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Poems Of Childhood And Age

My Heart leaps up when I behold

To a Butterfly .

Foresight - Characteristics of a Child three years old

Lucy Gray; or Solitude

Alice Fell; or Poverty

We are Seven .

Anecdote for Fathers

Rural Architecture

The Pet Lamb

Idle Shepherd-Boys; or Dungeon-Ghyll-Force

To H. C, six years old .

Influence of Natural Objects

The Old Cumberland Beggar

The Farmer of Tilsbury Vale

The Small Celandine

The Two Thieves; or The last Stage of Ava

Animal Tranquillity and Decay

Epitaphs from Chiabrera

On the expected Death of Mr. Fox

To Public Notice, with Reluctance Strong

Elegiac Stanzas

To the Daisy . . .

The New Moon with the Old

Oh, for a Dirge! But why Complain?

Poems Of The Affections

The Brothers . ...

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The Fountain. A Conversation .

If thou indeed derive thy Light from Heaven

Written in a Blank LeafofMacphersun'sC>.w'a*

Vernal Ode

Ode to Lycoris

To the Same .


To the Lady , on the Foundation of

Chapel, Westmoreland
On the same Occasion .
The Force of Prayer
A Fact and an Imagination ; Canute and Alfred
A little onward lend thy guiding Hand
September, 1819
Upon the same Occasion
The Pillar of Trajan
Dion .
Ode to Duty .

Poems Of The Imagination
There was a Boy .


To the Cuckoo
A Night-Piece.

View from the top of Black Comb
Nutting * .
She was a Phantom of Delight

0 Nightingale! thou surely art
Three years she grew in sun and show
A slumber did my spirit seal
The Horn of Egremont Castle
Goody Blake and Harry Gill

I wandered lonely as a cloud
The Reverie of Poor Susan
Power of Music
S tar-Gazers
The Haunted Tree
Written in March

Stanzas written in the Castle of lndolence

To a Butterfly .

A Farewell



Ere with cold Beads of midnight Dew

Strange fits of Passion I have known

She Dwelt among the untrodden Ways

I Travelled among unknown Men

'Tis said that some have died for Love

How rich that Forehead's calm Expanse



A Complaint . «

Lament of Mary Queen of Scots .

The Complaint of a Forsaken Indian Woman

The Last of the Flock .


The Affliction of Margaret

The Sailor's Mother

The Childless Father

The Emigrant Mother .

The Idiot Boy .

The Sparrow's Nest


Poems Of Sentiment And Reflcctio:
Expostulation and Reply
The Tables Turned
On one of the Coldest Days of the Century
Character of the Happy Warrior .
A Poet's Epitaph
To the Spade of a Friend
To my Sister .
To a Young Lady
Lines written in Early Spring
Simon Lee, the Old Huntsman
Incident Characteristic of a Favourite Dog
Tribute to the Memory of the same Doar
Matthew . .

The Two April Morninss

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