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of Her Majesty's Reign, made subject and liable to the Satis• faction of the Principal and Intereit Monies therein mentioned, • which are to be paid and discharged in the first place out of the • Subsidies, Impofitions and Duties granted or continued by the « Ac last mentioned :' Now it is hereby further declared and • enacted, &c. “ After the Principal, &c. charged by 5 & 6 Ann. c. 27. shall be " discharged, the Half Subsidies, &c. to be appropriated for the “ Uses of this Act. Necefsary Charges excepted. 10.

• And whereas all Wines of the Growth and Product of France, French Wines " or of any Dominions under the French King, are by several Laws • and Statutes liable to the Payment of several Duties upon the • Importation thereof, and particularly by an Act of Parliament

made in the seventh Year of the Reign of His said late Majesty 7 & 8 W. 3. • King William the Third, intituled, An Aa for granting to His c. 20. § 3.

Majesty an additional Duty upon all French Goods and Merchan

dizes, it was enacted, amongst other Things, That for every Tun of French Wine imported within the Time therein mentioned, * there should be paid twenty five Pounds above the Duties before

charged thereupon : But by another A& made in the eighth 8 & 9 W. 3. • Year

of the fame King's Reign, intituled, An Aa for granting to C: 24. His Majesty a farther Subsidy of Tonnage and Poundage upon Merchandizes imported, for the Term of two years and three ' Quarters, and an additional Land Tax for one Year, for carrying

on the War against France, it was provided, That nothing in the « faid Ad of the seventh Year of His said late Majesty's Reign, • should charge any Merchandize of the Growth of France, which • should be bona fide seized or taken, and condemned as Prize with

any further or other Duties than what they were or ought to

have been charged withal before the making of the Aa laft men• tioned ; and Her Majesty, by Her Royal Declaration bearing ' Date the first Day of June in the first Year of Her Reign, for

the Encouragement of Her Ships of War and Privateers, was • pleased to subject all Ships, Vessels and Goods, which should be "taken and condemned as lawful Prize, to the Payment of such • Customs and Duties only as are therein mentioned : And whereas

by an Act made in the second Year of Her Majesty's Reign, 2 & 3 Avn. c.9. 'intituled, An Ad for granting to Her Majesly an additional Subsidy

of Tonnage and Poundage for three rears, and for laying a further Duty upon French Wines condemned as lawful Prize, and

for ascertaining the Values of unrated Goods imported from the Eait

Indies, it was enacted, That for every Ton of any Wines of "the Growth or Product of France, or of any Dominions under • the French King, seized or taken, or to be seized or taken by any

of Her Majesty's Ships, or by any Privateers or otherwise, ' and which at any Time or Times, during the Term of three • Years, which commenced from the eighth Day of March One

thousand seven hundred and three, thould be condemned or • adjudged as law ful Prize, there should be paid to Her Majesty 6th: Sum of fifteen Pounds over and above the Duties before

that Time charged thereupon, without Deduction, and so propor. • tionably for a greater or lesser Quantity ; which Duty of fifteen · Pounds per Ton, expired on the eighth Day of March One thou* sand feven hundred and fix :' Now it is hereby enacted, &c.

6 French

« French Prize Wine and Seizures to pay 251. per Ton, during " the War. u. EXP. Ships, &c. taken as Prize, &c. during " the War, liable to such Duties as by the Queen's Declaratici. “ Duties to be paid out of the neat Proceed upon Sale. If Produce “ be not sufficient, then to be applied proportionably, &c. $ 12.

« EXP. No Dra: hack

XIII. And for encouraging the Manufacture of Cordage in allied for for

Great Britain, Le it further enacted by the Authority aforesaid, reign Cordage,

That foreign Cordage or Cable Yarn inported, or to be imported &c. exported.

into Great Britain, upon Exportation thereof, at any Time or Times from or after the five and twentieth Day of March Onę thousand seven hundred and eight, for any Parts beyond the Seas, Mall have no Allowance or Drawback of any Duties paid or secured by this or any other Afts, Laws or Siatutes wha:foever, upon the Importation thereof; any Thing in this, or any other Act or Acts of Parliament, or any other Matter or Thing wlaiíoever to the contrary notwithstanding.

• XIV. And whereas notwithstanding the several Laws now in ! Force for preventing of clandeftine Importation of foreign Goods,

great Quantities of wrought Silks mixed with Gold and Silver, « and other Silks, have of late been imported, contrary to Law, to

• the great Prejudice of the Manufacturers of this Kingdom: For Importing Remedy thereof, Be it enacted by the Authority aforesaid, That wrought Silks.

from and after the five and twentieth Day of March One thousand seven hundred and eight, all and every fich Perfon and Persons whatsoever, who shall fecretly and clandeftinely import, bring or convey into this Kingdom, any wrougtit Silk or Silks mixed with Gold or Silver, or any other Materials, and all and every their

Aiders, Abettors and ÁMitants, shall for every such Ofrence forfeit Penalty

two hundred Pounds, cver and above the Penaltics to which the fanie are liable by any Laws now in Force; and the Perfon or

Persons in whose Custody o: Poffeffion such Silks shall be found, Sellers and Con- or who shall sell or cffer the same to Sal-, knowing thereof, and

all and every Person or Persons who shall conceal such Silks, with

Intent to prevent the Forfeiture of the fame, shall over and above Penalty. the Loss of the faid Silks, for every such Off.nce forfeit one hun

dred Pounds ; one Moiety thereof to the Queen's Majetty, Eer Heirs and Successors; the other Moiety to fuch Person or Perfonş as shall sue for the fame, to be recovered by Action of Debt, Bill, Plaint or Information, in any of Her Majesty's Courts of Record at l'eliminfter, wherein no Eloin, Privilege, Protection or Wager of Law thall be allowed, nor any more than one Imparlauce [Importation of foreign wrought' Siks and Velvets prohibited,

6 G. 3. c. 28. ] Wocr: Silks XV. And bc it further enacted, That all such Silks so forto feited thall be feited, as aforesaid, in that Part of Great Britain called Englaril,

Mall be sold at the Cufion House at London, by louch of Candle, to
the highest Bidder, and such of them as shall be fo forfeited, as
aforesaid, in that Part of Grent Britain called Scotland!, shall be
fold at the Custom House in Edinburgh, in like Manner and not
" Clause of Loan for 729,0671. 155. 6 d. and for a further Sum
" for making good the interinediate Intereit, at 6 per Cent. Tax:
*** free. s 16. Lenders to have Tallies ar.d Orders ftruck, &c.




Payable every three Months. Orders to be registered and paid
“ in Courfe,, &c. without undue Preference or Fee, &c. on Pain
of treble Damages, &c. and to pay the Debt, &c. Clerk

s liable. s 17.

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XVIII. Provided always, and be it hereby declared, That if it Tallies bearing happen that several Tallies of Loan, or Orders for Payment, as date the same aforesaid, bear Date, or be brought the fame Day to the Auditor Day, no undue

Preference. of the Receipt to be registered, then it shall be interpreted no undue Preference which of those be entered first, so as he enters them all the same Day.

XIX. Provided also, That it shall not be interpreted any undue No Penalty to Preference to incur any Penalty in point of Payment, if the Auditor incur, if fabledirect, and the Clerk of the Pells record, and the Tellers do pay Srit paid, &c. subsequent Orders to Persons that come and demand their Monies, and bring their Orders before other Persons that did not come to take their Monies, and bring their Orders in their Course, so as there be so much Money reserved, as will satisfy precedent Orders, which shall not be otherwise disposed, but kept for them; Interest upon Loan being to cease from the Time the Money is so reserved and kept in Bank for them. “ Orders assignable. Asignee may aflign again. s 20.

• And whereas in and by the faid Act of the fifth Year of 5 & 6 Ann. C.27.

Her said Majesty's Reign, a Credit was given for any Sums not $ 2.
• exceeding eight hundred twenty two thousand three hundred
< eighty one Pounds fifteen Shillings and Six pence Farthing, to
I be borrowed at an Interest, after the Rate of fix Pounds per
Centum per Annum, upon the several Subsidies, Impofitions and

Duties in that Act mentioned ; and the Lord High Treasurer,
{ or any three or more of the Commissioners of the Treasury for
the Time being, are thereby authorized and directed to cause the
• Officers of the Exchequer to receive from Time to Time by
(Way of Loan, at the like Interest at the faid Receipt, any further
6. Sum or Sums of Money over and above the said Sum of eight
hundred twenty two thousand three hundred eighty one Pounds
• fifteen Shillings and Sixpence Farthing, as should be sufficient to
make good the Payment of all the Interest Monies appointed

or allowed by that Act, every three Months, until the Subsidies,
Impositions and Duties therein mentioned, should come into the
• Exchequer, and be sufficient for that Purpose, pursuant to the
• Intent and true Meaning of that A&t :' Now it is hereby pro-
( vided and enacted, &c.
ç Clause of Loan in 5 & 6 Ann. c. 27. Ø 2, not lessened by this
66 Act. $ 21.

Appropriation of the Monies granted by 6 Ann, cc. 1, 4, 5, II

66 and 17.

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f. s. d.

and Garrisons in Great Britain, and Contin

For Invalids for the said Year, beginning from

said 23 Dec. 1707.
For Charges of Army and Forces as are or

shall be added thereunto in the Low
Countries or Germany, for one Year, from

23 Dec. 1707, and Contingencies.
For Proportion of Charge of 3,000 Palatine

Troops, formerly taken into the Service of
Her Majesty and the States General, for

For Her Majesty's established Forces to serve

in Spain and Portugal, including Pay of

General Officers and Contingencies.
For Forage, Waggon Money and Baggage

For Charge of Garrison at Gibraltar.
For Augmentation of Forces to strengthen

the Army of the Duke of Savoy.
For making good Alliances with the King of

For carrying on the War for the Recovery
of the Spanish Monarchy to the House of

For Proportion of Subsidies due upon Treaties
made with Allies, and other Charges for the

Time before 25 Dec. 1708.
For a Year and a Quarter's Intereft further on
unsatisfied Debentures, charged upon Irifo

For Transportation of Land Forces.
For Premiums and Charges for circulating

Exchequer Bills issued before last Session.
For an extraordinary Subsidy to the Duke of

Savoy for especial Service in prosecuting the

War against France in 1707.
32,957 7 © For making good, to complete the Sum of

42,9571. 25. for additional Subsidy to the
Landgrave of Helle Casel, for augmenting

his Troops, and marching them into lialy.
For defraying their Expence of Bread, Wag-

gons and Carriages, and of Hospitals for

their Sick and Wounded, for 1707. 12,284 1981 for making good, to defray Charge of Forti

fications and Services of the Carrison at

Gibraltar, in 1706. « Provided, That out of Monies issued to Guards and Garrisons,

there may be taken and applied 87,1251. 1os. for Charge of « Soldiers for Sea Service, with their Officers and Contingencies. “ And out of Monics issued for Navy and Sea Service, such Sums " as, together with said 87,125 1.10 5. shall be necessary for Charge " of said Soldiers for Sea Service, with their Officers and Contingencies. $ 22.

САР. .

War, any


An Aa for continuing an Ad made in the third Year of EXP.

Her Majesty's Reign, intituled, An Alt for punishing 3& 4 Ann. c. 16
Mutiny and Desertion and false Musters, and for the better
Payment of the Army and Quarters.

An Act for the avoiding of Doubts and Questions touching

the Statutes of divers Cathedral and Collegiate Churches. ¿W

THEREAS several Doubts and Questions have arisen, and

may hereafter arise, in relation to the Validity and « Force of the Statutes of divers Cathedral and Collegiate Churches, • founded by King Henry the Eighth, of famous Memory, which • Doubts and Questions have been occasioned, partly by a tem

porary Act of Parliament made in the first Year of the Reign 1 M. 1. Sci. 3. • of Queen Mary the First, in relation to such Statutes made by 6.9. " the said late King Henry the Eighth, and in order to defeat the • true and pious Ends and Designs of the said Foundations, and • partly by reason of the known Loss of many Records and • Evidences during the late Rebellion in this Kingdom: And « whereas the said Doubts and Disputes may in Time not only turn " to the great Disquiet and Prejudice of the faid Foundations, but

may prove a manifest Obstruction to the Peace, Order, good • Government and Discipline of the Church, unless some speedy • and effectual Remedy be provided ;' Be it therefore enacted and declared by the Queen's Most Excellent Majesty, by and with the Advice and Consent of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and the Commons, in this present Parliament assembled, and by the Authority of the same, That in all Cathedral and Collegiate Churches, Statutes of founded by the said King Henry the Eighth, such Štatutes as have Cathedral been usually received and practised in the Government of the same Churches praco respectively, since the late happy Restoration of King Charles the tiled fince the Second, and to the Observance whereof the

Deans and Prebendaries, be good. and other Members of the said Churches, from the said Time have used to be sworn at their Instalments or Admissions, shall be, and shall be taken and adjudged to be good and valid in Law, and Mall be, and be taken and adjudged to be the Statutes of the faid Churches respectively ; nevertheless so far forth only as the fame, or any of them, are in no Manner repugnant to or inconsistent with the Constitution of the Church of England, as the same is now by Law established, or the Laws of the Land.

II. Provided always, and be it further enacted by the Authority No Prosecution aforesaid, That no Person or Persons shall at any Time hereafter for Non-oblerva be liable to any Prosecution, Censure or Puniliment whatsoever, auce of Statutes,

before for not having observed any of the Statutes hereby ratified and confirmed, or for having done any Thing contrary to the same, on or before the ninth Day of March One Thousand seven hundred and seven; any Thing herein contained to the contrary notwithttarding.

III. Provided always, and be it enacted, That it shall and may Queen may be lawful for Her Majesty during Her Life (which God long pre- al er, &c. Sta. serve) from Time to Time to alter, amend, correct, revoke, diminish tutes, and make

new ones, &c.

9 Marcha



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