above what the same was valued at, making his Proposal in Writing, and giving good Security for Payment of the said

Money, hall be the Purchaser. No Fee, &c. for XIÍ. And be it further enacted, That no Officer whatsoever felling Trees, fhall take any Fee, Poundage, Gratuity, or Reward, for the

selling of any Trees to be cut down, for the Inclosures to be made by virtue of this Act, or for or upon the Sale of the Residue or Remainder of such Trees as shall be cut down for the Purposes aforesaid, if any such there be, or for the Sale of the

Lops, Tops or Roots of the said Trees. Penalty.

XIII. And be it further enacted, That if any Officer whate soever shall offend in cutting down and disposing of any Trees, contrary to the Intent of this Act, such Officer shall for such his Offence forfeit his Office. [See 29 G.2. c. 36. 1. 39 & 40 G. 3.c.86.9 1. 48 G. 3. c. 72.]



An Act for applying to the Use of His Majesty's Navy and

Ordnance the Overplus of the Money and Stores, which
were provided for the building seven and twenty Ships of


An Act for granting to His Majesty an Aid by a quarterly

Poll for one Year.


An Act for settling and adjusting the Proportion of fine exp.

Silver and Silk, for the better making of Silver and Gold

Thread, and to prevent the Abuses of Wire-drawers. [Continued for seven years, and amended by i Ann. Stat. I. c. 17.]

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An Act for the Explanation and better Execution of former

Acts made against Transportation of Wool, Fullers Earth
and Scouring Clay.

THEREAS several Laws have been made to prevent the

Exportation of Wool and Fullers Earth out of this King• dom, yet nevertheless the faid Exportation is still notoriously • continued, to the great Prejudice and Discouragement of the

Woollen Trade and Manufacture of England: And whereas • in the first Year of the Reign of His present Majesty King William and the late Queen Mary, there passed an Act, inti• tuled, An Ad for the better preventing the Exportation of Wool, 1 W. & M. ' and encouraging the Woollen Manufactures of this Kingdom ; Sesl. I. c. 32. ' whiclı Act was continued by one other Act made in the fourth • and fifth Years of Their faid Majesties Reign, intituled, An 1a

4 & 5 W. & M. * for reviving, continuing and explaining several Laws therein men- c. 24. 10. tioned, which were expired and near expiring; which said Act was further continued in the seventh Year of His present Ma

jesty's Reign, with some Alterations, intituled, An Aa for the 7 & 8 W. 3. more effe&ual preventing the Exportation of Wool, and for the c. 28. $ 3.

encouraging the Importation of Wool from Ireland, which Act • is now near expiring : And whereas for preventing the said • Mischiefs it is necessary that the said last mentioned Aa, with • some convenient Alterations, should be continued, and also that " there should be some more effectual Remedies than have been

hitherto provided ;' Be it therefore enacted by the King's Moft Excellent Majesty, by and with the Consent of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and the Commons, in this present Parliament assembled, and by the Authority of the fame, That ihe said last mentioned Act, made in the seventh Year of His Majesty's Reign, and intituled, An Aa for the more effectual pre- 9&8 W. 3. venting the Exportation of Wool, and for encouraging the Impor-6.28. $18. tation of Wool from Ireland, and every Clause, Matter and Thing therein contained, except what is hereby otherwise altered, explained, enlarged or repealed, shall continue and be in full Force, as if the same were herein and hereby particularly recited and mentioned.

• II. And whereas under a Pretension of carrying Fullers Earth Exporting Ful• and Scouring Clay into Ireland, the same is conveyed into Scot- ler's Earth, &c. land and other foreign Parts, to the further Prejudice of the · Woollen Manufacture of this Kingdom ;' Be it further enacted, That from and after the four and twentieth Day of June One thousand fix hundred ninety-eight, no Fullers Earth or Scouring Clay shall be exported out of this Kingdom Dominion of Wales or Town of Berwick upon Tweed, into Ireland or Scotland or


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