The farmer's boy, and other poems

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Page 14 - Thus challeng'd forth, see thither one by one, From every side assembling playmates run ; A thousand wily antics mark their stay, A starting crowd, impatient of delay. Like the fond dove from fearful prison freed. Each seems to say, " Come let us try our speed;" Away they scour, impetuous, ardent, strong.
Page 7 - Echo answer'd from her close retreat ; The sporting White-throat, on some twig's end borne, Pour'd hymns to freedom and the rising morn ; Stopt in her song, perchance the starting Thrush Shook a white shower from the black-thorn bush, Where dew-drops thick as early blossoms hung, And trembled as the minstrel sweetly sung.
Page 12 - Flowers of all hues, with sweetest fragrance stored ; Where'er she treads, love gladdens every plain, Delight on tiptoe bears her lucid train ; Sweet hope with conscious brow before her flies, Anticipating wealth from summer skies ; All nature feels her renovating sway ; The sheep-fed pasture, and the meadow gay ; And trees, and shrubs, no longer budding seen, Display the new-grown branch of lighter green ; On airy downs the shepherd idling lies, And sees to-morrow in the marbled skies.
Page 21 - Here midst the boldest triumphs of her worth, Nature herself invites the reapers forth ; Dares the keen sickle from its twelvemonth's rest, And gives that ardour which in every breast From infancy to age alike appears, When the first sheaf its plumy top uprears.
Page 29 - Refills the jug his honour'd host to tend, To serve at once the master and the friend; Proud thus to meet his smiles, to share his tale, His nuts, his conversation, and his ale. Such were the days, - of days long past I sing, When Pride gave place to mirth without a sting...
Page 1 - No Alpine wonders thunder through my verse : The roaring cataract, the snow-topt hill, Inspiring awe till breath itself stands still. Nature's sublimer scenes ne'er...
Page 16 - THE FARMER'S life displays in every part A moral lesson to the sensual heart. Though in the lap of Plenty, thoughtful still, He looks beyond the present good or ill ; Nor estimates alone one blessing's worth, From changeful seasons, or capricious earth, But views the future with the present hours, And looks for failures as he looks for showers ; For casual as for certain want prepares...
Page 14 - Away they scour, impetuous, ardent, strong, The green turf trembling as they bound along ; Adown the slope, then up the hillock climb, Where every molehill is a bed of thyme...
Page 21 - Its dark-green hue, its sicklier tints all fail, And ripening harvest rustles in the gale. A glorious sight, if glory dwells below, Where Heaven's munificence makes all the show O'er every field and golden prospect found, That glads the ploughman's Sunday morning's round," When on some eminence he takes his stand, To judge the smiling produce of the land.
Page 11 - What, but the common virtues of a post ! If drought o'ertake it faster than the knife, Most fair it bids for stubborn length of life, And, like the oaken shelf whereon 'tis laid, Mocks the weak efforts of the bending blade...

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