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My Heart leaps up when I behold
To a Butterfly.
Foresight .
Characteristics of a Child three years old
Lucy Gray; or Solitude
Alice Fell; or Poverty.
We are Seven.
Anecdote for Fathers
Rural Architecture
The Pet Lamb
Idle Shepherd-Boys; or Dungeon-Ghyll-Force
To H. C., six years old.
Influence of Natural Objects
The Old Cumberland Beggar
The Farmer of Tilsbury Vale
The Small Celandine ,
The Two Thieves; or The last Stage of Avarice
Animal Tranquillity and Decay.
Epitaphs from Chiabrera
On the expected Death of Mr. Fox
To Public Notice, with Reluctance Strong
Elegiac Stanzas
To the Daisy.
The New Moon with the Old
Oh, for a Dirge! But why Complain? .

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Page The Fountain. A Conversation :

152 If thou indeed derive thy Light from Heaven 154 Written in a Blank Leaf of Macpherson's Ossian 155 Vernal Ode .

157 Ode to Lycoris

161 To the Same

163 Fidelity To the Lady -, on the Foundation of – Chapel, Westmoreland

166 On the same Occasion. The Force of Prayer

170 A Fact and an Imagination ; Canute and Alfred A little onward lend thy guiding Hand . · 174 September, 1819

176 Upon the same Occasion

177 The Pillar of Trajan

179 Dion.

• 181 Memory

185 Ode to Duty. POEMS OF THE IMAGINATIONThere was a Boy

189 To

. 190 To the Cuckoo

. . II A Night-Piece.

192 Water-fowl .

193 Yew-trees View from the top of Black Comb .

195 Nutting .

196 She was a Phantom of Delight : O Nightingale ! thou surely art

199 Three years she grew in sun and shower . 199 A slumber did my spirit seal

201 The Horn of Egremont Castle

201 Goody Blake and Harry Gill

205 I wandered lonely as a cloud

209 The Reverie of Poor Susan

209 Power of Music Star-Gazers

212 The Haunted Tree Written in March




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Stanzas written in the Castle of Indolence
To a Butterfly .
A Farewell
Ere with cold Beads of midnight Dew
Strange fits of Passion I have known .
She Dwelt among the untrodden Ways .
I Travelled among unknown Men . .
'Tis said that some have died for Love.
How rich that Forehead's calm Expanse
To —
A Complaint.
Lament of Mary Queen of Scots.
The Complaint of a Forsaken Indian W
The Last of the Flock.
Repentance ..
The Affliction of Margaret
The Sailor's Mother
The Childless Father
The Emigrant Mother
The Idiot Boy.
The Sparrow's Nest

Expostulation and Reply

The Tables Turned
On one of the Coldest Days of the Century
Character of the Happy Warrior.
A Poet's Epitaph
To the Spade of a Friend
To my Sister .

To a Young Lady
Lines written in Early S
Simon Lee, the Old Huntsman .
Incident Characteristic of a Favourite
Tribute to the Memory of the same Dog
The Two April Mornings

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