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seigneuries, besides the dukedom of Krumau, Metternich having eight months before been comand a population of 230,000 inhabitants. This pelled to fly from Vienna, the military power prince also possesses extensive territories in Sty: suppressed the Government of the revolution, ria, occupied by about 16,000 inhabitants, a small and Prince Felix Schwarzenberg became Minister seigneury in Lower Austria, and the Castle, with President, or Prime Minister, and Minister for a small territory, near Salzburg in Upper Aus- Foreign Affairs of the Austrian Empire and of tria. The whole of the population occupying the the Imperial Court. estates of this prince amount to 261,559 inhabit- His administration from that day, until the ants. The rich see of Saltsburg may be said to hour of his sudden death, has constituted the most belong to the family; and his brother Prince Car- despotic and deplorable period of the whole imdinal John Joseph Celestin, one of the handsomestperial government. men in Europe, and one of the most admired In every respect this Minister contrasted unby ladies of fashion in Austria, is the arch- favourably with his great predecessor. The disbishop

position of Prince Metternich was kind, benevoThe possessions of the second majorat-repre-lent and merciful. While Prime Minister of sented by Prince Frederick Schwarzenberg, who Francis I., the latter would neither allow the was born in 1800, and who, from being a Knight police nor the prisoners of the empire to come of Malta, is unmarried—are situated in Bohemia, within the jurisdiction of his First Minister. He and consist of four seigneuries, besides that of believed that Prince Metternich would never punMariathal in Hungary. This prince is a general ish, but rather forgive, all political offenders. Franin the Austrian army. He is the president of the cis was no sooner in repose among the tombs of tribunals of the five Hungarian counties, viz.—the Hapsburgs in the vaults of the church of the Presburg, Thorna, Abuwivar, Baranivar, and Capuchins than the whole police system was rePosega. He has brothers and sisters who are laxed, political prosecution ceased; and before the married and have children, and is first cousin to coronation of the Emperor Ferdinand at Milan as the elder branch of the House of Schwarzen- King of Lombardo Venetia, Metternich demanded berg.

and received the power to grant a general amnesty The Austrian school of diplomacy may be said for all political offences. If the Government of to have been founded by Prince Kaunitz, in the the Austrian empire was absolute in its principles, reign of Maria Theresa. It was perfected on pa- it was the constant study of Metternich to soften cific principles by Prince Metternich, who married its administration so far that the people, while the granddaughter of Kaunitz. It has been remo- they never disputed the imperial authority, endelled upon a dark and jesuitical policy since the joyed, without possessing their civil and political re-establishment of an absolute despotism, which rights, that sufferance and those pleasures which has crushed all the civil and religious liberty which to the Austrians constituted passive happiness. In for a moment followed the revolution of 1848. Prince Metternich, also, the domestic virtues and The chief of this internal and external policy those kindly relations and manners which conseems to have been formed by nature for his odious stitute the charm of society were pre-eminent. mission.

From the days of the Emperor Joseph to the Prince Felix Louis John Frederick Schwarzen- fall of Prince Metternich, the Jesuits were ex berg was born in 1800, sixteen months after the cluded from the empire, and the dignitaries of birth of his brother Prince John Adolphus. He the Church were rendered nearly altogether indeentered the army at an early age. He was also pendent of the Pope. But Prince Schwarzenberg early attached to the Austrian embassy at St. had no sooner become Prime Minister than the Petersburg, where he fell into a political scrape in Jesuits were introduced in swarms, and the inconnexion with a conspirator, which caused his struction of youth wholly confided to that insidious expulsion from the Russian dominions. He was and unscrupulous fraternity. At the same time afterwards attached to the Austrian embassy in the authority which the Emperor had exercised London, where, unfortunately, he became acquainted over the Church was transferred to the Pope ; and with, and ruined, one of the fairest and most every bishop, abbot, as well as the inferior clergy, charming ladies of whom England could boast. were placed under the immediate supremacy of He was compelled to fly under circumstances Rome. It was under Prince Schwarzenberg that which for ever rendered his re-appearance within persecutions were instituted against the Protestany British territory impossible. He deserted his ant missionaries in Hungary. His administravictim, and left her a prey to poverty and disgrace. tion was truly a reign of terror, of execuCold, morose, and uninteresting, he remained for tions, and of imprisonments. The young Emsome years afterwards chiefly at Vienna; but his peror was little more than a puppet in his family influence procured for him the proprietor- hands; and the secret police, which was practically ship of a regiment of Austrian infantry, and the in abeyance from the death of Francis I. until the rank of Field Marshal. He had previously been revolution of 1848, was established on the most sent as Austrian Minister to Turin, and afterwards hideous system in every town and village of the as Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipoten- empire. It was Prince Schwarzenberg who intiary to Naples, where he remained until the revo- vited the Russians to exterminate the liberties of lution of 1848.

Hungary—who crushed all liberty in Italy—who In the month of November of that year, Prince had all those acts sanctified by the Pope, and consecrated in every parish church by the Romishtinental Europe. Unhappily, his policy has surpriesthood.

vived him; and at the present moment the It was he, also, who entered into an alliance with Emperor Nicholas and the Emperor Francis are the Emperor of Russia for the avowed purpose of personally forming a conspiracy at Vienna against destroying every vestige of public liberty in con- the freedom of mankind.


Poor dingy, dismal sister mine,
What lawless hosts of thoughts combine

To fluster me the while
Thy long-unrolling shrond I scan,
That old original suggestive Pan-

Orama of the Nile.
As the indomitable Layard,
In kingdoms old with names to say hard,

O'er ruined towns might ponder,
I view that breast no more that pants,
And of its old inhabitants

I wonder and I wonder.
The loves and hates, the joys and cares,
The whirl of human hopes and fears

In human hearts e'er seething-
Those matron fears that made thee sad
When little Tsoph the measles had

Or baby was a-teething-
Or when, at noon or close of day,
Thy cherubs hungry come from play,

Dirt-pies and gutter grubbles,
To weep


fled upstairs, Smit with eternal flesh-pot cares

And bread-and-butter troublesWhere be they now? I suppose These human and these household woes

Extinguished with thy life; Haply, to us come down, they bore Poor Mrs. Jones, our neighbour, or

Obstreperate my wife. Howe'er that be, 'tis very

clear No more they'll persecute thee here;

Those limbs, that trembled all
At loving glance or stern reply,
Supremely passive still would lie

Were sun and moon to fall.
Wer't otherwise, I could disclose
That tuneful Memnon's lost his nose ;

And as to thy belief,
We've no respect for beetles now,
And only worship ox and cow

As sausages or beef.

That sacred Nile is sacred still-
To pic-nics-late of Richmond-hill,

Of Bath or Tunbridge-wells;
The mysteries of thy temples fled,
A modern mystery reigns instead

The “ Yes-zir" of hotels.
And Egypt now is most renowned
That fevers, fleas and dogs abound,

While British Blood prevails,
And all its chivalry employs
In riding donkeys, with the boys

Blaspheming at their tails.
But hold ! I see 'tis time to spare
Thy poor saltpetre feelings, rare

Although my news may be ;
For even now thy ragged hose
Discover but two dusty toes,

Where erst were plainly three. Besides, by modern Christian creed, I doubt me sorely that I need

The torrents of St. Swithin, To wash the grievous sin away, Of having had so much to say

To such a dreadful heathen ! Though fain I'd give thee credit due For virtues neither small nor few

Egyptian, but yet human;
And, mindless of your tawny clay,
Believe you, in a general way,

A very worthy woman:
Alert to act the better part,
The owner of a wholesome heart

Of lovingkindness full;
A calm recluse on Virtue's heights-
With other gods, on soft still nights,

Than beetles or a bull.
Then, by our common brotherhood,
By humble striving unto good

In seasons dark and gloomy,
I hope to see that poor brown face
Irradiate with celestial grace

When earth itself's a mummy.


MARIANN E. Ir was during afternoon school. The bright my early recollections to please an editor. The midsummer sun was making all manner of absurd sketch itself, however-prosaic and lamentably and ineffectual attempts to pierce the dim, diamond-common-place as it was-seems before me at this shaped panes which—to speak as a glazier-lighted moment. In the right-hand corner, at the top, that naked, inky, ugly, well-remembered school- there is a parish church, very much out of perroom. Anything more palpably ridiculous it is spective, with an elaborate weathercock, very much not easy to suggest. What was gold without out of the perpendicular. Immediately in front turned to dross within, like that fallacious pocket- of the west door stands a parson, arrayed in a money with which, according to Arabian story, a surplice as white as slate-pencil can make it, atcertain elderly enchanter used to go a-buying tended by a decent man in a white coat, who butcher's meat in the Whitechapel-market of appears to have some intention of officiating as Bagdad. The long, slanting, dusty rays fell in clerk. The parson and his church, I must menmelancholy patches of coarse yellow-ochre upon tion, are depicted upon extremely different scales, heads and slates and dingy floor. It was a failure, the former being a great many bricks too tall. and a contemptible one.

Indeed, if bent upon performing divine service There is a low monotonous hum, arising from within the religious edifice in question, it is quite some five-and-twenty boys engaged in resolving clear he must have recourse to the clumsy expecertain recondite problems pertaining to the art dient of taking his stand in the steeple and adand mystery of Algebra. The first and second dressing an al-fresco congregation through the classes have been brigaded among the desks im- belfry shutters. mediately surrounding the lofty rostrum of the From what we may distinguish as the evangeliRev. Mr. Tigerley to that especial end. The cal portion of the picture, a broad winding walk, sound emitted by boys whilst culling knowledge tastefully ornamented with a variety of daisies, leads amid the flowery walks of science resembles that to the bottom corner on the left. There, a nicelyof bees in a summer-garden. A curious and sug- dressed young gentleman is escorting a fine young gestive fact.

woman enthusiastically up the path. The portraits Suddenly there is a sharp rap with a paper- are something smudgy, to be sure, and bear token knife upon the imperial palm.“ Briggs—come of a good deal of painstaking; but the former, here!” The “Calphurnia!" in Julius Cæsar is divested of a pair of impossible spurs and a postame in point of effect.

sible contingency in the shape of whisker, is A small boy, ill at ease, advances from a desk evidently intended for myself

. The latter, not in the centre of the room. He has an indescriba- apparently having quite fulfilled the conceptions bly guilty look, and a dispassionate observer of the impassioned artist, is cautiously labelled would instantly conclude that he had been sur-“Marianne." The darkening of Mr. Tigerley's prised in the act of compassing high treason, or countenance as he gazes upon this unique producrobbery accompanied by violence at the very tion is something terrible to behold. There was least. "He approaches the tribunal with the gait a myth about him—a sort of dim tradition, handed of a juvenile whose parents, from a sense of what down from pupil to pupil through many generawas due to society, had been obliged to bring him tions, to the effect that he had once been refused up in the stocks.

by a duke's eldest daughter with forty-five thou“ Briggs, what are you doing?"

sand a-year; and it was this crushing and never“Doing, sir ?” says Briggs—who, to save trou- to-be-expected calamity which we were all agreed ble, is or was no other than the unfortunate writer had produced the bitter mysogyny, the utter himself.

abhorrence of anything approaching to the tender “Bring your slate here."

passion, that we persisted in attributing to him. Briggs returns to his desk, and makes an abor-Once, indeed—to our shame be it recorded—we tive effort to induce the fat boy on his right hand conspired in sending him a costly valentine, with to change slates with him for the emergency. But a coronet on the seal, just to see what the effect a long, slim boy, with a viciously clever expres- would be. It was a fatal piece of curiosity, and sion of countenance, pinches the fat boy in a ten- most deservedly met its reward. He read and der quarter, and the appeal is unheeded. Briggs, burnt it in awful silence; and forth with instituting accordingly, returns with his own. He lays it a sort of Reign of Terror, flogged three boys a-day before the Rev. Mr. Tigerley with the air of a for the next fortnight. But I must return to my penitent felon handing Jack Ketch the warrant for slate. his immediate execution.

There was a sort of prophetic pantomime in Whether the design depicted upon the aforesaid which Tigerley was wont to indulge preparatory slate may have been the draft of an intended to the infliction of corporal punishment. He used valentine, or merely the half-unconscious embodi- to draw his under lip slowly into his mouth, and ment of some waking vision, is too much, at this display his large white front teeth ferociously over distant period, to expect me to recal. I am ready his chin. Nothing but a miracle could save one to be as candid as you like, but I would not“cook” after that; and no miracle had been known to occur


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your error."

within the memory of the oldest boy in the school. He wore a wild, sandy imperial, that might have In the present instance it was done with even stirred the envy of a Don Cossack, and sported all more than usual solemnity and effect.

manner of outrageous habiliments peculiar to stu“ Briggs," he proceeded, in a stern, sepulchral dents at Guy's. He intensified his conversation whisper, “if you are positively under a false im- with a variety of ferocious oaths, and concealed his pression as to the motives which induced your meaning from the (less) vulgar by a curious superparents to commit you to my care, I am sorry for fluity of slang. It was commonly believed in you. Mere correction would, in such a case, be to school that he confined his hospital practice to the no purpose; and I am sorry for the boy who is most murderous and revolting operations; and, not made better and wiser by the simple appli- when once intrusted with a knife and a patient, cation of the birch. But if, as I trust and hope, would slash away at the latter until actually lugged you are merely labouring under some agreeable off like a bull-dog by some of his less hardened delusion as to the means which I am in the habit accomplices. of employing to carry out the wishes of those who Marianne, on the contrary, was, according to intrust me with their boys, there, I am glad to our boyish notions, the most bewitching little creathink, I can disabuse


ture in the universe. She certainly was a remark

ably pretty child, and, what was a great deal more Well, my martyrdom has been accomplished, to the purpose, immensely confident in her juvenile and Justice has received her own. Tigerley, I charms. It was droll enough to see her in church, remember, was fond of predicating of a dull or carrying on a sort of long-range flirtation with stubborn boy that he was “ as obstinate as a pig." some of the bigger boys. It was curious to conTo judge by the singular want of fortitude evinced trast the sly piquancy with which she would dart by that familiar beast during the brief surgical a glance of almost imperceptible recognition to operation which commonly terminates his earthly some favoured youth, with the bashful, blundering career, the simile is an unhappy one; but if loud sheep's-eye with which the latter would return the lamentation and piercing outcries under affliction compliment. Nor was so flattering and auspicious be taken as the point of comparison, I am con- a distinction altogether without its drawback. scious of having displayed a good deal of the por- Many a boy, detected in perfect extasy of confusion cine temperament within the last five minutes. I and delight, stood convicted of “indecent behahave just been turned out of school, and desired, viour during divine service," and found himself in with ironical sympathy, to come back again as anything but a state of rapture on the Monday. soon as I feel quite cool and comfortable.

Two of us only, Lucas and myself, had the By way of promoting so desirable a result, I entrée of Mr. Scalpel's medico-chirurgical abode. cross the stile which divides our playground from Lucas was the long, slim boy with the vicious the churchyard, and sit upon a grave. It was a countenance, who pinched Burgess when I wanted favourite recipe, practised time out of mind by the him to lend me his slate and save me a flogoften-whipped pupils of Mr. Tigerley. Whether ging. My father had got Scalpel into the county we thought that the turf might probably be colder hospital. Lucas's governor, it was believed, was there than elsewhere, in consequence of coming in a brother-sawbones and quondam fellow-student of contact with the cool parishioner below, or whe- the Doctor. We each, of course, looked upon ther it was mere superstition, or whether sitting ourselves as the accepted suitors and future husupon a grave does actually, from some obscure bands of Marianne, and held each other in bitter physical cause, allay the smart of a sound whip- rivalry accordingly. Externally, Lucas had, unping, I cannot certainly declare. And sitting upon questionably, the best of it. He had straps and the grave, I first cry a good deal, and then, pulling stick-ups. I was still in turn-down collars, and a small scented note out of my jacket-pocket, begin had outgrown my trousers. But I had no small to read.

confidence in my superior intellectual powers, and The communication in question, which I had despised almost as much as I detested him, read and re-read some fifty times previously, at The little tea-party was delightful. Marianne the very least, ran as follows:

never looked so charming; muffins never were so “Dear Mr. Briggs,--Papa hopes that you and alone interfered with the full sunshine, and the

good, nor marmalade so plentiful. One cloud Mr. Lucas will do us the pleasure of coming to tea reader will easily guess what that was. Lucas had with us this evening, at six o'clock. I hope you seen me flogged not two hours ago, and the spitewill be able to come. “ Yours very truly,

ful brute would, as a matter of course, take the “MARIANNE SCALPEL."

opportunity of putting me in a painful and ridicu

lous position before the evening was out. I knew “Papa," in the above invitation, was no less a as well as he did when it was coming. Old Scalperson than Abraham Scalpel, Esq. (M.R.C.S. for pel had got me into a corner, and was regaling me all I know to the contrary), doctor-general of our with a professional anecdote touching a departed village. His house overlooked the churchyard, patient whose interior he had lately overhauled. which, as I have already intimated, abutted upon Lucas and Marianne were right at the other end of our playground. It was an appropriate situation the room. But I distinctly saw him point out to for å surgeon's house. Scalpel was a widower, her the uneasy face with which I listened to the with only two children, Isaac and Marianne. Doctor's narrative; and then, as if to account for Isaac was a big, barbarous youth, hairy and strong. my not being quite comfortable, whisper some


thing in her ear, and the words fell upon mine as and how he used to steal down into the kitchen to burning and distinct as if they had been thun- learn what there was for dinner, and then come dered through a speaking-trumpet. That whisper back to impress upon me "what to eat, drink and I never forgave him.

avoid ;" how I was to eat no fat and no vegetables, The sleepless and angry night that followed, how and drink no small beer, making up for the absence well do I remember! Next morning, immediately of the latter by a pint of stout on Saturday, which after breakfast, I took my confidential friend, Bur- would make-me as strong as a horse; but how a gess, by the button, and said that I had something little old cheese wouldn't hurt me, if I could very particular to tell him if he would only step with manage to crib it out of the pantry, after the bigger me as far as the churchyard. Burgess, I must men- boys had had their supper. It was training under tion, was a stout, slow, plethoric boy, but neverthe- difficulties, certainly; but it did me no harm, at all less looked up to by the school in general as an events, and gave me unlimited confidence in myoracle of worldly wisdom. He was particularly self

, which was, if anything, still more to the great upon all sporting subjects, and a distant but purpose. enthusiastic admirer of the ring. His weekly six- "Now, Briggs," said Burgess, in his quiet propence he used carefully to reserve till Monday, fessional way, about three weeks after he had unwhen he systematically invested threepence thereof dertaken my case, “ I don't see that you'll improve. in a second-hand copy of Bell's Life

. The re- You see your tongue's healthy, and your skin's mainder he with equal regularity laid out in a pint clean, and you're in very fair wind, and Tigerley's of stout-an allowance which being rather too going to a vestry to-night. Didn't I hear Lucas much for his immature brain, invariably produced say he should punch your head for you, just now?" a species of apathetic intoxication during afternoon Yes," said I, “because I forgot to grease his school ; and on these occasions, when called up in cricket-ball for him last night!" class, he used to respond to Mr. Tigerley's inter- “Well, that's very nice indeed! Now, if I were rogatories with a goodnatured stare and a vacant you, I should just walk up to him after school, and "Oh, yes !" which was as regularly rewarded with say, Would you like to do it now, Lucas? Or, prompt and condign punishment. The latter he perhaps, to oblige me, you wouldn't mind doing it took as a matter of course, and suffered himself to down in the cloak-room after tea! Oh, yes !" And be conducted to the block with an expression of here my enthusiastic young friend worked himself stolid indifference which it was perfectly touching up and down in his trousers, with a rich twinkle in to behold.

his eye, being the nearest approach he ever made In a few words I explained to him how I hated to a laugh. Lucas, what a bully he was, and how I should like In order to add zest to my triumph, I deterto serve him out.

mined upon deferring my challenge until quite “Well, he is a bully," replied Burgess re- late; and secretly enjoyed three kicks and a cuff flectively ; " but I suppose all big fellows are, aint which I received in the course of the day from they? Oh, yes!”

my detested rival. However, when at last, with " But," said I, " I've a great idea come into my all the composure in my power, I announced my head. Suppose I could lick him ?" And I quite intention of meeting him in single combat, I found fushed all over at the bare idea of so glorious a some difficulty in persuading him that a contempfeat.

tuous slap in the face was no answer to a hostile “ Lick him !" answers Burgess, regarding me invitation. But when once convinced that I was with suddenly increased interest. "That's easier in earnest, he shouted out with a mixture of said than done, aint it? You see it isn't like derision and delight that young Briggs was going fighting weight for weight, is it? He's half as to fight him, and forthwith the whole school heavy again as you are, Briggs !"

rushed pell-mell downstairs to be spectators of a “ But couldn't I go into training, or something scene as novel as that of a rat backed to kill fiveof that sort ?" persisted I. “And wouldn't that and-twenty terriers within the minute. Our make a difference. I've heard you say training arena, I should say, was a small room below always did."

ground, architecturally intended as the depository “Ah, well, so it might !" replied Burgess, quite of great coats and school-boxes, but which, from proud of being appealed to on the subject. “I time immemorial, had been consecrated to the never trained a fellow myself, but I think I could domestic display of pugilistic skill. do it. Anyhow, I should like to try. And then Our first round was a very brilliant affair inyou'd lick him, of course—no doubt about it! deed. I rushed up to him like a wild cat, and by Oh, yes !"

dint of hitting straight, as Burgess had taught It is quite pleasant to think of all the trouble me, managed to puzzle him considerably. My the good-natured fellow took to get me into condi-backer, with great judgment, encouraged me as I tion for the coming struggle. What sacrifices he retired to take breath with “Very well

, indeed, made, and what violence he did to his nature, to Briggs. You're licking him much faster than I get me out of bed an hour before the usual time. expected. Never mind about stopping, but work How he used to make me run round the play. in close and hit hard.” ground for half an hour together to improve my Again we set to work; but this time he managed wind; and hit out right and left for five minutes to break away and let fly a few wild hits at long together to develope my muscles; and remind me range, one of which caught me on the side of the of Lucas's last thrashing to stimulate my pluck; head, and knocked me right across the room.

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