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"sometimes appeared in flames of blue sire; That "she used magical herbs, with some of which she drew '' in hundreds cf men daily to her, who went out from "her presence all inslamed, their mouths parched, and "a hot stream issuing from them, attended with a "grievous stench: That many of the faid men were by '' the force of that herb metamorphosed into swine, and "lay wallowing in the kennels sor twenty-sour hours, "besore they could reassume their shapes or their "senses.

"It was-proved against the seconds That she cut off "by night the limbs from dead bodies that were hanged, "and was seen to dig holes in the ground, to mutter "some conjuring words, and bury pieces of the flesh "after the usual manner of Witches.

'' The third was accused sor a notorious piece of sor"eery, long practised by Hags, of moulding up pieces "of dough, into the shapes of men, women, and chil"dren ; then heating them at a gentle sire, which had "a sympathetic power to torment the bowels of those in "their neighbourhood.

M This was the sum os what was objected against the "three Ladies, who indeed had nothing to fay in their "own desence but downright denying the facts, wh;ch "is like to avail very little when they come upon their "trials.

"But the parson of our parish, a strange refractory "man, will believe nothing of all this; so that the "whole town cries out " Shame! that one of his^oat "should be such an Ashiest;" and design to complain "of him to the Bishop. He goes about very oddly to "solve the matter. He supposes, that the sirst of these "Ladies keeping a brandy and tobacco shop, the sel"lows went out smoking; and got drunk towards "evening, and made themselves beasts. He fays, the "second is a Butcher's daughter, and sometimes brings "a quarter of mutton from the flaughter-house over "night against a market-day, and once buried a bit of "beef in the ground, as a known receipt to cure warts "on her hands. The parson assirms, that the third "sells gingerbread, which, to please the children, she "is forced to stamp with images besore it is baked;

G 3 "and "and if it burns their guts, it is because they eat too *' much, or do not drink after it.

"These are the answers he gives to solve, those won"dersul Phenomena ; upon which I shall not animad"vert, hut leave it among philosophers: And so wish"ingyouall success in your undertakings for the amend"meet of the world, I remain,

Dear Cousin,

Your most afsectionate kinsman,

and humble servant,

Ephraim Bedftajs,

P. S. Those, who were condemned to death among the Athenians, were obliged to take a dose of poison, which made them die upwards; seizing sirst upon their seet, making them cold and insensible, and so ascending gradually, until it reached the vital parts. I believe ..your death, which you foretold would happen on the seventeenth instant, will fall out the fame way, and that your distemper hath already seized on you, and makes progress daily. The lower part of you, that is, the Advertisements, is'dead; and these have risen for these ten days last past, so that they now take up almost a whole paragraph. Pra^, Sir, do your endeavour to drive this distemper as much as possible to the extreme parts* and keep it there, as wise folks do the gout: for if it once gets into your stomach, it will rbon fly up into jour head, and you are a dead man.

St. James's Cofsee-house, May 27.

We hear from Leghorn, that Sir Edward Wbitaker, with sive men of war, four transports, and two sirefhips,' were arrived at thac port; and Admiral Byng was suddenly expected. Their squadrons being joined, they designed to fail directly for Final, to transport the reinforcements lodged in those parts to Barcelona.


They write from Milan, that Count Thaun arrived there on 4the sixteenth instant, N. S. and proceeded on his journey to Turin on the twenty-sirst, in order to concert such measures with his Royal Highness, as shall appear necessary sor the operations of the ensuing campaign.

Advices from Daupbine fay, that the troops of the Duke of Savoy begin already to appear in those valleys, whereof he made himself master the last year; and that the Duke of Berwsck applied himself with all imaginable diligence to secure the passes of the mountains, by Ordering intrenchments to be made towards Briancon, Tourneau, and the valley of Queiras. That General has also been at Marseilles and Toulon, to hasten the transportation of the corn and provisions designed sor his army.

Letters from P'ienna, bearing date May the twentythird, N. S. import, that the Cardinal of Sate-Zeits and the Prince of Lichtenfiein, were preparing to set out sor Prejlurq, to assist at the Diet of the States of Hungary, which is to be aslVmbkd at that place on the twenty siftb of this month. General Heifirr will {Wily appear the head of his army at Trenischin, which place is appointed sor the general rendezvous of the imperial forces in Hungary; from whence he will advance to lay siege to Nenibausel. In the mean time reinsorcements, with a great train of artillery, are marching the fame way! The King of Denmark arrived on the tenth instant at Inspruck, and on the twenty-sifth at Dresden under a tuple discharge of the artillery of that place; but his Majesty resused the ceremonies of a public entry.

Our letters from the Upper Rhine Cay, that the imperial army began to sorm itself at Etlingen; where the respective Deputies of the Elector Palatine, the Prince os Baden Durlaeb, the bishopric of Spires, &c. were assembled, and had taken the necessary measures sor the provision of sorage, the security of the country against the incursions of the enemy, and laying a bridge over the Rhine. Several vessels laden with corn are daily pasting besore Frankfort sor the Lower Rhine.

Letters from Poland insorm us, that a detachment of Muscovite cavalry, under the command of General Insiand, had joined the consederate army; and the insanG 4 try, try, commanded by General Goltx, was expected 10 come up within, sew day. These succours will amount to twenty-thoufand men.

Our last advices from the Hague, dated June the fourth, N. S. fay, that they expected a courier from the French Court, with a ratisication of the Preliminaries, that night or the day following. His Grace the Duke of Marlborougb will set out for Brussels on Wednesday or Thursday next, if the dispatches which are expected from Paris do not alter his resolutions. Letters from Majorca consirm the honourable capitulation of the castle of Alicant, and also the death of the Governor, Major-general Richards, Colonel Sibcurg, and Major Vignollet, who were all buried in the ruins of that place by the springing of the great mine, which did, it see;ns, more execution than was reported. Monsieur Torcy passed through Mans in his return, and had there a long conserence with the Elector of Bau aria; after which, that Prince spoke publicly of the treatment he had received from France, with the utmost indignation.

"Any person that (hall come publicly abroad !n a "fantastical habit, contrary to the present mode and *» f ;thion,Except Don Dirga Dismallo, or any other out

of povei-ty, shall have his name and dress inserted in "our next.

"N. B Mr. Hew'd'jecull is desired to leave off those *' buttons."


N° 22. Tuesday, May 31, 1709. J

.' u . . .«

While's Chocolate-house, May 28.

1C A M E hither this evening to see fashions, and who should I sirst encounter, but my old friend Cynihio, (encompassed by a crowd of young sellows) dictating on the passion of Love with the gayest air imaginable. ** Well, fays he, as to what I know of the matter, "there is nothing but ogling with (kill carries a woman; "but indeed it is not every fool that is capable of this "art; you will sind twenty can speak eloquently, sifty "that can sight mansully, and a thoufand that can dress "genteelly at a mistress, where there is one that can "gaze skilsully. This requires an exquisite judgment, "to take the language of her eyes to yours exactly, and "not let yours talk too fast for hers; as at a Play be"tween the Acts, when Beau Friji stands upon a bench "sull in Lindamird's face, and her dear eyes are search"ing round to avoid that flaring open fool ; she meets "the watchsul glance of her true Lover, and sees his "heart attentive on her charms, and waiting for a ft"cond twinkle of her eye for its next motion." Here the good company sneered; but he goes on. "Nor is "this attendance a slavery, when a man meets with en"couragement, and her eye comes often in his way: "For, after an evening so spent, and the repetition of "four or sive significant looks at him, the happy man "goes home to his lodging, sulloften thoufand pleasing "images: His brain is dilated, and gives him all the "ideas and prospects which it ever lets into its seat of "pleasure. Thus a kind look from Lindamira revives "in his imagination all the heanteous lawns, green "sields, woods, forests, rivers, and solitudes, which "he had ever before seen in picture, description, or "real life: And all with this addition, thy he now G j "se«e

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