The Munster cottage boy, Volume 4

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Page 157 - Had not concluded all. For now I stand as one upon a rock, Environ'd with a wilderness of sea, Who marks the waxing tide grow wave by wave, Expecting ever when some envious surge Will in his brinish bowels swallow him. SHAKESPEARE.
Page 1 - Alack ! there lies more peril in thine eye, Than twenty of their swords; look thou but sweet, And I am proof against their enmity.
Page 267 - plung'd in ills and exercis'd in care, Yet never let the noble mind despair: When prest by dangers, and beset with foes, The
Page 189 - absence; but instead of complying with her request, he had merely laughed at it, no doubt for the purpose of dissipating the fears that had suggested it, by seeming to deride them. In agony she fell on her knees, and raising! her trembling hands to God, implored his still further protection for this persecuted man.—'
Page 131 - perfectly comprehending his glance', and swelling with rage and malice, " that she cannot act without influence." " Yes, I pay her the compliment," was the haughty return, " of thinking that her own heart is too kind, too gentle, to allow her voluntarily to act with unkindness to any one." " Oh, do not distress me by this
Page 86 - think it likely we shall soon encounter her." Fidelia thanked him for his kindness; but begged to be excused. She had many reasons for refusing his request; her spirits were too much agitated for conversation, and she wished henceforward to decline attentions that could now only be a source of anguish to her. But Grandison
Page 6 - this she considered her fixed one, being fond of the amusements of Bath. Immediately on their return to England, lady Caroline, with Miss Slaney, had left her to pay a visit in the North to some relations of the general, so that, at present, she had only the young people she had brought over from
Page 29 - he spoke, to the ladies she had mentioned; but, with an air of disdain at his preference of Fidelia, they all drew back from accepting what was thus offered, and, with an affected titter at something they pretended to whisper to each other, passed on to the staircase. Acting as master of the mansion,
Page 176 - that on the colonel's obtaining that accession of fortune he so much required, by the unexpected devolvement of the entailed title of Oldbury, he separated himself from her,, nor again became reconciled. His desertion affected her in a manner that brought on ill health; and thus prevented flying from herself to banish thought, reflections
Page 234 - this proposal Glenmore at present could make no objection; on the contrary, unacquainted as he was with the real character of lord Castle Dermot, and strongly attached to the countess, he was delighted at it; to have his daughter securely established in life, and no storm he believed could blow that would materially

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