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double the Value thereof, to be recovered of the Importer or Proprietor thereof; to wit, one Moiety thereof to the Queen, the other Moiety thereof to him or them who shall prosecute or sue for the same. [Extended to Cod, &c. imported from the North Sea, 4 Ann. c. 12. Ø 12.-and to Cod, &c. from the Gulf of Saint Lawrence and Coajl of Labrador, 13 G. 3.6.72.]

• XV. And whereas the Proprietors who have given Securi. ties at their Works or Pits for the Duty of Salt or_Rock 'Salt bought of them, do often suffer Damage by Frauda

' committed in the Exportation without their Privity: For ReIn what Care medy whereof, be it enacted by the Authority aforesaid, That Salt entred, and where any Salt or Rock Salt Thall, after the first Day of Junt the Duties se

One thousand seven hundred and four, be entred, and Secucured, may

rity shall be given for the Duties, and certified to the Officer, afterwards be entred for Ex according to the former Laws relating to the Duties on Salt, portation.

no such Salt or Rock Salt shall afterwards be entred for
Exportation by any Person or Persons, not bound in the Security
first given as aforesaid, until such Person or Persons, so export-
ing such Salt or Rock Salt, shall give or find sufficient Security
for the Duties thereof (which the Officer for the said Duties at
the Port where the faire is so entred for Exportation is hereby
required to take); and the fame Officer shall deliver gratis, and
without Delay, a Certificate of such new Security taken, and
upon producing such Certificate to the Officer of the place where
the Duty of the said Salt was first secured to be paid, such firit
Security shall be discharged.
Tenants under Leases, &c. made before 6 Nov. 1693, paying
-“ their Rent in Salt, to be allowed so much as the Duty comes
“ to. s 16. Guernsey Bay Salt may be imported during the
" War, not exceeding 4,000 Bushels per Annum. No Drawback
allowed. “ 17. EXP.

• XVIII And whereas divers Merchants, and other Persons, • being Subjects of this Realm of England, do fhip Salt that • hath paid the Duty to Her Majesty, to convey it to some Part of England, and the same or Part thereof may be loft at Sea, .by violent or stormy Weather, or by being thrown over board • for preserving Mens Lives, or the Veffel in which such Salt is

• shipped, as aforesaid ;' Be it therefore enacted by the AuthoSale lokt at Sea rity aforesaid, That from and after the said first Day of June by stormy Wea- One thousand seven hundred and four, in such Cafe


Mer. ther, &c.

chant or Person, Owner of the said Salt, ihall, upon Proof made Owners to buy (by the Oaths of two or more credible Witnelies, whereof the the same Quán- Mafter or Mate of the Vessel to be one, before the Justices of uities fo loft, the Peace at the Quarter-Seffions held for the County, Riding, without paying Division or Town wherein he doth inhabit, in open Court) of Duty.

the Loss of such Salt so shipped, and that the same was not occafioned by any Leakage of the Ship or Veffel, or by any Negligence or Default of the Master or Mariners, receive from the said Sessions a Certificate that such Proof was made before them, and upon producing the said Certificate to any of the Officers appointed to collect the Duties on Salt, the said Officer or Officers are hereby required to let such Persons buy the like Quantity of Salt as is expressed in the Certificate to be lost, without paying to Her Majelty, Her Heirs or Successors,

any Duty or Excise for the same ; any Thing in this Act
or any other Act contained to the contrary notwithstanding.
[This Privilege extended to the Owners of Salt lot within the Limits
of Harbours, &c. by Storms, &c. 8 G 1.6.4. 11.]
Saving for two Ships drove into Holland by Stress of Weather.
“ 19. EXP.
• XX. And whereas by an A&

ade in the first Year of the 1 Ann. Stat. 2, Reign of Her present Majesty it is enacted, That no Rock c 21. $ 10. • Salt whatsoever shaii be refined or made into White Salt in any • Place or Places whatfoever, within the Kingdom of England, • Dominion of Wales or Town of Berwick upon Tweed, (except • in such Places as are or shall be within ten Miles Distance of • the respective Pit or Pits, from whence such Rock Salt shall be • taken, or at such Places as, on or before the tenth Day of

May One thousand feven hundred and two, shall have been « ufed for the refining Rock Salt), under a Penalty therein • exprefied: And whereas Lawn Marsh, in the County of Carmarthen, hath been an ancient Place used for making Salt • from Sea Water; and upon several Occafions Rock Salt is very • useful to strengthen the Brine in the said Work, when weakened

by freth Water, or other Accidents ; but the proper Use of • the said Sait Work not being for the refining Rock Salt, it • hath been doubted whether Rock Salt might be there used :' For preventing such Doubts for the future, be it enacted and Rock Salt may declared by the Authority aforesaid, That Rock Salt may be so be used in used in the making Salt' from Sea Water in the Salt Works at making Salt at Lawn Marsh aforesaid ; any Thing in the said Act or in any so as the Duties other Law or Statute to the contrary notwithstanding ; so as be paid. Her Majesty's Duties for all the Salt proceeding as well from the said Rock Salt, as from the Sea Water, be duly charged, answered and paid to Her Majesty's Use.

An Act for the better and more regular paying and assigning

the Annuities after the Rate of Three Pounds per Centum
per Annuin, payable to several Bankers, and other Paten-.
tecs, or those claiming under them.
THEREAS by an Act of Parliament made in the twelfth 12 & 13 W.37

Year of the Reign of our late Sovereign Lord King C. 12. William the Third (of glorious Memory), intituled, An

for appropriating three thousund leven hundred Pounds, weekly 'out of certain Branches of Excise, for publick Uses, and for

making a Provision for the Service of His Majesty's Houshold and Family and other his nectfjary Occasions; It was amongst § 15. • other Things enacted, That "in lieu and discharge of certain • perpetual annual Payments, and of all Arrears thereof, granted • by His late Majesty King Charles the Second to the re

spective Patentees therein named, the Hereditary Revenue • of Excise, in the said Act mentioned, should from and after * the twenty fixth Day of December, One thousand seven hun. • dred and five, be and stand charged for ever with the Pay• ment of annual Sums after the Rate of three Pounds per Centum per Annibiy, for the principal Sums mentioned in the



• faid respective Letters Patent, to be issued and paid out of • the said Revenue, by quarterly Payments, out of the Receipt • of the Exchequer, by the Officers of the fame, unto the re• spective owners and Proprietors of the several annual Sums, • and to their Heirs and Asigns for ever, without any further . or other Warrant, to be sued for, had and obtained in that

Behalf ; the faid annual Payments, after the Rate of three · Pounds per Centun, to be subject nevertheless to be redeemed,

on Payment of a Moiety of the principal Sums mentioned I Ann. Stat. I.

' in the said respective Letters Patent : And whereas by an Act c. 7. $ 4.

of Parliament made in the firit Year of the Reign of Her

present Majetty, intituled, An Aa for the better Support of Her Majesty's Housboid, an: of the Honour and Dignity of the Crown, ! it is (amongit other Things) enacted, That from and after the

Expiration of the Term of five Years therein mentioned, so • much Money as, together with the said Payments, after the • Rate of the Pounds per Centum per Annum, should make up • the Sum of three thousand seven hundred Pounds for every • Week, during Her Majesty's Life, thould and might be taken ' out of the said Hereditary Duties of Excise, and out of the

Duties of Excise thereby granted for Her Majesty's Life, and • either or any of them; and the said Payments, after the Rate • of three Pounds per Centum per Annum, being deducted out of • the Hereditary Part thereof, the Residue of the said three ! thousand seven hundred Pourds a Week should be applied

• and disposed of to and for the publick Use and Service : 2 & 3 Ann. C. 3. ! And whereas by an Act of this present Session of Parliament,

• intituled, An da for granting an nid to Her Majesty for car

rying on the War, and oiher Her Majesty's Occasions, by felling Annuities at several Rates, and for such respedive Terms and

Eftaies, as are therein mentioned ; It is (amongft other Things) • enacied, That from and after the five and twentieth Day of « December in the Year of our Lord One thousand seven hun• dred and five, the faid full, clear and entire weekly Sum of " three thousand seven hundred Pounds out of all the Monies • arising by the said Hereditary Duties of Excise, and by the : faid Ďuties of Excise payable during Her Majesty's Life, and ! by every and any of them, according to the Tenour and « Direction of the Act of Parliament above recited in that • Behalf; and from and after Her Majesty's Decease, then the • like, full, clear, entire and weekly Sum of three thousand feven hundred Pounds, of lawful Englip Money, out of all the • Monies to arise by the faid Hereditary Duties of Excise, and

every or any of them, from Time to Time for ever, shall be

brought and paid into the Receipt of the Exchequer: and • that out of the Monies of the said Hereditary Duties of Excise, • arising in or by fuch weekly Payments at the Exchequer, as

aforesaid, the said annual Sums, after the Rate of three Pounds

per Centum per Annum, prescribed by the faid Act, made in 12 & 13 W. 3. • the Parliament holden in the twelfth Year of the Reign of His

• late Majesty King William the Third, shall be satisfied and paid, • according to the Directions therein contained, and subject to

the Power of Redemption therein mentioned, as by the faid • several Aes, Relation being thereunto had, more at large may • appear :' Now for the better and more regular paying and


C. 12.

assigning the said Annuities, after the Rate of three Pounds per Centum per Annum, Be it enacted, &c.

Auditor to certify to the Lord Treasurer the Names of Perfons intitled to Annuities at 31. per Centum per Annum. § 1.

Every Person to have a Warrant for Payment. Payments to “ be made quarterly. Orders to be figned by the Lord Tiea.

furer, &c. not to be made void. Ý 2. Annuities may be

affigned or devised, and not revocable, so as Entry be made “ thereof. § 3. Annuities free from Taxes, and to be as a per“ fonal Estate, and not descendable to Heir. $ 4. Officers in “ the Exchequer to take ad. in the Pound. $ 5. Persons intitled “ to Annuities in Right of their Wives, not to dispose of such “ Annuities, unless the Wife be a Party to the Allignment. $ 6. “ Divers Annuities may be comprehended in one Order, and so reduced into one Yearly Sum. ģ7.

An Act for the Discharge out of Prison such Insolvent

Debtors as shall serve or procure a Person to serve in

Her Majesty's Fleet or Army. : , c. 25. HEREAS by an Act of Parliament, made in the first

I Ann. Stat, :. Aa for the Relief of poor Prisoners for Debt, it was intended

and designed by virtue thereof to supply Her Majesty' with • Recruits both by Sea and Land, during this present War, • as well as to relieve the said poor Prisoners ; but by reason no

Prisoners could be discharged by virtue of the faid Act, who • were indebted above the Sum of Twenty Pounds, besides Costs

of Suit: and for that by the faid Act there was no particular • Direction how they should list or enter themselves in Her Ma• jesty's Service, the fame did not answer the Intent for which it

vas made: Wherefore to supply the Defects which did obstruct • the good Ends and Purposes of the said Aa' be it enacted by the Queen's Moft Excellent Majesty, by and with the Advice and Content of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and Commons, in this present Parliament assembled, and by the Authority of the same, That it shall and may be lawful to and for the Justices of the Peace of any County, City, Town or Liberty within the Kingdom of England, Dominion of Wales and Town of Berwick upon Tweed, where any Person or Persons, being actually a Prisoner or Prisoners on the eighth Day of November, One thousand seven hundred and three, for any Debt or Damages, or for or upon any Action or Actions, or upon any Mesne Process for Debt or Damage, or who may have Judgment or Judgments entred upon Record against him, her or them, or are charged in Execution, or imprisoned upon Contempts or Attachments for Debt, or upon Outlawries before or after Judgment, or upon any other Process whatsoever, for any Debt, Sum or Sums of Money, contracted before the eighth Day of November One thousand seven hundred and three, who shall be found or become so poor, that he or she hath not wherewith to maintain him or herself in Prison, without being burthensome to their rea


Gg 4

spective Relations, or the Counties, Cities or Parishes where such In what Care Prisoners are, then and in such Case it shall and may be lawful Justices of Peace to or for any of the said Justices of the Peace, upon the Petition may summon Creditors and

of any poor Prisoner or Prisoners, to summon the Person or Gaaler.

Persons at whose Suit or Suits he, me or they are detained in Prison, their Executors, Administrators or Affigns, and also the Gaoler or Keeper of the Priton where such


Prisoner or Prisoners are or shall be committed or detained, to bring such Debtor or Prisoner before the Justices of the Peace at their General Sessions in open Court, with a Copy of his, her or their Causes of Commitment. And in case such Prisoner Mall take an

Oath to the Effect following, viz. Prisoner's Oath. A. B. do, upon my corporal Oath, folemnly profess and

declare before Almighty God, that I have not any Eftate, • Real or Personal, in Possession, Reversion or Remainder, or o in Trust, of the Value of ten Pounds in the whole, or suffi

cient to pay the Debt or Damage for which I am imprisoned ; « and, that I have not directly or indirectly fold, leafed or other• wise conveyed, disposed of or intrufted all or any part of my • Eftate, thereby to secure the same, to receive or expect any • Profit or Advantage thereof, or to defraud or deceive any Cre • ditor or Creditors whatsoever, to whom I stand indebted."

II. Which Oath the said Justices of the Peace, at their General or Quarter-Sessions in open Court, are hereby impow. ered to adminifter, and to examine upon Oath the Prisoner, or any other Person, about the Prisoner's Poverty, if they see Cause; and also the Summoner, of the true Service and Notice

given to the Creditor or Creditors, their Executors, AdmiCreditor to nistrators or Asigns, Gaoler or other Person : And after the thew Cause

taking the said Oath, such Creditor or Creditors fo summoned, againit Dir.

fhall Thew Cause why such poor Prisoner or Prisoners shall not charge.

be discharged from his, her or their Imprisonment; and if such Creditor or Creditors, at whose Suit or Suits such poor Prisoner is detained, do infift or desire the Prisoner to be kept in Prison, the Justices in open Court, or any two or more of

them, are hereby required and impowered to cause such Creditot Allowance by or Creditors to provide a Maintenance for the said poor Prisoners, Creditor to not exceeding Four pence per Day, which shall be paid to the Prisoner.

Prisoner himself, and not to the Gaoler, Keeper or any other Person for him : And if within the Space of three Months after such Allowance by any Creditor, no Estate of the Prisoner's shall be discovered or made out, before two Justices of the Peace

of the County where the Prisoner is kept in Prison ; or if the Neglecting. Creditor or Creditors neglect Payment of such daily Allow.

ance for the Space of thirty Days, or upon the Default of the

Appearance of the Creditor or Creditors so fummoned, the Justices Discharge.

of the Peace in open Court may discharge the Person only of such Prisoner, from his or her Imprisonment, from all or any Debis contracted before the said eighth Day of November ; which Order of Discharge, beir.g signed and scaled by any two or more of the said Justices, shall save harmless every Sheriff, Gaoler

and Prisoner having a Duplicate thereof But Debt not III. Provided always, That the Discharge of the Prisoner or discharged. Prisoners shall not discharge his, her or their Debt or Debts, nor


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