Narrative of the Discoveries on the North Coast of America: Effected by the Officers of the Hudson's Bay Company During the Years 1836-39

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R. Bentley, 1843 - Arctic regions - 419 pages

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Page xviii - Tis not, as heads that never ache suppose, Forgery of fancy and a dream of woes ; Man is a harp whose chords elude the sight, Each yielding harmony, disposed aright, The screws reversed, (a task which if he please God in a moment executes with ease,) Ten thousand thousand strings at once go loose, Lost, till he tune them, all their power and use.
Page 73 - That the Indians be treated with kindness and indulgence, and mild and conciliatory means resorted to in order to encourage industry, repress vice, and inculcate morality ; that the use of spirituous liquors be gradually discontinued in the very few districts in which it is yet indispensable...
Page 258 - In an instant we were in the vortex ; and, before we were aware, my boat was borne towards an isolated rock which the boiling surge almost concealed. To clear it on the outside was no longer possible ; our only chance of safety was to run between it and the lofty eastern cliff. The word was passed, and every breath was hushed. A stream, which dashed down upon us over the brow of the precipice more than a hundred feet in height, mingled with the spray that whirled upwards from the rapid, forming a...
Page 160 - Bays. South of the fiftieth parallel, the circles of affinity contract, but are still easily traced. The Carriers of New Caledonia, like the people of Hindostan, used, till lately, to burn their dead ; a ceremony in which the widow of the deceased, though not sacrificed as in the latter country, was compelled to continue beating with her hands upon the breast of the corpse while it slowly consumed on the funeral pile, in which cruel duty she was often severely scorched.
Page 258 - The day was bright and lovely, as we shot down rapid after rapid ; in many of which we had to pull for our lives, to keep out of the suction of the precipices, along whose base the breakers raged and foamed with overwhelming fury. Shortly before noon we came in sight of Escape Rapid of Franklin, and a glance of the over hanging cliffs told us that there was no alternative but to run down with full cargo. In an instant...
Page 301 - They were not in themselves,' he observes, ' unimportant; but their value was much enhanced by the disclosure of an open sea to the eastward, and the suggestion of a new route — along the southern coast of Victoria Land — by which that open sea might be attained while the shores of the continent were yet environed by an impenetrable barrier of ice, as they were this season.
Page 371 - ... articles, of which we took possession as memorials of our having breakfasted on the identical spot where the tent of our gallant, though less successful, precursor stood on his return from Point Ogle to the Great Fish River, that very day five years before.
Page 296 - The sea, as if transformed by enchantment, rolled its free waves at my feet, and beyond the reach of vision to the eastward. Islands of various shape and size overspread its surface ; and the northern land terminated to the eye in a bold and lofty cape, bearing east-north-east, thirty or forty miles distant, while the continental coast trended away south-east.
Page 365 - ... while the rapid rush of the tide from that quarter left no longer any room to doubt the neighbourhood of an open sea leading to the mouth of Back's Great Fish River. ... I must candidly acknowledge...
Page 377 - ... point much nearer to the scene of operations than Great Bear Lake ; and it was quite evident to us that any further foolhardy perseverance could only lead to the loss of the great object already attained, together with that of the whole party. " We must here be allowed to express our admiration of Sir John Ross's extraordinary escape from this neighbourhood, after the protracted endurance of hardships, unparalleled in arctic story. " The mouth of the stream which bounded the last career of our...

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