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"And so, submitting myself to be tried by my Coun"try, and allowing any jury of twelve good men, and "true, to be that country; not excepting any, unlesi "Mr. Isaac Bickerftaff, to be of the pannel, for you ar* "neither good nor true. 1 bid you heartily farewel) "and am, .


Your loving friend,

tatb, Julj zt,






ABSOLUTE power represented in a dance, p. 6y.
Advice not be given to every body, 150. Not
aiked for information, but outof sulness and perplexity
of heart, ibid.
Æsculapius, his recipe for love, 282. Falls in love with

the divine Hebe, 261,
Africanus, his character, 218. His magnanimity and

manner of purchasing annuities, 228;
Age, what renders it most agreeable, 270. Indecent

when not spent in virtue, 275.
Alchymift, a comedy by Ben Johnson, remarks on it, 84.
^Alicant, castle of,, surrenders, 61. Account of officers
: killed.there, 128.

Allen, Mr. a player, founder of Dulwich college, 119.
Almanack, Oxfond, for 1709, considered, 232, 233.
Aloft, attempt to surprize the garrison there, 6.
Amanda, the happy wise of Florio; character of her, 292.
Annihilation, described by Milton and Dryden, 30, 31.
Annuities, how purchased by Asricanus, 228.
Ar gyle, John, Duke of, his character, 277.
Artillery company of London, description of an exercise

of arms performed by them, 245.
Aspafia, a most excellent woman; her character, 251.

The si.rst of the beauteous order of love, 291.



Afiurias, prince of, acknowledged heir to the crown of

Spain, Tj.

tAvaro, a mean spirited rich man, described, 15!.
Aurengczebe, an Indian stock-jobber, his history, and in-
decent manner of spending old age, 272,273.


BA C H E L O R's scheme to govern a wise, 57.
Bajados, account of a battle there, 101.
Bankers, why they should take poems for bills, 256.
Barrymore, Earl of, made prisoner at the battle of Ba-
jados, 102.

Barry, Mrs. an excellent player, 4. Desired to actthe

widow at Mr Bickers t aff's foneral, 39.
Bath, commotions among the good company there, 93,

. 94, tsV.

Battle of Bajados, 101.

Bays, his expedient to procure applause at the play-
house, 36.

Beadkftaff, his testimony of a reformation and puppet-

shew at Oxford, 267.
Bear, meaning of that word explained, 225.
Bear-garden, of great Antiquity, 186.
Beauty, the force and efsicacy of it, 88, 89. Every

temper to be softened by it, c^t.
Belfry, Mr. an ignorant clown, his behaviour at Lady

Dainty's, 221.
Bernard, Mr. a French banker, consequences of his failure,

16—26—177. His offer to his^ creditors, 56.
Betterton, Mr. a celebrated player, account of his benesit

play, 4.

Bickerstaff, Isaac, his genealogy, 66. An adept in
astronomical speculations, n. Gives advice for his
own fake, 31. Expects hush money, 156. Did not
compound with the milliners and toymen, 184. His
will, 38. Extraordinary cures performed by him at
his lodgings, 203. Disposes of his three nephews>
179, 180.

Bicknell, or Bignell, Mrs. a comedian, commended, 13.

• — Acts the Country Wife, ibid.

- Billet, deux concerning a rival, \ 7-4,


Birth, to be proud of it, the greatest os vanities, 66.
Bodily wits, who, 270.
Bracegirdle, Mrs. an excellent player, 4.
Bribery, a treatise thereon, 249. A poem on that sub-
ject, 250.

Brunette, Colonel, a very pretty sellow, 141.
Brussels postscript, remarks on that poem, 275, 276.
Buckley, Mr. a drawcansir, 108.

Bullock and Penketbman, the comedians, to attend Mr.

Bickerstaff'% suneral, 63.
Busy Body, character of that comedy, 112.
But, that particle used too frequently, 229.


CAB OGAN, Major-general, arrives at Brussels, 5.
Cælia, why so long a maid, 23.
Ca/ar, Julius, compared with Alexander, 36.
Camilla, account of the person who performed that cha-
racter in the opera, 118.
Campaign, by Addison, character of that poem, 259.
Cancrum, his merit, 143.
Cant, of modern men of wit, 71.
"Cards take the place of poetry, 4.
Careless, Frank, opposed to Fop Nice, 85.
Ceremony, the invention and use of it, 181.
Challenge, the style of it, 149.
Children, manner of nursing them, 88,89.
Chloe, love of her makes coxcombs, 19.
Circumspection water, Bickers t aff's, wondersul effects of

it, 7—203.
Citizens distinguished from cits, 152. \f
Clarissa, love of her makes madmen, 19.
Clidatnira, a woman of distinction, a pretty lady, 205.
'Comment on stone-walls, 103.
Companions, what sort most desirable, 270, 271.
-Compassion, often the weakest part about us, 248.
Conscience described, 288, 289.
Contention between two Ladies for the title of Very pretty,

Converfation, mutual good-will the quintessence of con-
verfation, 271. The most necessary talent therein, 121.
Repartees, 189.

Copenhagen, poetically described by Ambrose Philips, 74,

Coquettry, what, 162.

Coquettes, a mischievous sect, ibid,
g Corinna, a kept mistress, her manner of lise with Lint-

berhavt, 292.
r Country Wife, remarks 011 that comedy, iz, 13.

Country, ignorant of Mr. Bicierstaff's writings, 188.

Credit described, 288.

Criticks, of all mortals the silliest, 175. Opposed to
wits, 174. A great critic falls into a sit at the opera, 20.
Custom, the cause of duels, 172.

Cynthio falls in love, 3, The effects of a bow from his

inistresss 25. Dictating on the passion of love, 129.

His adventure at the play-house, 130. His resolution.

and letter, to his mistress thereon, 210.
Czar of Muscovy, account, of his victory over the. Swedes,..




DAMIJ, a woman of distinction, a very pretty
Lady, 205.
Dancing displays beauty, 204.
Dasfapa, Tom, his potions, 289.

Dawks, honest Icabod, the news-letter-writer, an account
of him, 108.

Decius, the character of a lewd person, 266.

Dedications, the abuse of them, 255. A play dedicated
to a city-knight, ibid.

Denmark, King of, runs, for a prize at Dresden, 202..
Account of his tour, 10—z6—34—43—46—127.

Distaff, Jenny,Mr. Bickerstaffh half-sister, her discourse on
love; the command and power-of women, 56. Her
reflections on her brother's writings,. 197. Her con-
duct in an amour, 199.

Diversions for the King of Denmark at Dresden, 202.

Diviio (or Christopher Rich, Esq;) fale of his goods,,
celestial and terrestrial, 253, 254.

Dags, account of the loss of a Lady's lap-dog, 284.


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