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PROROGATION OF PARLIAMENT. fail to inspire additional zeal and

The deputy usher of the black animation in the maintenance of rod having summoned the house the common cause. of commons to attend in their lord. His royal highness especially ships' house, to hear the royal as- commands us to declare his cordial sent, by commission, given to the concurrence in the measures which gold coin bill, and the militia in- you have adopted, for improving terchange amendment bill: this the internal security and military being done, the lords commis- resources of the united kingdom. sioners, authorized by the letters For these important purposes you patent of the prince regent, in the have wisely provided, by establishname of his majesty, proceeded to ing a system for the annual supply read the regent's speech on the oc. of the regular army, and for the casion.

interchange of the militias of Great The commissioners were the Britain and Ireland ; and his royal archbishop of Canterbury, the lord lighness has the satisfaction of in. chancellor, earl Camden, the earl forming you, that the voluntary of Westmorland, and the earl of zeal which has already been mani. Aylesford.

fested upon this occasion has ena. The lord chancellor read the bled iim to give immediate opera. speech as follows:

tion to an arrangement by which My lords, and gentlemen, the union and mutual interests of

His royal highness the prince Great Britain and Ireland may be regent, acting in the name and on more effectually cemented and imthe behalf of his majesty, has com- proved. manded us to signify to you the Gentlemen of the house of comsatisfaction with which he finds mons, himself enabled to relieve you from His royal highness commands us your attendance in parliament, af- to thank you, in the name and on ter the long and laborious duties of behalf of his majesty, for the libethe session. We are particularly ral supplies which you have fur. directed to express his approbation nished for every branch of the of the wisdom and firmness which public service. you have manifested, in enabling His royal highness has seen with his royal highness to continue the pleasure ile readiness with which exertions of this country in the cause you have applied the separate of our allies, and to prosecute the means of Great Britain to the fiwar with increased activity and vi. nancial relief of Ireland at the pregour.

sent moment; and derives much Your determined perseverance in satisfaction from perceiving that a system of liberal aid to the brave you have been able to accomplish and loyal nations of the peninsula this object with so little additional has progressively augmented their burthen upon the resources of this means and spirit of resistance; while part of the united kingdom. The the humane attention which you manner in which you bave taken have paid to the sufferings of the into consideration the condition of inhabitants of Portugal, under the the Irish revenue has met with unexampled cruelty of the enemy, his royal highness's approbation ; has confirmed the alliance by and his royal highness commands · new ties of affection, and cannot us to add, that he looks with confin


dence to the advantage which may My lords and gentlemen, be derived from the attention of By virtue of the commission unparliament having been given to der the great seal to us and other this important subject.

lords directed, and now read, we My lords and gentlemen, do, in obedience to the commands His royal highness commands of his royal highness the prince reus to congratulate you upon the gent, in the name and on behalf of reduction of the island of Mauri. his majesty, prorogue this parliatius. This last and most importment to Thursday, the twenty-seant colony of France has been cond day of August next, to be obtained with inconsiderable loss, then here holden ; and this parlia. and its acquisition must materially ment is accordingly prorogued to contribute to the security of the Thursday, the twenty-second day British commerce and possessions of August next. in that quarter of the world.

The house immediately rose till The successes which have crown- the 22d of August. ed his majesty's arms, during the present campaign, under the di. TWO DZCREES OF BONAPARTE. stinguished command of lieutenant. By two decrees, dated the 27th of general lord viscount Wellington, July, the emperor of France, are most important to the interests wishing to make several disposiand glorious to the character of the tions useful to his good city of country. His royal highness warm. Rome, as he affectedly calls it; ly participates in all the sentiments has decreed as follows: which have been excited by those The imperial court of justice successes, and concurs in the just shall be established at the chancery; applause which you have bestowed the academy of the university in upon the skill, prudence, and intre. the good city of Rome shall be pidity so conspicuously displayed established at the college della in obtaining them.

Sapienza. Two lyceums shall be It affords the greatest satisfaction established at Rome, one at the to his royal highness to reflect, that, Roman college, and the other at should it please divine providence that of the Jesuits. The magazines to restore his majesty to the ardent of corn and oil at the Baths of prayers and wishes of his majesty's Dioclesian and Cæneto, and Civita people, his royal highness will be Vecchia, are ceded to the city of enabled to lay before his majesty, Rome, in the history of these great achieve- Every year there shall be proments of the British arms, through. vided an extraordinary fund of one out a series of systematic opera. million, under the title of The tions, so satisfactory a proof that special fund for the embellishments the national interests and the glory of Rome. This fund shall be of the British name have been so raised partly on the city and partly successfully maintained, while his on the revenues of the extraordinary. royal highness has conducted the It shall be applied to the excavagovernment of the united king- tions for the discovery of antiquities; dom.

to the perfectioning of the naviga Then a commission for prorogue. tion of the Tiber; to the construch ing the parliament was read; after tion of a new bridge on the site of which the lord chancellor said: that of Horatius Cocles; to the 1811.

(O) finishing

finishing of the bridge of Six?us; for the enlargement and embellishto the aggrandisement and embel. ment of the squares of Trajan and Jishment of the squares of Trajan the Pantheon, and for the market and the Pantheon ; to the construc- and slaughtering-places. In the tion of a market and two slaughter- mean time, till the plans for the ing-places; to the opening of a square of Trajan shall have receiv. promenade on the side of the Gate ed his majesty's approbation, the of the People, and another on the site convents of the Holy Ghost and of the Forum, of the Coliseum, and St. Euphemia shall be pulled of the Mount Palatine, to the esião down. . blishment of a botanic garden, &c. . The plans which have been sub

The fund of one million shall be mitted to his majisty for the proemployed in 1811 in the following menade on the side of the Gate of manner :-- 100,000 livres for the the People are approved ; and to wood to complete the navigation carry them into effect the convent of the Tiber, especially in that del Populo, and its dependencies, part of the river which flows shall be pulled down. This prothrough the city of Rome ; 50,000 menade shall be called the Garden to begin the new bridge of Hora. of the Great Cæsar. tius Cocles; 50,000 for the bridge. The promenade projected on the of Sixtus; 50,000 for the enlarge- site of the Capitol and the Coliseum ment and embellishments of the shall be called the Garden of the squares of Trajan and the Pan. Capitol. The plans of them shall theon ; 150,000 for the promenade be presented without delay, as well at the Gate of the People ; 100,000 as those of the botanic garden. for the promenade at the Capitol ; The houses, palaces, and de50,000 for the market; 100,000 pendencies, situated on the sites for the slaughtering-places; 50,000 destined for the embellishments of for the botanic garden; 300,000 Rome, and which appertain to his livres for a fund to fuinish sup. majesty, or which appertain to the plementary aid, according to the court of Naples, shall be pulled statements made of the progress of down. the works, and in commence new ones, according to the proposals

PARIS. which shall be made by the com Palace of St. Cloud, Aug. 24. mittee.

Napoleon, emperor of the French, The plans for the perfectioning king of Italy, protector of the of the navigation of the Tiber, confederation of the Rhine, mediafrom Perugia to the sea, and tor of the Swiss confederation, &c. especially of that part of the river &c. &c. which Aows through the city of An account having been given Rome, the new bridge of Horatius of the state of printing and vendCocles, and the bridge of Sixtus, ing of books in the departments of shall be commenced without delay, the Hanseatic towns of Tuscany, and shall be submitted to his ma- and the Roman states : jesty in the sittings of bridges Wishing to reconcile the rights and causeways which shall be held which are guarantied by our laws in December.

and decrees of the literary property Also shall be commenced, with of authors with the interests of our as little delay as possible, the plans subjects, the booksellers and print


ers of the above-mentioned depart- ed by the number of copies that ments, and to prevent the latter remain of those they produce. from being troubled on account of 5. On the 1st of October, the editions of the aforesaid works stamps shall be sent back to cur which they may have published director-general for bookselling'; anterior to the ruinous disputes be. after which time all copies of the tween them :

above-mentioned editions that shall Upon the report of our minister be found without a stamp will be of the interior, our council of state considered spurious, and those upon agreeing, we have decreed and do whom they are found subject to the decree as follows:

punishments settled by the laws and Art 1. Editions printed anterior our regulations. to the 1st January 1811, in the 6. Our grand judge, minister of departments of the 22d, 29th, and justice, and our minister for the 30th military divisions, of works interior, are charged, each in as printed in France ulterior to the much as concerns him, with the same epoch, and constituting a part execution of the present decree, of private literary property, shall which shall be inserted in our bul. not be considered as counterfeit, letin of laws. provided they are stamped before

(Signed) NAPOLEON. the 1st of January next.

Milan, Aug. 25. . 2. Consequently editors, printers, being the nativity of her and all booksellers or others in majesty the empress and queen, any way trading in books in the there was a court and spectacle at above designated departments, the palace. who may be proprietors or in pos. The royal institute, in the sitting session of any of them, are bound of the 6th of May last, voted an to declare to the prefect of ieir address to his majesty the emperor department the number of copies of France, containing sentiments they possess of the said editions. of regard for his royal person. . The prefects will transmit a copy His majesty the emperor and of these declarations to our director- king was most graciously pleased general for bookselling.

to receive it, and remitted the fol3. These copies must be present- lowing letter to the Italian insti. ed in each department, and by cach tute : printer or bookselier, prior to the Count Perades, president of the Ist of October, to the commissioner institute, after having recalled Italy delegated for the purpose, and the to the glory of arms, my care has first page in each of them carefully been to recall it to the ancient hostamped ; after which they may be nour of the sciences and arts. freely sold throughout the empire. For this end I have given my

4. The booksellers shall be bound kingdom of Italy that form which to pay the authors or proprietors to me appeared most conducible the twelfth part of the whole of the ' to the progress of Italian literature. copies declared by them to be in The sentiments which the Italian their warehouses, or at their dis institute have expressed for me are posal, and that too every six guarantees of its zeal to second my months, in proportion to the sales intentions. they make, which shall be determin- The present having no other end,

(02) I pray,

I pray, M. President, God may have superintend the application of the you in his holy keeping.

public revenue, &c.

Restrictions on the kingly authority, NEW SPANISH CONSTITUTION. _The king shall not obstruct

The cortes having appointed a the meeting of the cortes in the committee of their body to form cases and at the periods pointed out the plan of a constitution, the fol- by the constitution, nor embarrass lowing are said to be the prelimi- or suspend the sittings, &c. All nary and fundamental principles of who may advise him to any sich the plan which the committee have proceedings shall be holden and proposed. The two sections, con dealt with as traitors. He must sisting of 242 articles, were read in not travel, marry, alienate any the public sitting of the 19th Aug. ting, abdicate the crown, raise Preliminary and fundamental taxes, nor exchange any town, city, principles.

&c. without having first obtained Spain belongs to the Spanish permission of the cortes, Don Ferpeople, and is not the patrimony dinando VII. is declared by the of any family. The nation only cortes king of Spain, and after his can make fundamental laws. The decease his legitimate descendants Roman catholic and apostolic re. shall succeed to the throne. The ligion, unmixed with any other, king shall be a minor until he has is the only religion which the na- completed the age of 18 years. The tion professes or will profess. The eldest son of the king shall be callgovernme:t of Spain is an heredi- ed prince of the Asturias, and, as tary monarchy. The cortes shall such, shall at the age of 14 take make the laws, and the king shall an oath before the cortes to mainexecute them.

tain the constitution, and to be Spanish ciiizens.--The children faithful to the king. During a of Spaniards, and of foreigners minority a regency shall be fornimarried to Spanish women, or who ed, which shall superintend the bring a capital in order to ratura. education of the young prince aclize themselves to the soil, or esta. cording to the orders of the cortes. blish themselves in trade, or who The regency shall be presided by teach any useful art, are citizens the queen mother, if she be in life, of Spain. None but citizens can and shall be composed of two of fill municipal ofiices. The rights the oldest of the cortes, of citizenship may be lost by long who shall be replaced from year to absence from the country, or by year, and of two counsellors of the condemnation to corporeal or in. council of state chosen in the or." famous punishments.

der of their seniority. The cortes The king. The person of the shall fix the salary proper for the king is inviolable and sacred. He support of the king and his family, shall sanction the laws enacted by and shall point out the places des. the cortes. He may declare war tined for his recreation, &c. The and make peace. He shall ap. infantes may be appointed to all point to civil and military employ- employments, but cannot be maments on the proposal of the coun- gistrates, nor members of the corcil of state. He shall direct all tes, and must not leave the king. diplomatic negotiations. He shall dom without the permission of the

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