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Haven't read the whole book but the section on Monstrous Regiment is of particular interest. I was one of the founder members way back in the 70s. Shame the original members are not listed in full. Four years continuous touring and blasting the Regiment onto the theatrical map with amazing ground breaking dynamic work surely deserves a people mention. Also more worryingly in the case of Monstrous Regiment, the company commitment to music theatre is not acknowledged.
I was company composer/ musician/musical director as well as actor,and reluctant props person on Scum, Vinegar Tom and Cabaret yet seem to have been disappeared from the story and my contributions excluded. Original music for these works was a huge contribution to the formation and success of the company and involved my artistic collaborations with the writers ( eg Caryl Churchill on Vinegar Tom). Music was innovative and exciting, the original Regiment benefited from great musician/performers as well as actors. Blowing my own trumpet here, but thought the whole ethos of the Regiment was to honour and acknowledge women in theatre?! Lets hear it for the musicians! Helen Glavin
Founder member 1975 - 1979

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