Biography: Or, Third Division of "The English Encyclopedia", Volume 2

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Charles Knight
Bradbury, Evans & Company, 1867 - Biography

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Page 423 - And forasmuch as my hand offended, writing contrary to my heart, my hand shall first be punished therefore; for, may I come to the fire, it shall be first burned. " And as for the pope, I refuse him, as Christ's enemy, and Antichrist, with all his false doctrine.
Page 287 - Fasti Romani. The Civil and Literary Chronology of Rome and Constantinople, from the Death of Augustus to the Death of Heraclius.
Page 393 - Crudities, hastily gobled up in five moneths Travells in France, Savoy, Italy, Rhetia commonly called the Grisons country, Helvetia alias Switzerland, some parts of High Germany, and the Netherlands ; newly digested in the hungry aire of Odcombe in the county of Somerset, and now dispersed to the nourishment of the travelling members of this kingdome.
Page 83 - The first time I saw Irving was six-and-twenty years ago, in his native town, Annan. He was fresh from Edinburgh, with College prizes, high character and promise; he had come to see our Schoolmaster, who had also been his. We heard of famed Professors, of high matters classical, mathematical, a whole Wonderland of Knowledge: nothing but joy, health, hopefulness without end, looked out from the blooming young man.
Page 435 - I knew not), very ordinarily appareled; for it was a plain cloth suit, which seemed to have been made by an ill country tailor; his linen was plain, and not very clean ; and I remember a speck or two of blood upon his little band, which was not much larger than his collar ; his hat was without a hat-band ; his stature was of a good size ; his sword stuck close to his side ; his countenance swollen and reddish, his voice sharp and untunable, and his eloquence full of fervour ; for the subjectmatter...
Page 423 - I renounce and refuse, as things written with my hand, contrary to the truth which I thought in my heart, and written for fear of death, and to save my life if it might be...
Page 313 - At a very premature age, even before my fifteenth year, I had bewildered myself in metaphysics, and in theological controversy. Nothing else pleased me. History, and particular facts, lost all interest in my mind.
Page 405 - ... he was among those who freed translation from servility, and instead of following his author at a distance, walked by his side; and that, if he left versification yet improvable, he left likewise from time to time such specimens of excellence as enabled succeeding poets to improve it.
Page 129 - Burgoyne, &e., whych sayd translacion and werke was begonne in Brugis in 1468 and ended in the holy cyte of Colen 19 Sept. 1471,' fol. 4. ' The Game and Playe of the Chesse, translated out of the French, fynysshid the last day of Marche, 1474,' fol. 5. A second edition of the same, fol. (with woodcuts). 6. ' A Boke of the hoole lyf of Jason,
Page 317 - An Account of the Abipones, an Equestrian People of Paraguay From the Latin of Martin Dobrizhoffer, eighteen years a Missionary in that country.

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