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Page 21 - Persius. The Satires. With a Translation and Commentary. By John Conington, MA, late Corpus Professor of Latin in the University of Oxford. Edited by H. Nettleship, MA Second Edition.
Page 357 - The author is required to conceal his name, and to distinguish his composition by what motto he pleases ; sending, at the same time, his name and the date of his matriculation, sealed up under another cover, with the motto inscribed upon it.
Page 24 - Acoustics. By WF Donkin, MA, FRS, Savilian Professor of Astronomy, Oxford. 1870. Crown 8vo. cloth, 7s. 6d. A Treatise on Electricity and Magnetism. By J. Clerk Maxwell, MA, FRS, Professor of Experimental Physics in the University of Cambridge.
Page 135 - Ireland, as therein set forth, to be agreeable to the Word of God ; and in public prayer and administration of the sacraments, I will use the form in the said book prescribed, and none other, except so far as shall be ordered by lawful authority.
Page 112 - Questions arising at any meeting shall be determined by a majority of votes of the members present; and in case of an equality of votes the chairman shall have a second or casting vote.
Page 179 - Scnioribus, id est nondum Graduati Baccalaureis, Baccalaurei Artium Magistris, Magistri itidem Doctoribus, debitam et congruam reverentiam, tum in privato, tum in publico exhibeant ; exempli gratia, ubi conve-*nerint, locum potiorem cedendo, ubi obvii venerint, de via decedendo, et, si occasio postulet, ad justum intervallum caput aperiendo. Insuper quilibet Baccalaureus in Jure Civili vel in Medicina (qui non etiam inceperit in Artibus) cuilibet Magistro in Artibus ejusdem anni cedere debet intra...
Page 319 - Proctors, six heads of colleges or halls, six dal council, professors of the University, and six members of Convocation of not less than five years' standing, such heads of colleges or halls, professors, and members of Convocation to be elected by the...
Page 363 - AB, his executors, administrators, or assigns, to sell the said premise? or any part thereof, either together or in parcels and either by public auction or private contract, with...
Page 327 - University and other persons, especially to learned naturalists and other scientific persons of foreign countries ; subject however to such regulations as the curators for the time being shall think fit ; and it being hereby declared to be the wish and desire of the said Frederick William Hope, that, so far as may be found practicable and convenient, the said collection shall be opened daily, between the hours of ten in the morning and three in the afternoon in winter, and ten in the morning and...
Page 323 - Commissioners, and likewise all provisions hereinbefore contained respecting the election, constitution, powers, and proceedings of the Council of the Senate, or respecting...

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