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from Johnson's Dictionary Online:
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"N. B. Φιλιππος" is a pseudonym (Φιλιππος, or Philippos, means "lover of horses
"). His book, The Farrier's and Horseman's Dictionary, Being a Compleat System of Horsemanship, was published in London in 1726. According to the Preface to Thomas Wallis' own The Farrier's and Horseman's Complete Dictionary (1759), "A book appeared upon the same plan, between thirty and forty years ago, intitled the Farrier's and Horseman's Dictionary. The compiler of this work did not make the utmost advantage of such helps as might be had, even at the time he wrote: since which, however, the art of farriery in particular has been greatly improved" (iv). In The Early History of Veterinary Literature and its British Development (Frederick Smith, 1933), the anonymous writer "does not appear to have had the most elementary knowledge of the subject; he even reproduces Bradley's nonsense about the "cordes" and "cold" in the head!" (vol. 2, p. 23). 

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