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Chief, the accompanying report, dated Camp Mow, 1st September and 4th September, respectively, forwarded by Captain W. Ashburner, Commanding Field Detachment, to Lieutenant-Colonel Liddell, Commanding the 2nd Brigade, Gwalior Division, detailing the operations of a force under the command of Captain VV. Ashburner, operating against the rebel Thakoors, Burjoor Sing Bundelah, Jowahir Sing, Davie Sing, Keueawalas, and Thakoor Maidmee Mull, and considering the small force at the disposal of Captain Ashburner. the result of his operations I consider to be highly satisfactory and creditable to that Officer.

I have, ifec,
R. NAPIER, Brigadier-General,
Commanding Gwalior Division.

No. 38.

Captain IV. Ashburner, Commanding Field Detachment, to Lieutenant-Colonel Liddell, Commanding the 2nd Brigade.

Camp Mow,

September 1, 1858.


I HAVE the honour to report, that on the morning of the 2nd instant, having received intimation of two hundred rebels being collected in the town of Sosra, with the intention of plundering it, should the inhabitants not pay a ransom, I immediately ordered out a party, strength as per margin *

The cavalry under Lieutenant Dick I sent on in advance with orders to surround the town, my spies having informed me, that it was situated in the plain, I myself remaining to bring up the infantry as speedily as possible.

* 100 Sabres 3rd Light Cavalry; 50 Bayonets 3rd Europeans; 100 Bayonet! 24th Native Infantry.

On arriving near the village of Naroul, lying in our route, and about a mile and a half beyond which Sosra is situated, I sent on an officer with a slight escort, to see if Lieutenant Dick had arrived and surrounded the town as directed; and further ordering him to inform me, if there were any rebels in the town, as the infantry were somewhat fatigued with the march, the roads being heavy, and in some places under water. I thought the news of the rebels being near would inspirit them.

This party, having been fired on by some rebels in Naroul, was obliged to retire, and await my arrival with the infantry, when, throwing out skirmishers, I advanced on the town, the rebels retiring through the ravines in rear, and to the left of the town, which were of great size and depth ; through these we followed them, and coming within good range at a nullah, which operated as a slight obstacle to their retreat, being much swollen, the infantry succeeded in disposing of a few of the rebels; crossing the stream, which was running rapidly at the time, we continued to drive the rebels through the ravines until we arrived at Sosra, at which point they re-crossed the o-tream and made towards Mow Mohoni.

The rebels here had evacuated the town previous to my arrival, and probably formed some of the party whom we had driven across the river at this point. ,

On arriving at Sosra, I entered it and found it deserted by the inhabitants, the greater portion of whom, as well as the leading men, are I understand in league with the rebels. The cavalry rejoined me after we entered Sosra, having watched the further side of the town, the only one not intersected by the ravines in which horsemen could not possibly act.

As it rained heavily on our setting out on the expedition, and also at intervals during the day, the troops were all thoroughly wetted; and I therefore thought it advisable to return to camp that night, which I did, arriving about 7 o'clock P.m.

I faftVC & C

W. ASHBURNEB, Captain,
Commanding Field Detachment.

No. 39.

Captain W. Ashbnrner, Commanding Field Detachment, to Brigadier Liddell, Commanding 2nd Brigade, C. I. F. F.

Camp Mow, on the Pohooj River, Sir, September 4, 1858.

I DO myself the honour to report that I this morning marched from Duboh, strength as per margin,* with the intention of attacking the force of rebels, who have for some time past been assembled in force of from 2 to 4,000, at the villages of Mow and Mohoni, situated on either bank of the river Pohooj under the following leaders, viz. :—

Thakoor Burjoor Sing Bundelah, Thakoors Jowahir Sing and Davie Sing Kenawalas, and Thakoor Maidnee Mull.

Continuous and heavy rain since the 31st ultimo prevented my attacking them on the 1st instant, in this position, which they had selected

* 3rd Light Cavalry, 8 European Officers, 7 Native Officers, 125 Non-commissioned Officers, Rank and File; Royal Artillery, 1 Officer, 10 Non-commissioned Officers. Rank and File; Bhopal Artillery, 41 Non-Comniissioned Officers, Rank and File; 3rd Europeans, 2 Officers. 88 Non-commissioned Officers, Rank and File; 24th Native Infantry, 4 European Officers, 3 Native Officers, 174 Non-commissioned Officers, Rank and File; Sappers and Miners, 1 European Officer, 1 Native Officer, 34 Non-commissioned Officers Rank and File.

on account of its great natural strength, and being intersected by deep ravines.

Oq arriving at Mohoni. we found the enemy in possession of the nullahs, from which they opened fire at our advanced guard. We threw out skirmishers, with the usual supports, and having found a good position for the guns, opened upon the enemy with shrapnel, which soon drove them from their position, and allowed of our advance close up to the town of Mohoni, into which, as my force of infantry is but small and inadequate to the usual loss incurred in street fighting, I directed two or three shells to be thrown, which was done, and had the effect of clearing it thoroughly. We then advanced to the opposite side of the town, facing the fort of Mow, where the enemy were observed to be assembled, and had brought a gun to bear upon our approach by the road, and which they opened upon our skirmishers and advance; this gun was soon silenced by ours, and, seeing that the enemy had withdrawn it, and fearing that it might be carried away, I orderd an advance of the whole line, at the same time directing a party of the 3rd Light Cavalry as per margin* to mount.

These men, up to this time, had been dismounted as a support to our guns, to enable me to bring all my infantry into play.

No European cavalry officer being at that moment available, I requested Mr. Veterinary Surgeon Lamh, to accompany and lead it in pursuit of the guns, which he most willingly undertook to do, but Lieutenant and Adjutant Moore, coming up shortly afterwards, I despatched him also with them.

This party soon overtook the enemy, captured

* 2 European Officers, 3 Native Officers, 50 Rank and their two guns, which were at once turned on their former owners, and cut up about 30 of them, Mr. Lamb being slightly wounded in the pursuit.

Owing to the difficult nature of the ground which gave secure cover to the enemy, their loss in killed and wounded was not so severe as I could have wished, but I estimate it in all at from 80 to a 100; their rout and dispersal was however complete, and the only two guns which they had are now in our possession, with all their ammunition, &c

I beg to bring prominently to your notice the names of Mr. Veterinary Surgeon Lamb, Lieutenant and Adjutant Moore, and Subadar Soojat Khan, 3rd Light Cavalry, for their gallantry in the capture of the enemy's guns in most difficult ground, and trust that Government may deem their services worthy of recognition.

I must not omit to bring to your notice, the zeal and energy of Serjeant Murphy, of the Bhopal Contingent Artillery, who worked hi3 guns most successfully until knocked down by a sun-stroke.

X am happy to say, that we had no casualties from the enemy's fire; a few of the Europeans were knocked down by the sun, but are now doing well.

Enclosed is a list of our casualties, as also of the Artillery and Stores captured from the enemy.

I have. &c,
W. ASHBUliNER, Captain,
Commanding Field Detachment.

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