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II. An Act for the better preventing frivolous and vexatious

Suits. 12. An Act for continuing several additional Impofitions upon

several Goods and Merchandizes. 13. An Act for continuing feveral former Aas for punishing Officers and Soldiers who shall mutiny or desert His Majesty's Service, and for punishing false Musters, and for Payment of

Quarters for one Year longer. 14. An Act for the compleating the building and adorning the

Cathedral Church of Saint Paul, London, and for repairing the

Collegiate Church of Saint Peter, Wellminster. 15. An Act for repairing the Highway between Ryegate, in the County of Surrey, and Crawley, in the County of Suffex. 96. 'An Act for enlarging common Highways. 17. An Act for paving and regulating the Hay Market in the

Parishes of Saint Martin in the Fields and Saint James within the

Liberty of Westminster. 18. An Act for Relief of Creditors, by making Compofitions with

their Debtors, in case two thirds in Number and Value do agree. 19. An Act for repealing a Clause in a former Act relating to

Party Guiles, and for the better preventing Frauds and Abuses

in Brewers and others, chargeable with the Duties of Excise. 20. An Act for making good the Deficiencies of several Funds

therein mentioned ; and for enlarging the Capital Stock of the

Bank of England ; and for raising the Publick Credit. 21. An Act for laying a Duty upon Leather for the Term of three

Years, and making other Provisions for answering the Deficiencies as well of the late Duties upon Coals and Culm, as for paying the Annuities upon the Lottery, and for Lives, charged

on the Tunnage of Ships, and the Duties upon Salt. 22. An Act for granting to His Majesty certain Duties upon

Malt, Mum, Sweets, Cyder and Perry, as well towards carrying on the War against France, as for the neceffary Expence of

His Majesty's Houfhold, and other Occasions. 23. An Act to enforce the Act for the Increase and Encourage

ment of Scamen. 24. An Act for granting to His Majesty a further Subfidy of

Tunnage and Poundage upon Merchandizes imported for the

Term of two Years and three Quarters, and an additional Land Tax for one year, for carrying on the War against France. 25. An Act for licenfing Hawkers and Pedlars, for a further

Provifion for Payment of the Intereft of the Transport Debt for

the reducing of Ireland. 26. An Act for the better preventing the counterfeiting the

curent Coin of this Kingdom. 27. An Ad for the more effectual Relief of Creditors in Cases of

Escapes, and for preventing. Abuses in Prisons, and pretended

priviledged Places. 28. An Act for the better Observation of the Course ancienily

used in the Receipt of Exchequer. 29. An Act for the Repair of the Piers of Bridlingfon alias

Burlington, in the East Riding of the County of York. [See

í G. 1. Stat. 2. c. 30. An Act for fupplying fome Defects in the Laws for the

Relief of the Poor of this Kingdom,


31 An Ad for the easier obtaining Partitions of Lands in

Coparcenary, Joint Tenancy and Tenancy in Common. 32. An Ad to restrain the Number and ill Practice of Brokers and

Stock Jobbers.

33. An Act to make perpetual and more effectualan Ae, intituled,

An da to prevent Delays at the Quarter-Sessions of the Peace. 34. An Aa for lessening the Duty upon Tin and Pewter exported,

and granting an Equivalent for the same by a Duty upon Drugs. 35. An Ad for raising the Militia for the Year One thousand fix hundred ninety leven, although the Month's Pay formerly

advanced be not repaid. 36. An AQ for the further Encouragement of the Manufacture

of Luftrings and Alamodes within this Realm, and for the better preventing the Importation of the fame. 37., An Act for explaining and enforcing the Act for paving and

cleanfing the Streets within the Cities of London and Welminjter

, and Borough of Southwark, and weekly Bills of Mortality and Streets adjoining thereunto; and for widening the Street at the South End of London Bridge.


Anno 8 W.3. " N AA for naturalizing Frederic Christiaen de Rhode, called

Lord 1. An Act for the Settlement of the Manor of Treyagoe in the

County of Hereford, and other Lands, late of Crompton Minors Esquire, deceased, and for railing and increafing of the Portion of Theodofia Minors, the Daughter of the said Crompton, she

being an Infant of the Age of seventeen Years. 43. An Act for vesting the Manor of Holm, alias East-holm, and

Swannage in the County of Dorset ; Part of the Étate of Sir Jubn Hanbam Baronet, in Trustees, to be sold for discharging a Mortgage thereupon, and upon the Residue of the said Sir

John Hanham's Eftate ; and for Payment of his other Debts. 4. An Act for enabling Oliver Neve. of Great Witchingham in

County of Norfolk, Esquire, to sell two Houses in London, and for vesting the other Lands in the said County, of greater Value, to the same Uses.

Anno &&9W.3. An A&t for enabling James Duke of Ormond to raise Money by Sale of Woods, and make Leases for Lives, renewable for ever, for Payment of Debts, and for encouraging English Plantations in Ireland. And for Charles Lord IV eston, Earl of Arran in the Kingdom of Ireland, to make Leales of his Eftate in the said Kingdom 1. An Act for the Exchange of certain Advowsons between the

Bihop of London and the Earl of Nottingham. 1. An Act for the speedy fatisfying the Debts of Francis late Lord

Holles deceased. 8. An Ad to enable Sir Ralph Ahton Baronet, to supply an

Omiffion of Limitation intended in his Marriage Settlement, for the Benefit of his Issue Male.

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9. An

9. An Act for the Sale of the Estate of Francis Griffith, late

of London, Scrivener, deccased, for Payment of his Debes. 10. An Act for settling the Estate of Mary Savile an Infant,

upon her Marriage. 11. An Ad to enable the Sale of Lands, late of Jeffery Stockley,

in the County of Chester, deceased, for Payment of Debts,

and for making Provision for Mary his Daughter. 12. An Act for vesting certain Messuages, Lands and Tenements,

late of Charles Millon deceased, in Trustees, to sell for Payment of Debts and Legacies, and lay out the Surplus Money in a Purchase of Lands for the Use of Edward Milfon and his

Heirs, according to the Will of the said Charles Milfon. 13. An Act to enable Nicholas Goodwin the Elder, and Nicholas Goodwin the Younger, to fell the Manor of Winflow in the County of Bucks, and with the Monies arising thereby, and other Monies to be advanced by the said Nicholas Good win the Elder, to purchase Lands of a greater yearly Value, to be settled to the

lame Ules as the said Manor is now settled. 14. An Act for the vesting of certain Lands of William Milward, in the County of Hereford, Clerk, in Trustees, for Payment of

Debts. 15. An A&t for vesting the Estate of Edward Kerrcy Esquire, lying in Benoeston in the County of Salop, in Trustees, to dis. charge Incumbrances thereon, and to raise Portions for yo:inger Children; and for confirining the Marriage Settlement of the

said Edward Kerrey. 16. An Ad for vesting Part of the Estate of Thomas Panton

Esquire, in Trustees, to be sold for Payment of Debts, and

securing a Jointure to Mary his now Wife. 17. An A&t for naturalizing of John Keyser, and others. 18. An Act to enable Edward Leigh Esquire, and Jane his Wife,

and their Trustees, to sell the Manors of Waxham and Horsey, and certain Lands and Tenements in the County of Norfolk, and

to purchase and settle other Lands to the same Uses. 19. An Act forvesting and settling certain Estates of William James

Gentleman, in and upon Trustees, to be sold for the Payment of Debts, and making Provision for himself, his Wife and their

Children. 20. An A& for importing several Goods and Merchandizes laden

in Turkey, on board the Ships called the Success and Dragon

Galley, paying Customs as if imported by Englijb Ships. 21. An Ad to enable l'illiam Fallou's, an Infant, to sell an Estate

in the County of Chester, to pay Debts secured by Mortgages. 22. An Ad to supply a Defect in an Act for enabling Oliver

Neve Esquire, to sell two Houses in London, and for settling Lands in the County of Norfolk, of greater Value, to the same

Uses. 23. An Act explaining a former Act of Parliament, intituled, An 18 for enabling Trustees to fell Part of the Efate of Edmund Warner deceafed, for Payment of bis Debts, and for preserving

ibe rest for the Benefit of his Heir. 24. An A& for vesting Part of the Estate of Roger Crowle

Esquire, deceased, in Trustees, for raising Portions for his younger Children, in regard he (being a Lunatick) could not execute a Power in his Marriage Settlement for that Purpose. 25. An Act to veft certain Lands, late of Samuel Trotman Esquire,

deceased, lying in Barking, Easham, Wejham and Woolwich, in the Counties of Kent and Elsex, in Trustees, to be fold, and

to settle other Lands in lieu thereof. 26. An Ad for the speedy Payment of the Debts of Sir William

Thomson Knight, Serjeant at Law. 27. An Act for annulling the Marriage of Hannah. Knight an

Infant, and to direct the Guardianship of the said Infant. 28. An Act for the enabling the Sale of the Manor of Rowling

in Kent, which by Mistake was by general Words comprised in the Marriage Settlement of William Hammond Gentleman, contrary to the Meaning of the Parties.



Anno 9 W.3
NA& against corresponding with the late King James and

His Adherents. 2. An A& to prevent the further Currency of any hammered

Silver Coin of this Kingdom, and for recoining such as is now in being, and for the making out new Exchequer Bills, where

the former Bills are or shall be filled up by Indorsements. 3. An Ad to give further Time for the adminiftring of Oaths

relating to Tallies and Orders, and for the easier Dispatch of

publick Bufiness in the Exchequer and in the Bank of England. 4. An Ad for continuing the Imprisonment of

Counter and others, for the late horrid Conspiracy to affaffinate

the Person of His Sacred Majesty. 5. An Aa for satisfying and discharging the Arrears of several

Annuities which incurred between the seventeenth Day of May One thousand fix hundred ninety fix, and the sevententh Day of May One thousand fix hundred ninety seven.

Anno 9 & 10 W. 3. 6. Ao A&t that all Retailers of Salt shall sell by Weight. 7. An Ad to prevent the throwing or firing of Squibbs, Serpents

. and other Fire Works. 8. An Ad for explaining an A& made the last Session of Parlia

ment, for granting to His Majesty certain Duties upon Malt,

Mum, Sweets, Cyder and Perry. 9. An Act for rendring the Laws more effectual for preventing

the Importation of foreign Bone-lace, Loom-lace, Needle-work,

Point and Cut-work. 10. An A&t for granting to His Majesty the Sum of one million

four hundred eighty four thousand and fifteen Pounds one Shilling Eleven pence three Farthings, for disbanding Forces,

Páying Seamen, and other Uses therein mentioned. 11. An Ad for explaining an Act made the last Session of Parlia

ment, intituled, in for supplying fome Defeats in the Laws for the Relief of the Poor of this Kingdom. 12. An Ad for the enlarging, repairing and preserving the Bridge

and Key of the Borough of Bridgwater, in theCounty of Somerset.

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13. An

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13. An Act for granting to His Majesty several Duties upon

Coals and Culm.

14. An Act for continuing the Duties upon Coffee, Tea and

Chocolate, and Spices, towards Satisfaction of the Debt due for

Transport Service for the Reduction of Ireland.

15. An Act for determining Differences by Arbitration.

16. An Act to execute Judgments and Decrees saved in a Clause

in an Act of the first Year of the Reign of King William and

Queen Mary, intituled, An AE for taking away the Court kolden

before the President and Council of the Marches of Wales.

17. An Act for the better Paymerit of inland Bills of Exchange.

18. An Act for the repairing the Highways from the Town of

Birdlip and the Top of Crickley Hill, in the County of Gloucester,

to the City of Gloucester.

19. An Act for cle: nfig and making navigable the Channel from

the Hithe at Colchester to Wivenhoe. [See 23 G.2. c. 19.]

20. An Act to naturalize the Children of such Officers and Soldiers

and others, the natural-born Subjects of this Realm, who have

been born abroad during the War, the Parents of such Children

having been in the Service of this Government.

21. An Act for the better preventing the counterfeiting, clipping

and other diminishing the Coin of this Kingdom.

22. An Act to repeal an A&t made in the nine and thirtieth Year

of the Reign of Queen Elizabeth, intituled, An da to restrain

the excelive making of Malt, and to discharge and vacate Orders

made by Justices of Peace by virtue thereof, for restraining

Maliters from making Malt.

23. An Act for granting to His Majesty a further Subsidy of

Tunnage and Poundage, towards raising the yearly Sum of

seven hundred thousand Pounds, for the Service of His Majesty's

Houshold, and other Uses therein mentioned, during His Ma..

jesty's Life.

24. An Act for the enlarging the Time for purchasing certain

Estates or Interests in several Annuities therein mentioned.

25. An Act for granting to His Majesty, His Heirs and Successors,

further Duties upon Stampt Vellum, Parchment and Paper.

26. An Act to settle the Trade to Africa.

27. An Act for licenfing Hawkers and Pedlars for a further

Provision of Interest for the Transport Debt, for reducing of


28. An Act for the exporting Watches, Sword-hilts and other

Manufactures of Silver.

29. An Act to repeal the Act made in the last Session of Parliam,

ment, intituled, An Aa for Relief of Creditors, by making

Composition with their Debtors, in caje two Thirds in Number.

and Value do agree.

30. An Act for increasing His Majesty's Duties upon Luftrings

and Alamodes.

31. An Act for raising the Militia for the Year One thousand fix

hundred ninety eight, although the Month's Pay formerly

advanced be not paid.

32. An Act for the more effectual suppressing of Blasphemy and


33. An A&t to stop the coining Farthings and Halfpence for one


34. An


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