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Though strong, is, in the main, a joyless tie Of naked instinct, wound about the heart. Happier, far happier is thy lot and ours ! Even now - to solemnize thy helpless state, And to enliven in the mind's regard Thy passive beauty - parallels have risen, Resemblances, or contrasts, that connect, Within the region of a Father's thoughts, Thee and thy Mate and Sister of the sky. And first ; – thy sinless p ogress, through a world By sorrow darkened and by care disturbed, Apt likeness bears to hers through gathered clouds Moving untouched in silver purity, And cheering oft-times their reluctant gloom. Fair are ye both, and both are free from stain: But thou, how leisurely thou fill'st thy horn With brightness ! - leaving her to post along, And range about - disquieted in change, And still impatient of the shape she wears. Once up, once down the hill, one journey, Babe, That will suffice thee; and it seems that now Thou hast fore-knowledge that such task is thine ; Thou travell’st so contentedly, and sleep'st In such a heedless peace. Alas ! full soon

Hath this conception, grateful to behold,
Changed countenance, like an object sullied o'er
By breathing mist; and thine appears to be
A mournful labour, while to her is given
Hope — and a renovation without end.

– That smile forbids the thought; — for on thy face | Smiles are beginning, like the beams of dawn, To shoot and circulate ;- smiles have there been

seen, — Tranquil assurances that Heaven supports The feeble motions of thy life, and cheers Thy loneliness ; - or shall those smiles be called Feelers of love, – put forth as if to explore This untried world, and to prepare thy way Through a strait passage intricate and dim? Such are they, -- and the same are tokens, signs, Which, when the appointed season hath arrived, Joy, as her holiest language, shall adopt ; And Reason's godlike Power be proud to own.



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