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No. 12.

Brigadier Douglas to the Adjutant' General of the Army.

Dinapore, August 14, 1858.

Sir, No. 50.

I HAVE the honour to forward herewith, for submission to his Excellency the Commander-inChief, a report from Lieutenant-Colonel Walter, 35th Regiment, commanding at Arrah, of a successful encounter which the troops under his command had on the 30th ultimo, with the rebels near the village of Korisauth, in which they sustained a loss of from 50 to 60 men without any casualties on our side.

I have, &c,
JOHN DOUGLAS, Brigadier,
Commanding in the disturbed Districts of
Ghazeepore and Behar.

No. 13.

Lieutenant-Colonel Walter to Captain Stevenson, Brigade- \fujor, Behar Field Force, Dinapore.

Arrah, July 31, 1858.

Sir, No. 63.

I HAVE the honour to report, for the information of Brigadier Douglas, C.B., that with the detail named in the margin,' I left this station at ? A.m. yesterday for Judgerajgunge, 10 miles west of Arrah, on the Buxar Road. The bridge over the Bewar at Beebigunge had been destroyed

* Bengal Artillery, 2 3- pounders and 1 12-pounder howitzer; Her Majesty's 10th Regiment, 80 rank and file; Her Majesty's 35th Regiment, 140 rank and file; 60th Royal Rifles, 210 rank and file; 3rd Seikh Irregular Cavalry, 55 sabres; Bengal Police Battalion, 30 rank and file. by the rebels. I had a temporary one thrown over during the night, which I crossed.

2. On arriving at Judgerajgunge, I found the enemy, who were reported to be in force, had left some hours: the country was too heavy from the rains for me to follow them up with any hope of success, either with cavalry or artillery.

3. I then moved on the village of Korisanth, a rebel stronghold, which I destroyed and bivouacked in a tope close to it.

4. The rebels approached me in force at ! 1 ;they were computed at 80 cavalry and 800 infantry. I attacked them with cavalry, and clouds of skirmishers drove them through topes and belts of jungles. I then ordered the artillery to the front; they opened on them; the cavalry now turned the enemy's left flank, observing which, and that they were moving to the right, I changed line to the left, prolonging my skirmishers in that direction.

5. The heat was now intense, the troops much exhausted, several men had fallen from sunstrokes. I therefore gave up the pursuit, and got the men under cover.

6. The loss of the enemy from killed and wounded was between 50 and 60; 27 dead were left on the field. The enemy were seen carrying off their wounded.

7. All ranks vied in doing their duty. I beg to name Captain Medhurst, 10th Regiment; Captain Elkington, 35th Regiment; Captain Warren, 60th Royal Rifles; Lieutenant Oibh, Artillery, and Lieutenant Mackeson, Bengal Police Battalion, commanding Detachments of Corps.

8. Lieutenant Beadon, Commanding Detachment 3rd Seikh Irregular Cavalry, has upon this, as upon all occasions when on patrol duty, rendered me the greatest service; he is unwearying in his exertions, and is a most excellent officer.

9. Captain Baring, Staff Officer, afforded every assistance.

10. To Assistant-Surgeon L. O. Patterson, Her Majesty's 35th Regiment, I am much indebted; after making his medical arrangements, he joined me at my request. I cannot speak too highly of his zeal and efficiency as an officer.

11. Mr. Broadhurst, the magistrate, accompanied me on this, as on every other occasion I have been out, always in the front. The fact of the force falling in with, and engaging the enemy on so many occasions, speaks for itself, as to the value and correctness of the information I have received from him. which is difficult to obtain in the present state of the district.

12. I am happy to say there were no casualties, and the cases of sun-stroke have all recovered.

I have, &c,
J. M. WALTER, Lieutenant-Colonel,
Commanding Force at Arrah.

No, 14.


Military Department, Allahabad, t/te 30th September, 1858. No. 434 of 1858. THE Right Honourable the Governor-General is pleased to direct the publication of the following Despatch, from Brigadier Douglas, C.B., commanding in the disturbed districts of Ghazeepore and Behar, submitting a report from Major Carr, Madras Rifles, commanding at Buxar, of a successful operation resulting in the complete defeat and dispersion of the rebels, on the 13th August, 1858.

R. J. H. BIRCH, Major-General, Secretary to the Government of India, Military Department, with the Governor-General.

No. 15.

Brigadier Douglas to the Adjutant General of the Army.

Dinapore, 30th August, 1858.

Sir, No. 92.

I HAVE the honour to forward herewith, for submission to his Excellency the Commander-inChief, a report from Major Carr, Madras Rifles, commanding at Buxar, of a successful operation undertaken by him on the 13th instant, which resulted in the complete defeat and dispersion, with heavy loss, of a very greatly superior body of rebels, who had threatened, and were about to attack his advanced post at Doomraon.

2. I beg to call his Excellency's special attention to the very skilful manner in which the small force under Major Carr was handled; to the cheerful alacrity which all ranks are reported to have displayed in encountering the enemy ; and to the spirit and determination which animated the Cavalry (both of the Military Train and 3rd Seikh Irregular Regiment), when after severe exertions over heavy ground, by which their horses were completely exhausted, and when far away from all support, under their gallant leader Captain Nason, they unhesitatingly threw themselves on two large bodies of the hostile infantry, whom they dispersed with a severe loss in killed and wounded.

3. Captain Nason's report of this brilliant charge is forwarded in original, as also a Nominal Return of the casualties on our side, of which I am happy to say, the list is extremely light and insignificant when compared with the complete success obtained.

I have, &c,
JOHN DOUGLAS, Brigadier,
Commanding in the disturbed districts of
Ghazeepore and Behar.

No. 16.

Major Carr to the Deputy Assistant AdjutantGeneral, with Brigadier Douglas.

Sir, huxar, 16tA August, 1858.

I HAVE the honour to report, for the information of Brigadier Douglas, that on the 11th, having been called on by Captain Broome, Commanding Doomraon, for assistance, as a large body of the rebels were moving on his post, I immediately sent off a troop and half of the Military Train, in all 50 sabres and 120 Seikh Cavalry, under Lieutenant Ryall, the whole commanded by Captain Nason, Military Train ; I proceeded myself during the night with 2 Companies 84th, on elephants, and 50 Madras Rifles.

On the 12th, the enemy said to be from 1,500 to 2,000, 800 of whom were Sepoys, were reported to me to be posted in and round the village of Chowgain, about six miles off. I went out of Doomraon a short way in their direction, but finding the country so difficult for cavalry, for it iivas all enclosed, and having in all only about 150 coifantry, of whom 100 only were Europeans, I reported, and sent into Buxar for the two Naval Carrie Guns, which with one other company of 'Uh, arrived at twelve at night; this they were

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