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ADDRESS, by Mr. COKE, Page 1, 205, 258, 272, 282, 292, 298

BIRCH, 6, 36, 39, 295, 310
COKE's Coinmittee, 49

Birch's Committee, 51
Address, signed A Burgess, against Mr. Coke's Party, 79

A Burgess, in favor of Mr. Coke, 10
A Burgess, in favor of Mr. Birch, 17, 146, 273
A Burgess, in reply to the Housekeeper, 146
A Burgess true to his Oath, 101
A Burgess true to his Oath of Allegiance, 148
A Freeholder, 97
A Friend to Truth, 208
A Friend of Liberty, against Mr. Coke, 269
A Friend to Toleration---To the Religious So-

cieties in Nottm. called Methodists, 286
A sincere Friend to Toleration--to the same, 289
A Grateful Burgess, in favor of Mr. Coke, 262.
A Housekeeper, &c. 144
A loyal Burgess & a Supporter of Mr. Birch, 238
A true born Englishman, 236
A True Friend, & a Brother Burgess, &c. 125
A Wellwisher to his King, and the Laws and

Constitution of his Country, &c. 63
An honest and independent Burgess, 217
An independent Freeman just arrived, 174
An Old and Loyal Elector, in favor of Mr.

Coxe, 27,

Address, signed An Old and Loyal Burgess, Page 37

An Old Burgess, in favor of MR. BIRCII, 15
Another Setter-ap, in Auswer to Mr. Plain

Neit, 181
One of the People, 239
One of Yourselves, 301
Philanthropos, 308
The Poor Man's Friend, & a Lover of Truth, 41
Two of their Tribe on a late Trial, 116

William Eyre, 363
Address, anonymous, Against Mr. Coke's conduct, 107

Exlorting the Friends of Mr. Birch to per.

severe, 266
On the Petition against the Nottingham

Bill, 117
On Thumbing, against the Corporation, 248
Respecting the coming of Mr. COKE, 34
Respecting the New Houses on Sion-hill,

Acrostic on the popular new 6dy Medal, 361
Address to the Military stationed at Nottingham, 353

to the Military Vindicated, 355
Advantages of Lovalty over Disaffection, 187

Slavery over Independence, 234
Advertisement--- In thé Antiministerial Press, &c. 189
Another Lamentation, a sqoib against Mr. Coke, 151
At a Town in the North, &c. a song, 123
Birci's (Mr.) Arrival in Nottinghiam, with an Account of the

Procession, 245
B- (Mr.) and the Old C-rp-r-t--n, an address, signed An

Enemy to Oppression, 219
Birch Rod for the Pedagogue.--Blue-coat Charity School, 355
Birch Tree Personified, shewing its general Utility, 844
Birch Triumphant, a song, 153
Broken Oaths and Cracked Consciences, signed Lucifer, 227

Brother Double-face, a squib, signed True Blue, 56
Brother Jacobins, a squib,, signed Double-face, Page 54, 100

Double-face, 61
Browne's (Mr.) Vindication---Blue-coat Charity School, 357
Burgess Oath, 149 Burgess Oath, a Fragment, 150
Bustling Jago, a song, 278
CARD, by Mr. Coke's Committee, 37, 232, 293
Card, by Mr. Birch's Committee, 245
Card, by Mr. Birch, 258
Castle Building, a song, 143
Choice, 362
Coke and Freedom, a new glee, 154
Coke and the Constitution for ever, a song, 92
Coke and the True Blues for ever, a song, 189
Coke (Mr.) Vindicated---Duty of a Representative, 330

Arrival of, in Nottingham, with an Account of the

Procession, 232
Not influenced by Party in Religious Matters, 28

Chairing of, 305
Colonel Despard and Company, &c. a squib, 273
Come yè gallant Sons of Freedom, &c. a song, 271
Contrast, or Natural History, Uses, and Virtues of Coke and

Birch, 175
Corporation's Lamentation, 199
Daniel and Joseph, a song, 140
Daniel's Invitation to Nottingham, a song, 165
Daniel's Lamentation, 89
Daniel's Vision, in two parts, 335
Davison's Letter to the Rev. Matihew Browne, 357
Devil's Visit to the Corporation, a song, 121
Dialogue between Tom Tory and Jack Trueman, 159
Dream, in three parts, by John Bunyan, Junior, 348
ENERGETIĆ Orders for Imitation or Adoption, 259
Epistle from Sir Joseph to Sir Francis, 332
Extract from Mr. Fox's Speech, 27%

Few Words to Mr. Plain Nett, signed A Setter-up, Page 179
Fifty Pounds Reward, a Handbill, 290
For Nottingham Town, &c. a sony, by Huntley, in favor of

Mr. Coke's Election, 152
For the Benefit of the loyal True Blues, &c. 173
Freeman's Parody, a song, 43

Triumph, a song, 46

Day, a poem, 244
Freedom Triumphant over Oppression, a song, 164
Friendly Hini to Setters-up, or a New Motto for a Flag, signed

Plain Nett, 177
Friendly Hint to Mr. Plain Nett, signed Plain Truth, 183
Good Folks let me tell you, &c. a song, against Mr. Coke's

Party, 190
Hail Coke, the Man, &c. a song, in favor of Mr. Coxe, 43
Handbill in consequence of the 'Address to the Military,' 351
Harrod's Defence, or Battle of the Printers, 136
Hints to Mr. Bowles for more Postscripts, 166
Hint to a “Moderate Man," 168
Iluzza ! huzza ! huzza! an address, signcd An Englishman, 279
Hydrophobia, or the Dread of Ducking, 339
Hyma of Liberty. 346
INFORMATION respecting tlic Election, an address, siyncd No

Double-face, 104
Interesting Conversat. between Mr. Thumb & Mr. Candour, 320
JACOBINS' Lamentation and Conversion, 185
Jago, Monkey, and Jackdaw, a song, 281
Joiner's Work to be done by Private Contract, 169
Joseph's Dream, 114
Joseph's Lamentation, a parody, 294
Joseph's Retreat, a song, 296
LETTER froin John Bull of Derby to bis Brother Thoinas at

Nottinghain, 67

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