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The following pages are prepared and publish ed by one who expects soon to meet God; by one who wishes to be prepared for that solemn and momentous event, and to do what he can, with God's blessing, to prepare others. In view of the strict account which all must render to him who “ trieth the reins and the heart," there are two things which the author of this dare not do, and (blessed be the Lord for it!) which he desires not to do; viz., to say"My Lord delayeth his coming," or that“ without holiness” men may see the Lord” [in peace.] Should any take up this book with a spirit of derision, as perhaps many may,—" for there shall come in the last days scoffers, walking after their own heart's lusts, and saying, where is the promise of his coming ?”-they are earnestly

entreated to listen to the following admonition from the word of God: “NOW THEREFORE BE YE


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MY DEAR BROTHER LITCH :-You will, doubtless, remember that when you called at my house some months ago, you requested me to examine the Bible doctrine respecting the second coming of Christ, and write you the result of my investigations.

Having now looked at the subject, until I feel that my mind is settled and established, and my feet placed on the Rock," I také great pleasure in attempting to communicate my views and feelings to you, according to your request.

Permit me here to say, that it is my wish to bear testimony, on this momentous subject, to the world, as extensively as the Lord shall permit. I shall therefore endeavor to lay before you, as briefly as possible, my convictions, on the main points of truth touching the doctrines of Christ's second coming, with the chief arguments on which my own mind rests, for proof of the positions which I regard as fully established; hoping that the Lord will open a way whereby this communication may go into the hands of my friends as extensively as possible, and of as many others, as shall seem good to Him, before whom I expect soon to render my last

account. I take pleasure in saying, to the praise of God, that I enter upon this work with a sweet and delightful witness in my soul, (from God's Spirit, as I fully believe,) that I am doing that which pleases Him; sincerely desiring thereby to glorify the name of Jesus Christ, my God and Savior, and to do good to souls for whom he shed his blood.

I will here state the process of mind, by which, in the providence of God, I have come to my present convictions respecting the truth of the Bible on the subject under consideration.

It is now somewhat more than three years and a half, since the lectures of William Miller, on this subject, were put into my hands. At that time I had neither read nor heard anything of the views which he advocates, nor did I know anything of the subject of which his work treated, except that it was concerning the millennium. His book, therefore, was to my mind an entire novelty. I took it up, as we often say, by mere casualty ; but, as I fully believe, by the wise direction of Him who numbers the hairs of our heads. I devoured it with a more intense interest than any other book I had ever read; and continued to feel the same interest in it, until I had read it from beginning to end for the sixth time. My mind was greatly overwhelmed with the subject, until I felt that I could truly love Christ's appearing, and that I could therefore hope with Paul, that there was laid


for me a crown of righteousness, which God, the righteous Judge, should give me at that day.The subject then seemed to me to be surrounded, and fortified, on all sides, with an array of scriptural testimony, which nothing could overthrow.

In this state of mind, I wrote to Mr. Miller; but as I have no copy of the letter, I do noť remember whether I did, or did not, express myself to him as fully convinced of the truth which he advocated. It is my impression, however, that I did. About the same time, also, I wrote and preached to the people in Boston, with whom I was then laboring, a couple of sermons, designed to lay before them the theory of Christ's second coming at hand, which Mr. Miller advocated, and the evidence on which the truth of the doctrine rested; telling them that I expressed no opinion of my own, but wished them to examine the subject for themselves. Having also, at the same time, an appointment, to read an essay for criticism, before the Suffolk South Asssociation of Congregational Ministers, of which I was then a member, I laid the same subject before them. In expressing their minds with regard to it, the first said “moonshine;" the second said'“ ditto;" and another said “the prophecies can't be understood.' I think there were two whose feelings seemed revolted at the idea that the prophecies could not be understood; but there

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