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the Persons or Agents appointed as aforesaid. of the Day appointed for the Payment of the several Shares to the Captors aforesaid ; after which publick Notification, if any Men's Shares shall remain in the Hands of the Perfons or Agents

, appointed as aforesaid, either belonging to fuch Men as shall die or run from the Service, or such as shall not legally be demanded within three Years, then such Share or Shares fo remaining in the Persons or Agents, shall go to and be paid to the Use of Greenwich Hospitala [See Greenwich Hof 10 Ann. c. 17. 99.]

pical. XII. And be it further enacted by the Authority aforesaid, To whom Bills That as well the Bill or Bills to be made out for the Value of for Prize Ships, such Prize or Prizes that shall be taken into Her Majetty's Service, &c. hall be made as the Bill or Bills to be made out for the Bounty hereby granted

payable. to the Commanders, Officers, Seamen and others, for taking any of the Enemies Ships of War or Privateers, hall be made payable to such Person or Persons as shall be authorized and appointed to appraise or dispose of such Prize so taken from the Enemy, by the Commander and by the Majority of the Officers and the major Part of such Ship’s Company, and others as thall have taken the same, to be distributed and divided by the said Person or Persons so authorized and appointed amongit the Captors, in such Manner, Form and Proportion as aforesaid ; the several Shares of which Captors, if not legally demanded within three Years after publick Notification, fhall go to the Use of Greenwich Hospital aforesaid.

XIII. And be it further enacted by the Authority aforesaid, Commander, der That if any Commander or Commanders, Officer or Officers, imbezzling Prize Seamen and others, shall break Bulk on board, or imbezzle Goods any of the Goods, Merchandize, Tackle, Furniture or Apparel of or belonging to such Prize or Prizes fo taken, fuch Commander, Officers, Seamen or others shall forfeit for every such Penalty. Offence treble the value of all such Goods, Merchandizes, l'ackle, Furniture or Apparel as he or they thall so imbezzle; the one third Part thereof to be to the Use of Greenwich Hospital, and the other two third Parts thereof to be to the Use of him or them that will sue for the fame by Action of Debt, Bill, Plaint or Information in any Court of Record, in which no Esloin, Protection or Wager of Law, nor more than one Imparlance shall be allowed; and this A&t to continue during this War and no longer.

An Act for the better Security of Her Majesty's Person and

Government. : For the better Security of Her Majefty’s Perfon, and Go• who shall be fufpected to be disaffected and dangerous to the • fame,' Be it enacted by the Queen's Moft Excellent Majesty, by and with the Advice and Consent of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and the Commons, in this present Parliament affembled, and by the Authority of the fame, That all Officers Civil and Military, Officers Civil in that part of the Kingdom of Great Britain, commonly called and Military in Scotland, shall be obliged to take the following Oath:

Scotland to take

the Oath. I

A. B. do truly and fincerely acknowledge, profess, teftify • That our Sovereign Lady Queen Anne is lawful and rightful


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• Queen of this Realm, and of all other Her Majesty's Dominions • and Countries thereunto belonging. And I do solemnly and • fincerely declare, that I do believe in my Conscience, the Perion

pretended to be Prince of Wales, during the Life of the Late • King James, and since his Decease pretending to be, and taking

upon himself the Stile and Title of King of England by the Name . of James the Third, or of Scotland bs the Name of James the

Eighth, or the Stile and Title of King of Great Britain, hath not any Right or Title whatsoever to the Crown of this Realm, ar

any other the Dominions thereunto belonging: And I do re“'nounce, refuse and abjure any Allegiance or Obedience to him. . And I do swear, That I will bear Faith and true Allegiance to • Her Majesty Queen Anne, and Her will defend to the utmost of • my Power against all traiterous Conspiracies and Attempts what

soever which Ihall be made against Her Person, Crown or Dignity. • And I will do my utmost Endeavour to disclose and make knows ' to Her Majesty and Her Successors all Treasons and traiterous

Conspiracies, which I shall know to be against Her or any of them. And I do faithfully promise to the utmost of my Power to support, maintain and defend the Succession of the Crowa

against him the said James, and all other Persons whatsoever, as I W.& M.

'the fame is and stands settled by an Act, intituled, Ån da Seff. 2. c. 2.

declaring the Rights and Liberties of the Subjee, and failing the

Succession of the Crown to Her present Majelly, and ibe Heirs ago + Sic.

Her Body, being Protestants t, and as the same by one other 12 & 13 W.3. • Act, intituled, An Ad for the furiher Limitation of the Crowa,

and better securing the Rights and Liberties of the Sulje, is and • stands settled and entailed after the Decease of Her Majesty, and • for Default of issue of Her Majesty, to the Princeis Sophia, • Electress and Dutchess Dowager of Hanover, and the Heirs of • Her Body, being Protestants. And all these Things I do plainly

and fincerely acknowledge and swear, according to these expreis • Words by me spoken, and according to the plain and common • Sense and Understanding of the fame Words, without any • Equivocation, mental Evafion, or secret Reservation whatfoever. • And I do make this Recognition, Acknowledgement, Abjura. • tion, Renunciation and Promise, heartily, willingly and truly,

upon the true Faith of a Chriftian. So help me GOD.' [ Advocates, &c. in Scotland to take this Oath, 10 Ann. c. 2. 10, 11, and Patrons of Livings in Scotland, 10 Ann. c. 12. $ 6. See as to

England, 1 G.1. Ştat. 2. c. 13.] By and before II. And be it further enacted by the Authority aforesaid, That whom Oath shall all such Persons now having or bearing any the Offices aforesaid, be taken.

and who in respect thereof have been or are obliged and required to take in Scoiland- an Oath, called, The Oath of Allegiance and Asurance, before the Privy Council there, shall be obliged, on ar before the twentieth Day of April One thousand seven hundred and eight, to take and subscribe the Oath hereby appointed, before that Privy Council while it shall continue, and after the Determination thereof, before and in the Court of the Lords of Seffur, or the Court of Justiciary, or the Court of Exchequer there ; and all others now in any other the Offices aforesaid, who in respect thereof have used and been obliged to take the said Oath of Allegiance and Assurance in any other Court or Place, shall be, and are hereby required and obliged to take and subscribe the same at

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the next Quarter-Sessions of the Peace which shall be held for any County or Place in which any such Officer shall be resident or abiding

III. And be it further enacted by the Authority aforesaid, That In what Time all and every Person or Persons whatsoever, who shall hereafter be after Admittance admitted into any Office,Civil or Military, within that Part of Great to Office. Britain called Scotland, shall within three Months after his Admittance into any such Office take and subscribe the Oath hereby appointed in the Courts above mentioned respectively, according to the Distinction above mentioned for Persons now in Office to take the same.

IV. And be it further enacted by the Authority aforesaid, Courts to admiThat the said respective Courts shall from Time to Time administer ninfter the Oath, the said Oath to fuch Persons as shall tender themselves to take the &c. fame, and shall keep proper Rolls of Parchment, in which the Subscriptions of all Persons taking the said Oaths shall from Time to Time be made ; to which all Persons may have free' Access without Fee or Reward.

V. And be it further enacted by the Authority aforesaid, That Refusing Oath. every Person hereby required to take and subscribe the Oath aforefaid, and neglecting or refufing fo to do, at such Times, and in such Manner as is above directed, shall be adjudged incapable and disabled in Law, to all intents and Purposes, to have or enjoy any Office or Offices, in refpect whereof he is hereby obliged to take the faid Oath, and the faid Office or Offices shall be, and are hereby adjudged to be void.

VI. And be it further enacted by the Authority aforesaid, That Refusing and every such Person and Persons who shall neglect or refuse to take afterward exe, the said Oath as aforesaid, and shall after such Neglect or Refusal, cuting Office, either personally or by Deputy, execute any of the said Offices, and shall be thereof lawfully convicted, fall incur such Penalties, Penalties. Disabilities and Forfeitures, as by an Act made in England in the thirteenth and fourteenth Years of the Reign of the late King 13 & 14 W.3. William the Third, intituled, An Ail for the further Security of His c. 6. Majesly's Person, and the Succession of the Crown in the Protestant Line, and

for extinguishing the Hopes of the pretended Prince of Wales, and all other Pretenders, and their open and fecret Abettors, are enacted, limited and appointed for any Officer his acting after the Neglect or Refusal of such Officer to take the Qath therein prescribed.

VII. And be it further enacted by the Authority aforesaid, Justices may That it shall and may be lawful for any two Justices of the Peace, summon futwhereof one of them to be of the Quorum, within any of the pected Persons, Counties, Ridings, Divisions, Stewartries, Cities or Boroughs and tend., within the said Kingdom of Great Britain, or any other Person or Persons who shall be by Her Majesty for that Purpose fpecially appointed by Order in the Privy Council, or by Commission under the Great Seal, at any Time or Times to summon and convene before them all such Persons within the Limits of their respective Jurisdictions, Powers and Authorities, as they shall or may suspect to be dangerous or disaffected to Her Majesty or Her Government, and shall and may tender to every such Person and Persons the Oath above mentioned and appointed, and shall at the next Quarter-Sessions of the Peace to be held for the County or Place in which the said Oath shall be tendred, certify the Christian Names


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and Surnames, and Places of Abode of all Perfons refusing to take

the faid Oath, to be there recorded, and shall be from thioce and certify Re. certified by the Clerk of the Peace of such County, Riding, fudal, &c. Liberty, Borough, Town Corporate or Place within England,

into Her Majesty's Court of Chancery or Queen's Bench at Weftminster, and by the Clerk of the Peace of every Shire, Stewartry, Borough or Place in Scotland, into the Court of Seffion, there to be recorded in the Register or Rolls of the said respective Courts; and if the Person so refufing and certified thall not within the next Term or Session after such Refusal, appear in the Court of Chancery, Queen's Bench or Session, where such Certificate shall be returned, and in open Court audibly and folemnly take and fubscribe the Oath aforesaid, and endorse or enter his so doing upon the Certificate fo returned, shall be from the Time of such

his Neglect or Refusal, taken, efteemed and adjudged a Popish Penalty Recusant convict, and as such fhall forfeit and undergo such Penal.

ties as a Popish Recufant convict ought to do by the Laws now in Force within England.

[This A& explained and enlarged, 8 Ann. c. 15.]

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An Act to impower Her Majesty to secure and detain such

Persons as Her Majesty shall suspect are conspiring against
Her Person or Government.

An Act for repealing the Act of the firft Year of King

James the First, intituled, An Art for the well garbling of
Spices ; and for granting an Equivalent to the City of

London, by admitting Brokers. 3 Jacob. 659 :WHEREAS by an Ad of Parliament made in the fark

Year of the Reign of King James the Firft, intituled, ' An da for the well garbling of Spices, feveral Drugs, Wares,

Spices and Merchandizes are to be garbled within the City of London, and the Liberties thereof, as therein is mentioned, under « the Penalties and Forfeitures therein specified, and several Powers • are thereby given to the Garbler for the Time being, for that • Purpose ; which Act for the garbling of Spices, and other Wares

and Merchandizes, in many Cases is now become useless, and in

other Cases would be prejudicial, and to the Damage of several • Wares and Merchandizes so to be garbled, to the Obstruction

and Discouragement of the Trade of this Kingdom, and the • foreign Exportation, and to the Vexation of the Subje&s, by • unnecessary Prosecutions in Her Majesty's Court of Exchequer;' • Be it therefore enacted, &c.

Jac. 1.c.19. repealed. s r. Suits depending

II. And be it further enacted by the Authority aforesaid, That for seizure, &c. all Suits and Informations now depending in Her Majesty's Court discharged

of Exchequer, or in any other Court, or which shall at any Time
hereafter be brought or profecuted upon the said Act, under
Pretence of any Seizure or Forfeiture, or Penalty incurred for
Breach of the said Act, or for any Offence committed or fupposed


to be committed again ft the same, shall be, and are hereby declared
to be discharged, discontinued and determined, and that no
Proceedings shall be had thereupon, and all Seizures upon the
faid Act made or to be made, are hereby declared to be
discharged, released, null and void.

III. Provided always, That it shall and may be lawful for the Lord Mayor,&c
Lord Mayor and Court of Aldermen, and Common Council of may appoint
the City of London for the Time being, to appoint from Time to Garbler within
Time a fit and able Person to execute the Office of Garbler within

London, &c. the City of London, and the Liberties thereof, who at the Request of any person or Person, Owner or Owners of any Spices, Drugs or other Wares or Merchandizes garbleable, and not otherwise, shall garble the same, and such Garbler shall have and receive for his Pains and Trouble therein as the faid Lord Mayor, Court of Aldermen and Common Council (hall appoint, and no more.

« IV. And whereas the Profits of the said Office are part of • the Revenues and Incomes of the City of London, and are now • lett by Lease to William Stewart, under the Rent of three • hundred Pounds per Annum, the Profits of which Office, aną • the Right of the faid William Stewart to the same, by repealing • the said Act, will be very much diminished ;' Be it enacted by the Brokers on AdAuthority aforesaid, That from and after the Determination of thiş million to pay present Session of Parliament, all Persons that shall act as Broker$ 40s. each to within the City of London and Liberties thereof, shall from Time Chamberlain of to Time be admitted so to do by the Court of Mayor and

London, Aldermen of the said City for the Time being, under such Restrictions and Limitations for their honest and good Behaviour as that Court shall think fit and reasonable, and Thall upon such their Admission pay to the Chamberlain of the said City for the Time being, for the Uses hereinafter mentioned, the Sum of forty Shillings, and shall also yearly pay to the faid Uses the Sum of forty and also 40s. On Shillings upon the nine and twentieth Day of September in every 29 Sept. year!y. Year ; all which Monies shall in the first place be applied for and towards the paying and satisfying to the said William Stewart the Sum of nine hundred sixty seven Pounds and ten Shillings, for a Compensation for his Interest in the said Office ; and that from How faid Mo and after the full Payment of the said Sum of nine hundred fixty nies shall be seven Pounds and ten Shillings to the faid William Stewart, all applied the Monies arising by such Admissions and yearly Payments shall go to, and be enjoyed by the faid Mayor and Commonalty and Citizens of the City of London ; and that from and after the Determination of this present Sessions of Parliament, the said Leafe to the faid William Stewart, and every Clause therçiq contained, shall cease, determine and be absolutely void,

V. And be it further enacted, by the Authority aforesaid, That if any Person or Persons from and after the Deterinination A&ing as of this present Seffions of Parliament, shall take upon him to act Broker without as a Broker, or employ any other under him to act as such, within Admittance, the faid City and Liberties, 'not being admitted as aforesaid, every such Perfon so offending, shall forfeit and pay to the Use of the said Mayor and Communalty and Citizens of the said City, for every such Offence, the Sum of five and twenty Pounds, to Penales, be recovered by A&ion of Debt, in the Name of the Chamberlain of the said City, in any of Her Majefty's Courts of Record, in

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