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or enlarge the said Statutes, or any of them, and to make new
Statutes and Ordinances for the said Cathedral and Collegiate
Churches, and for resuming or settling the local Visitation of them
or any of them, in such Manner, from Time to Time, as to Her
Majesty shall seem meet.
[Here the Roll is indorfed, Axth Part 6 Ann. and contains the Aas
next following, and Cap. 22. and also Cap.24 10 37. inclusive. Title
of Roll, as laft flated, repeated.]

An Act for the better Amendment of that Way which leads from
Cherill through Calne to Studley Bridge, in the County of Wilts.

An Afor repairing the Highways from Old Stratford, in the
County of Northampton, to Dunchurch, in the County of Warwick.

An Act for continuing several Duties therein mentioned,

upon Coffee, Chocolate, Spices, Pictures and Muslins,
and additional Duties upon several of the said Commo-
dities, and certain Duties upon Callicoes, China Wares
and Drugs ; und for continuing the Duties called the Two
Third Subsidies of Tunnage and Poundage; for preserving
the public Credit ; and for ascertaining the Duties of
Coals exported for foreign Parts ; and for securing the
Credit of the Bank of England; and for passing several
Accounts of Taxes raised in the County of Monmouth;
and for promoting the Consumption of such Tobacco as
fhall have paid Her Majefty's Duties.

3 & 4 Ania. C. 4. recited. Duties on Coffee, &c. continued “ from 23 Junie 1710, for four years longer [See 12 & 13 W. 3,

c. 11. j 10. Note.] Subject to the same Penalties, Drawbacks, “ &c. as by former Afts. ♡ I. [See 7 G. 1. Stat. 1. c. 21. ģ11.]

Former Powers of 3 & 4 Ann. C. 4. revived. 52. Said Duties « appropriated for securing the Monies unsatisfied for Loans upon

364 Ann. 6.4 and not diverted to any other Use. Ø 3. The “ two third Subtidies of Tonnage and Poundage continued “ from 7 March 1708, for 3 Years. [Made perpetual, 7 Ann.

c. 7. 22. Narle to coaje, 27 G. 3. c. 13. VI. 43 G. 3. “ 6.68 0 1. 08.01.] (Except Tobacco and fuch “ Currants as thall be imported in Englis built Shipping, navigated “ according to the Lawsnow in Force, and Sugar from the English “ Plantations, and such Goods and other Merchandizes, as by the two Acts lait mentioned, or either of them, are exempted from

Paymeat of the Subsidies thereby granted.) 4. (See as to Currarits imported in line.ian Ships, 8 finn. c. 13. $21.) Dutics “ fall be raised and accounted for, as by 3 & 4 Arn. c. 4. Former «« Powers revived $ 5. Duties approprinted for securing the “ Monies unsatisfied upon the Subtidy Act, 35 4 Ann. c. 5. «c and not diverted to any other Use. s 6. [Sce 27 G 3.6.13. “ 9 52, 53-] When Debt Niall be paid off, Monies to be “ disposed for public Service. s 7.

And whereas by an Act made in the fixth Year of the Reign • of His faid late Majesty King William the Third, intituled, a 18 for granting to His Majelly certain Duties upon Glass Waris,



6 & 7 W,3 £. 18.


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• Stone and Eartben Botiles, Goals and Cum, for carrying on the

War against France, it is recited, That the Imposition upon 21. • Coals exported to foreign Parts was so great, that it' was almost

a Prohibition, to the great Diminution of His Majesty's Customs, "and leflening the Englih Navigation on the Exportation of Coals • beyond the Seas: For Remedy whereof it was thereby enacted, • That all Coals exported beyond the Seas in foreign Pottoms • Thould, during the Continuance of that Act, only pay ten Shillings • the Chaldron, and Englis Bottoms only three Shillings the • Chaldron, which Part of the said Act was to determine on or • about the twenty ninth Day of September One thousand feven

hundred ; and by another Act made in the eleventh Year of the 11 & 12 W. 3. • fame King's Reign, for continuing several Laws therein men- c.13. • tioned, it was enacted, That all Coals exported beyond the Seas • in foreign Bottoms, should from and after the said twenty ninth • Day of September One thousand feven hundred, for and during • the Space of seven Years, and from thence to the End of the " then next Sessions of Parliament, only pay ten Shillings the • Chaldron, and in English Bottoms only three Shillings.zhe Chali dron ; which several Aets, in relation to Coals exported, have • been found very beneficial and useful to the Public, ard fully to • have answered the good Ends and Intent thereof;' Be it therefore enacted, &c. “ Coals exported in foreign Bottoms to pay until 1715, only 1os.

per Chaldron, in British Bottoms only 3s. per Chaldron. ♡ 8. [Repealed as to Britifs Bottoms, 8 cina.c.13. 15. As to foreign Bottoms, 9 din.c.6. 07. but fee additional Duties on Coals exported in foreign and British Bottoms,. 12 Ann. Stat. 2 c.9. Ø 9. which are made perpetual, 6 G.1.c.4. I.

Made to cease, 27 G. 3. 6.13. 1. 43 G.3.c. 68. 1. 49 G. 3. c.98.91.]

IX. And whereas by an Act of Parliament made in the eighth 8 & 9 W.2. • Year of the Reign of His said late Majesty King William of c. 20. 28.

glorious Memory, intituled, An Aa for making good the Defi. ciencies of several Funds therein mentioned, and for enlarging the Capital Stock of the Bank of England, and for raising the publick

Credit, it is, amongit other Things, enacted, That during the • Continuance of the Corporation of the Governor and Company • of the Bank of England, no other bank or any other Corporation, • Society, Fellowship, Company or Conítitution in the Nature of

a Bank, thall be erected or eitablished, permitted, suffered, coun"tenanced or allowed by Act of Parlia:nent within the Kingdom, • as in and by the fud Act more at large may appear; nevertheless • since the passing of the said Act some Corporations by colour of • the Charters to them granted, and other great Numbers of Per• fons, by pretence of Deeds or Covenants united together, have

presumed to borrow great Sums of Money, and therewith, con• trary to the Intent of the said Act, do deal as a Bank, to the • Danger of the establihed Credit of the Kingdom :' Now for preventing of sach Practice in Time to come, and the Mischiefs 'thence to arise, Be it enacted by the Authority aforefaid, That from and after the twenty ninth Day of September in the Regulation for Year of our Lord One thousand seven hundred and eight, during Companies, &c. the Continuance of the Governor and Company of the Bank of united ina pireEngland, it shall not be lawful for any Body Politick or Corporate up Money on whatsoever, erected or to be erected, other than the l.uid Governor their Bills.


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and Company of the Bank of England, or for other Persons whatsoever united or to be united in Covenants or Partnership, exceeding the Number of fix Persons, in that Part of Great Britain called England, to borrow, owe or take up any Sum or Sums of Money on their Bills or Notes, payable at Demand or at any less Time than fix Months from the borrowing thereof.

[See 7 Ann. c.7. 61.] European X. Provided always and it is hereby enacted by the Authority Linens, &c. ex. aforesaid, That all European Linens, Sisters Threads and Tapes empt from Duties,

or Incle, Linseed and Flax, shall be exempted from the Payment of the Duties imposed by this Act (called the two third Subsidies as aforesaid) during the said Term of three Years by this AC granted of and in the same as aforesaid ; any Thing in this Ad contained to the contrary notwithstanding

[ As to the Duties on the above Articles, fee 49 G. 3.c.98. Sch..4. the refpe&ive Titles.] “ Auditor in making up Receiver's Accounts for County of “ Monmouth, for the fix preceding Years, to charge him with the

“ Deficiency in several Aids herein mentioned. $11. Regulation as to XII. And for promoting the Consumption of Tobacco of the i obacco of the Growth of Her Majesty's Plantations in America, the Increase Growth of Europe, &c.

of Her Majesty's Revenue, and for the better Encouragement of the said Britis Plantations, Be it enacted by the Authority aforesaid, That" from and after the twenty ninth Day of Seps tember in the Year of our Lord One thoufand seven hundred and cight, it shall not be lawful for any Commander of any of Her Majesty's Ships of War or Purser thereof, to sell, deliver or cause to be sold or delivered to any of Her Majesty's Seamen or Ma. rines on board of such Ship, any Tobacco of the Growth of Europe, nor any Tobacco mixed with Tobacco of the said

Growth. Tobacco of the XIII. And for the better Employment of the Poor of this British Planta

Kingdom, Be it likewise enacted, That all Tobacco to be used tions manu

or consumed on board any of Her Majesty's Ships of War in any factured in Great Bricain. Part of Europe, from and after the said twenty ninth Day of

September, shall be such as is of the Growth of the said Britis Plantations which hath paid Her Majesty the full Duties and been manufactured in Great Britain ; upon Pain that every such

Commander or Purser who mall knowingly and wilfully offend Penalty. herein, shall forfeit their respective Places and Employments, and

three Shillings for every Pound Weight of Tobacco, and so in Proportion for every greater or lefser Quantity fo fold and delivered ; one Moiety thereof to the Queen's Majesty and the other Moiety to the Informer who shall sue for the same by Action or Information in any of Her Majesty's Courts of Record at Wol. minster, wherein no Esloin, Protection or Wager of Law shall be allowed, and no more than one Imparlance.

[This Aa is Number 14 on the Roll, indorsed, Seventh Part 6 Anr.]

An Act to make further Provision for electing and sum-

moning fixteen Peers of Scotland to fit in the House of
Peers in the Parliament of Great Britain; and for trying


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Peers for Offences committed in Scotland ; and for the further regulating of Voters in Elections of Mernbers to serve in Parliament. THEREAS by the two and twentieth Article of the 5 & 6 Ann.c.8.

Treaty of Union for uniting the two Kingdoms of Art. 22. England and Scotland, ratified and confirmed by the respective • Parliaments af cach Kingdom, it was, amongst other Things,

provided that when Her Majesty, Her Heirs or Succeffors, • should declare Their Pleasure for bolding the first or any lub

fequent Parliament of Great Britain, until the Parliament of • Great Britain Should make further Provision therein, Writs : should issue under the Great Seal of the United Kingdom of Great Britain, directed to the Privy Council of Scoiland,

commanding them to cause fixteen Peers, who were to fit in ! the House of Lords, to be fummoned to Parliament, in such - Manner as by an Act of the then present Sellion of Parliament

of Scotland was or should be settled ; in which Session of the Parliament in Scotland an Act was accordingly passed for that

Purpose, intituled, An Act settling the Manner of electing the Sculch AA. fixteen Peers and forty five Members to represent Scotland in the Parliament of Great Britain ; which Act was afterwards con· firmed by the Parliament of England, and declared to be as • valid as if the fame had been Part of and ingrossed in the faid • Articles of Union; by which Act it is, amongst other Things, • provided and enacted, That the fixteen Peers, who should • have a Right to fit in the House of Peers in the Parliament of Great Britain, on the Part of Scotland, by virtue of the said • Treaty, should be named by the said Peers of Scotland, whom • they represent, their Heirs or Successors to their Dignities and • Honours, out of their own Number, and that by open Election • and Plurality of Voices of the Peers present, and of the Proxies • for such as should be absent, the said Proxies being Peers, ' and producing a Mandate in Writing, duly signed before

Witnefles, and both the Constituent and Proxy being qualified

according to Law; and that such Peers as were ablent, being • qualified as aforesaid, might send to all such Meetings a Liit • of the Peers whom they judged fitteit, validly ligned by the • said abfent Peers, which should be reckoned in the same Man. • ner as if the Parties had been present and given in the said • List; and in case of the Death or legal Incapacity of any of • the said sixteen Peers, that the aforesaid Peers of Scotland

Thould nominate another of their own Number in Place of the said Peer or Peers, in Manner as therein is mentioned ; and it

was thereby further enacted, That until the Parliament of • Great Britain should make further Provision therein, the said • Writs so to be issued, should contain a Warrant and Com. • mand, to command the said Privy Council to iffue out a Pro. • clamation in Her Majetty's Name, requiring the Peers of Scotland for the Time to meet and allemble at such Time and Place • within Scotland, as Her Majesty and Her Royal Successors • should think fit, to make Election of the said sixteen Peers,

and requiring the Lord Clerk Register, or two of the Clerks of Session, to attend all such Meetings and to administer the • Oaths as were or should be by Law required, and to ask the


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· Votes,

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• Votes, and having made up the Lift in Presence of the Meeting,

return the Names of the sixteen Peers chosen, certified under 'the Subscription of the said. Lord Clerk Register, Clerk or 'Clerks of Session attending, to the Clerk of the Privy Council

of Scotland, to the End that the Names of the fixteen Peers

being so returned to the Privy Council might be returned to " the Court from whence the Writ did issue, under the Great

• Seal of the United Kingdom, conform to the said twenty 6 Ann. c. 6. & 1. ' second Article: And whereas by an Act of this present Ses.

' fion, intituled, An Aa for rendering the Union of the two king

dums more intire and compleut, it is declared and enacted, That ' from and after the first Day of May One thousand seven • hur.dred and eight, the Privy Council of Scotland shall ceale • and determine, whereby it is become necessary that some further • Provision should be made for the electing and returning the said « fixteen Peers that are to sit in the Houfe of Peers in the Par. * liament of Great Britain, pursuant to the said Treaty;' Be it therefore enacted by the Queen's Most Excellent Majesty, by and with the Advice and Consent of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and Commons, in Parliament assembled, and by the Authority of the same, That at all Times hereafter when Her Majesty, Her Heirs and Successors shall declare Her or Their Pleasure for fummoning and holding any Parliament of Great

Britain, that in order to the electing and summoning the fixteen Proclamation to Peers of Scotland, a Proclamation shall be issued under the Great be issued for electing fixteen

Seal of Great Britain, commanding all the Peers of Scotland to Peers of Scot. assemble and meet at Edinburgh, or in such other Place in Score land.

land, and at such Time as Mall be appointed in the said Proclamation, to elect, by open Election, the fixteen Peers to fit and vote in the House of Peers in the Parliament of Great Britain, in fuch Manner as by the before recited Act and hereinafter is

appointed. And published at II. And be it further enacted by the Authority aforesaid, That Edinburgh, &c.

every Proclamation issued for the Purpose aforesaid, shall be duly published at the Market Cross at Edinburgh, and in all the County Towns of Scotland, five and twenty Days at the least before the Time thereby appointed for the Meeting of the Peers to proceed

to such Election. All the Peers III. And be it further enacted by the Authority aforesaid, present to take That all the Peers who meet on such Proclamation, shall, before the Oaths.

they proceed to the Election, and in Presence of the Peers

affeinbled for such Election, take the respective Oaths, videlicet : Oaths.


A. B. do fincerely promise and swear, That I will be faithful, and bear true Allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Anne.

So help me GOD,' I

A. B. do swear, That I do from my Heart abhor, deteit

and abjure, as impious and heretical, that damnable Doctrine o and Pofition, That Princes excommunicated or deprived by the • Pope, or any Authority of the See of Rome, may be deposed • or murdered by their Subjects, or any other whatsoever. And • I do declare, That no foreign Prince, Person, Prelate, State • or Potentate, hath or ought to have any Jurisdiction, Power, • Superiority, Pre-eminence or Authority, Ecclefiaftical or Spi• ritual, within this Realm,

So help me GOD.'


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