The History of the Kirk of Scotland

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Wodrow Society, 1842 - Presbyterianism
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League sought with Scotland by the French and English 64 1524 James V assumes the government 67 1525 The Earl of Angus usurps the chief auth...
They refuse to entrust the Earl of Argyle and Lord James to con
He is apprehended by the Bishop of St Andrews 75 Articles of his belief
Effects of Hamiltons martyrdom
Friar Archbishops sermon on clerical abuses
Trial of Alexander Turner on the charge of heresy 86 His singular defence
His execution 97 The King escapes from the Douglasses
They are obliged to fly to England 99 1530 Fruitless meeting of the Scotch and English wardens on the Borders 100 John Armstrong and his followe...
The articles of accusation 115 His sentence and condemnation 117 His answer to the articles of accusation 119 Persecution of priests who had embrac...
Martyrdom of Jerome Russell and N Kennedy
The Earl of Glencairns poem ridiculing friars hermits and pil
War with England 144 The Scottish nobles refuse to invade England
Distraction of James V at the flight of his army 150 His death 152 1543 The Earl of Arran elected Governor of Scotland 154 He favours the Reforma...
The proposal accepted by the Scottish nobility 159 The Earl of Arran rejects his friends 161 Cardinal Beaton endeavours to excite a war with England
The Lords Supper celebrated in St Andrews 237 The Castle of St Andrews surrendered 239 Perfidious treatment of the prisoners
Martyrdom of John Rough
A French fleet arrives to aid the Scots against the English 255 Mary Stewart conveyed to France
Trial and martyrdom of Adam Wallace
The Pater Noster controversy 273 1553 Mary of Guise prevails with the governor to resign his authority 277 Labours of John Knox in England
He refuses conformity to the ceremonies of the English church 280 1554 Mary of Guise appointed regent 282 Contentions in the English congregati...
His letter to Mrs A Locke on the corruptions of the English church 431 Part of his letter to Secretary Cecil 434 His Apology for his First Blast to Secr...
The Queen Regent summons the preachers
Effects of his sermon in Perth 441 The Queen Regents indignation in consequence 442 Letter of the Congregation to the Queen upon the subject
The Protestants of the west resolve to assist their brethren 451 Warning of the Reformers to the Popish clergy 452 Commencement of the war of the ...
Appointment between the Queen and Congregation
The Earl of Argyle Lord James and others forsake the Queen Regent 461 Reformation of St Andrews 462 Attempt to surprise the Earl of Argyle and ...
Lotter of the Earl of Argyle and Lord James to the Queen
Useless conference held at Preston
Heads of the proclamation
The Lords of the Congregation accordingly write to Secretary Cecil ib Knoxs letter to Cecil at this period 491 His apology to Queen Elizabeth for his ...
Her letter to the Duke of Chattelherault 503 Her letter to the barons and gentlemen of the Congregation 504 Her deceitful practices till more forces ar...
Answer by the Lords of the Congregation
Lockharts negotiations between the Queen Regent and the Con
His letter of credit
Proclamation of the Queens suspension from the government
First defeat of the Congregation in the siege of Leith
The Lords divide themselves into two companies
Arrival of the English fleet in the Frith of Forth
Commissioners sent from the Lords to meet the Duke of Norfolk at Berwick
Contract between the Commissioners and the Duke at Berwick 573 Copy of the instructions given to the Commissioners
Arrival of the English army into Scotland 582 First skirmishes between the French and English 583 Band subscribed by the Scottish noblemen and g...

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Page 264 - Jesus took bread, and blessed it, and brake it, and gave it to his disciples, and said, Take, eat; this is my body. And he took the cup, and gave thanks, and gave it to them, saying, Drink ye all of it; For this is my blood of the new testament, which is shed for many for the remission of sins.
Page 227 - I speak unto you that which I have in charge, even from all those that are here present, which is this : — ' In the name of God and of his Son Jesus Christ, and in the name of all that presently call you by my mouth, I charge you that you refuse not this holy vocation...
Page 142 - James had a good gift of poesie, and made diverse comedeis and tragedeis in the Scotish tongue, wherein he nipped the abusses and superstitioun of the time. He composed in forme of tragedie the beheading of Johne the Baptist, which was acted at the West Port of Dundie, wherin he carped roughlie the abusses and corruptiouns of the Papists. He compiled the Historic of Dyonisius the Tyranne...
Page 228 - Whereat the said John, abashed, burst forth in most abundant ' tears, and withdrew himself to his chamber. His countenance ' and behaviour, from that day till the day that he was compelled ' to present himself to the public place of preaching, did sufficiently ' declare the grief and trouble of his heart ; for no man saw any ' sign of mirth in him, neither yet had he pleasure to accompany
Page ii - for the publication of the works of the fathers and early writers of the Reformed Church of Scotland.
Page 424 - ... means that none taketh care of our misery, and that it is better to provide for these our impotent members which God hath given us, to oppose to you in plain controversy than to see you hereafter, as ye have done...
Page 142 - After his returne, he was instructed in religioun by James Hewat, a Blacke frier at Dundie. He confirmed the doctrine which the other had receaved in his youth, in St Leonard's Colledge, under Mr Gawin Logie. This James had a good gift of poesie, and made diverse comedeis and tragedeis in the Scotish tongue, wherein he nipped the abusses and superstitioun of the time. He composed in forme of tragedie the beheading of Johne the Baptist, which was acted at the West Port of Dundie, wherin he carped...
Page 302 - Traitoress to the realm of England : contrary to the just laws of the same, to bring in a stranger, and make a proud Spaniard, King; to the destruction of the Nobility, and subversion of the realm.
Page 516 - Jesus is begun to be preached upon the south borders, nixt unto you, in Jedburgh and Kelso, so that the trumpet soundeth over all, blessed be our God.
Page 362 - But and if thou do that which is evil, then fear ; for he beareth not the sword for nought, for he is the minister of God, to take vengeance on him that doth evil.