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-nd, môre, nôr, nôt;-idbe, tåb, båit;-811 ;-poðnd ;-thin, THIS.

To pengirate, to make way figure, whose four sides are not equal, and none through, to permeate.See PIERCE and nits sides parallel. 272 FIERCF.

TRAPEZOID, trå-pèʻzölds. A figure, whose --TRANSPIRATION, trắn-spe-ra’shăn. 4. Emis four sides are not parallel. Esion in vapour.

TRAPPINGS, tråp'plug%. s. 410. Ornaments up To TRANSPIRE, trån-splre'. v. a To cmit in

pendant to the saddle, oruaments, dress, even 23 vapour.

bellishments. to TRANSPIRE, trån’spire'. v. n. To be emit-||TRASHtrish. &. Any thing worthless, drou, at ted by insensible vapour ; to escape from 'se dregs; a worthless person, matter impropei crecy to notice,

for rond. to TRANSPLACE, trâns-plase'. v. a. To re- To TRASH, trash. v. a. To lop, to crop ; to 1" mave, to put into a new plare.

crush, to humble. to TRANSPLANT, trins-plånt'. v. a. To re- ! TRASHY, fräsh'è. a. Worthless, vile, useiess.

move and plant in a new place; to remove. To TRAVAIL, tråv'il. v. n. 208. To labour, to TRANSPLANTATION, tråns-plân-ta'shån. toil; to be in labour, to suffer the pains of child. te on The act of transplanting or removing to an birth. in other soil ; conveyance from one to another ;| To TRAVAIL, travll. v. a. 208. To ha:'185, 10 * removal of men from one country to another. tire. TRANSPLANTER, tråns-plånt'år. 8. One that|TRAVAIL, tråv'll. s. Labour, toil, fatigue; labous transplants.

in childbirth. so T'RÅNSPORT, tråns-port'. v. a. 492. To | To TRAVEL, tråvfl. v. n. 99. To make journica,

convey by carriage from place to place; to pass, to go, to nove; to wake journies of carry into banishinent, as a felon; to sentence curiosity; to labour. as a felon to básishmeut; to hurry by violence To TRAVEL, tråvil. v. a. To pass, to journey of passion ; to put into ecstacy, io ravish with over; to force to journey. pleasure.

TRAVEL, trávil. * Journey, act of passing froin TRANSPORT, trâns'port. s. 492. Transporta. place to place; journey of curiosity or instruc.

tion, carriage, couveyance; a vessel of car. tion ; labour, toil; lahour in childbirth. Tra. riage, particularly a vessel in which soldiers vels; account of occurrences and observations are conveved ; rapture, ecstacy.

of a journey. TRANSPORTANCE, tráns-por tanse. s. Con-|TRAVELLER, trâv 11-år. s. 406. One who goes veyance, carriage, removal.

a journey, a way-farer; one who visits foreign TRANSPORTATION, tråns-por-ta'shån. 8. Re countries.

moval, conveyance, carriage ; banishment for|TRAVELTAINTED, tráv Tl-tant-éd. a. Harass felony ; ecstatick violence of passion.

ed, fa:igued with travel. TRANSPORTER, tråns-port'år. 8. One that|| TRAVERSE, trå-vérse'. ad. Crosswise, athwart. transports.

O in the foliu edition of Johnson the word TRANSPOSAL, tráns-po'zál. s. The act of pat Traverse, w!ren an adverb or a preposition, is ac. ting things in each other's place.

cented on the last syllable as I have marked it ; To TRANSPOSE, tråns-poze'. r. a. To put each but in the quarto, it is every where accented ou

in the place of other; to put out of place. the first. Mr Sheridan accents only the preTRANSPOSITION, tráns-po-zish'dn. 8. The act

position on the last. Dr. Ash says the verb of putting one thing in the place of another ;) was formerly accented on the last, and Buchathe state of being put out of one place into dan has given it so accented; all the rest of Another.

our orthoe pists accept the word every where on TO TRANSSHAPE, trâns-shåpe'. v. a. To trans the first ; but the distinction in which I have fchforin, to bring in:o another shape.

lower Dr. Jolmsnu's folio, i nuust think the To TRANSUBSTANTIATE, tråd-a8b-stån'she. most accurate.

kte. v. a. To change to another substance. TRAVERSE, trå-verse'. prep. Through,crosswise. TRANSUBSTANTIATION, trdo-sob-stån-she-4-|| TRAVERSE, traverse. a.* Lying across, lying

shồn. 8. d change of the elements of the Eucha athwart.

rist into the real body ard blood of Christ. 'TRAVERSE, tráv'érse. s. Lny thirg laid a TRANSUDATION, coin-shd-da’shån. s. The act built across.

of passing in sweat, or perspirable vapour, || To TRAVERSE, trav'eroe. v. . To cross, to through any integuinept.

lay athwart; to cross by way of op position, to To TRANSUDE, trán-sdue'.v.n. To pass through thwart with obstacles; to oppose so as to alo in vnpour.-See Futurity.

mul; to wander over, to cross; to survey, to TRANSVERSAL, tráns-vêr'sål. a. Running cross examine thoroughly.. wise.

To TRAVERSE, traverse, v. n: To use a pos TRANSVERSALLI, tråns-vêr'sål-lè. ad. In a ture of opposition in fencing. cross direction.

TRAVESTY, tråv'és-ie. a. Dressed so as to be TRANSVERSE, trâns-vérse'. a. Being in a cross made ridiculous. direction.

TRAUMATICK, fråw-måt Tk. a. 508. Vulnerary. TRANSVERSELY, trâns-vers'lè. ad. In a cross || TRAY, trà. s. 220. A shallow trough in which direction.

meat is carried. TRASSUMPTION, tråns-såm'shån. 8. The act|| TRAYTRIP, trå'trip. s. A kind of play. of taking from one place to another.

TRFACHEROUS, tréishdr-os. a. 23. Fuitter TRAP, tråp. s. A snare set for thjeves or vermin ; Jess, perfidious, guilty of betraying.

an amhash, a stratagern to beiray or catch un-|| TREACHEROUSLY, írêtsh'er-as-le. ad. Faithe awares; a play at which a ball is driven with a lessly, perfidiously, by treason, by stratagem. stick.

TREACHEROUSNESS, udtsh'ér-ds-nès. *. 314. ve To TRAP, tråp. y. a. To ensnare, to catch by a The quality of being treacherous.

snare or ambush ; to adorn, to decorate. TREACHERY, trêtsh'er-t. s. 653. Perfidy, TRAPDOOR, tråp-dore'. 8. A door opening and breach of faith. shutting unexpectedly.

TREACLE, trè'kl. s. 225, 405. A medicine To TRAPE, trape. v. a. To run idly avd sluttish maic'p

vf many ingredients; mo'asses. ly about. Coinnonly written and pronounced To TREAD, trêd. v. n. Pret. Irod; Part. pass. Incipse.

Trodden. 234. 'To set tbe foot; to trample, to TRAPES, trapes. $. A slatternly woman.

set the feet in scorn or inalice; to walk with TRAPSTICK, tråp'stik. 4. A stick with which form or state to copulate as birds. boys drive a wooden ball.

TO TREAD, tréd. v. a. * To walk on, to feel oo TRAPEZIUM, trå-perhe-Am s. A quadrilateral der the foot; to press under the foos ; to beata,

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IT 659.- Fåte, får, fåll, sât ;-mné, nét ,--pine, pin ;to pack; to walk on in a formal or stately||To TRENCH, trèush. v. a. To cut; to cut of manner; to crush under foot, to trample in dig into pits or ditches. contempt or hatred; to put in action by the TRENCH, trênsh. s. A pit or ditch ; earth feet ; to love as the male bird the female. thrown up to defend soldiers in ineir approaeb TREAD, tréd. s. 234 footing, step with the to a town, or to guard a cainp. foot; way, track, path; the cock's part in the TRENCHANT, trén'shånt. a. Cutting, sharp.

TRENCHER, irèn'shår. s. A piece of wood op TRADER, très'&r. s. He who treads.

which meat is cut at table; the table ; food TREANLE trêu'dl. s. 405. A part of an engine pleasures of the table.

on which the feet act to put ii in motion ; the TRENCHERFLY, trén'shår-Al. %. One tha sperın of the cock.

haunts tables, a parasite. TREASON, tre'z'n. s. 103, 227, 170. An offence | TRENCHERMAN, trén'shdr-mån. &. 88. A

committed against the person of majesty, or feedcr, an eater. against the dignity of the commonwealth. TRENCHERMATE, trén'shår-måte, s. A ta TREASONABLE, ire'z'n-a-bl.

ble companion, a parasite. TREASONOUS, trè'z 'n-ds.

} Having ||To 1REND, trend. v. n. To tend, to lio in any the natare or guilt of treason.

particular direction. Not in use. TREASURE, trezh'ure. $. 452. Wealth hoard- TRENDLE, trên'dl. s. 405. Any thing turned ed, riches accunmulated.

round. TO TREASURE, trêzh’dre. V. a. To ncard, toTREPAN, tré-pân'. s. An instrument by which reposit, to lay up.

chirurgeons cut out round pieces of the scult; TREASUREHOUSE, trèzh'hre-hodse. 8. PMre a snare, a stratagem. where hoarded riches are kept.

To TREPAN, tré-rán'. v. a. To perforate with TREASURER, trêzh'ı-rár. s. 'One who has care the trepan; to catch, to ensnare.

of money, one who has charge of treasure. TREPIDATION, trèp-e-da'shån. $. The state TREASURERSHIP, trèzh'drår-ship. 8. Office of trembling; state of terrour. or dignity of treasurer.

To TRESPASS, três'pås. v. n. To transgress, TREASURY, trêzh'd-ré. s. A place in which to offend ; to enter uuiawfully on another's riches are accumulated.

TO TREAT, trète. v. a. 227. To negociate, to || TRESPASS, très'pås. s. Transgression, offence;

settle ; to discourse on; to use in any manner, vnlawful entrance on another's groure.
good or bad; to handle, to manage, to carry TRESPASSER, três pås-sår. s. An offender, a
on ; to entertain.

transgressor; one who enters unlawfully op
TO TREAT, trète. v. n. To discourse, to make another's ground.
discussions; to practise negociation; to come TRESSED, três'sēd. a. 104, 366. Knotted or
to terms of accommodation; to make gratui curled
tous entertainments.

TRESSES, trés'siz. &. 99. Without a singular TREAT, trete. * An entertainment giveni ; A koot or curl of hair. sometzing g en at an entertainmeut.

TRESTLE, très'ol. s. 472. The frame of a table TREATABLE tre'rå-bl. a. 405. Moderate, not a moveable form by which any thing is sup violent.

worted. TREATISE, trè'tiz. 3. 140, 227. Discourse, ||TRET, trët. s. An allowance made by mer. written tractate.

chants to retailers, which is four pounds in TREATMENT, tréte'mént. 8. Usage, mauper every hundred weight, and four pounds for of using, good or bad.

waste or refuse of a commodity.
TREATY, tre'td. s. 227. Negociation, Act of TREVET, tre'vit. 8. 99. Any thing that stands

treating'; a compact of accommodation re on three legs.
lating to publick atlairs ; entreaty, supplica-||TREY, tra. s. A three at cards.

tion, petition. In this last sense not in use. TRIABLE, trå-bl. a. 405. Possible to be cr
TREBLE, trébbl. a. 405. Threesold, triple ; perimented, capable of trial; such as may bo
sharp of sound. - See CODLE.

judicially examined. To TREBLE, trêbul. v. a. To multiply by TKIAD, irl'id. 8. 88. Three united. three, to make thrice as much.

TRIAL, trl'ål. s. 88. Test, examination ; expeTO TREBLE, tribbl. v. 0. To become threefold. riment, act of examining by experience ; ev. TREBLE, trêbibl. 8. A sharp sound; the upper perience, experiineptal kwowledge; judicial ex, part in musick.

amination ; temptation ; test of virtue ; state of TREBLENESS, trêb blonds. . The state of be being tried. ing treble.

TRIALOGUE, tria-lôg. s. 519. A colloquy of TREBLY, trêb'ble. rd. Thrice told, in threefold

three persons number or uantity.

TRIANGLE, trlång-gl. 8. 405. A figure of three TREE, trée. 8. A large vegetable rising with angles.

Cae woody stem to a considerable height"; any || TRIANGULAR, tri-áug'ga-lår. a Having three thing branched out.

angles. TREFOIL, tre'roll. s. A p'ant.

TRIBE, tribe. 8. A distinct body of the people TRELLIS trẻI 1s. 6. Is a structure of iron, as divided by family or fortune, or any other

wood, or osier, the parts crossing each other characteristick : it is often used in contempt. like a lattice.

TRIBULATION, trib-d-la'shån. s. Persecution, TO TREMBLE, trém'bl. v. 0. 405. To shake as distress, vexatinn, disturbance of life. with fear or cold, to shiver, to quake, to shud- TRIBUNAL, tri-ba nâi. 8. 119. The seat of a der ; to quiver, to totter; to quaver, to shake judge ; a court of justice. as a sound.

TRIBUNE, trib'dne. s. An officer of Rome cbo TREMBLINGLY, trèm bling-id. ad. So as to sen by the people; the commander of a Roman shake or quiver.

legion. TREMENDOUS, trè-men'dds. a. Dreadful, hor-|| TRIBUNITIAL, trib-il-nish'al. TREMOUR, trè'mór. s. 314. The state of trein. a tribune, relating to a tribune.

bling ; quisering or vibratory motion. Now |TRIBUTARY, trib 8-1&-re. a. Paying tribute a generally written Tremor.

an acknowledgineut of submission to a master; TREMULOUS, trém'd-lås. a. 314. Trembling. subject, subordinate ; pad in tribute. fentful; quivering, vibratory.

TRIBUTARY, trib'd-ta-re. 8. TREMULOUSNESS tế 4-8-t.

One who pays

a stated sum in acknowledgment of subjec state of quivering.


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-nd, môre, nôr, nôt,-ube, tåb, ball;—811 ; pound;—hin, THIS.
TRIBUTE, trlb'ite. 8. Payment made in ac- || TRIGONOMETRICAL, trig-d-nd nét'trè k&2 a
knowledgment of subjection.

Pertaining to trigonometry.
TRICE, trlse. 8. A short tinie, an instant, a TRILATERAL, ul-låt ér.&l. a. 119. Having

three sides.
TRICHOTOMY, trt-kðt'td-mè. s. 518, 119, 353.|| TRILL, trill. s. Quaver, tremulousness of mu
Division into three varts.

TRICK, trik. 8. A sly fraud ; a dexterous arti || To TRILL, trill. v. a. To utter quaverit g.

fice, a vicious practice; a juggle, an antick,|| To TRILL, trill. v. n. To trickle, to fall ip drops
any thing done to cheat jocosely; an unexpect or slender streams ; to play in treinulons vi
ed effect ; a practice, a manner, a habit; a brations of sound.

number of cards laid regularly up in play. TRILLION, tril yèn. 8. 113. A million of mil.
To TRICK, trik. v.a. To cheat, to impose on, lions of inillious.

a. 119. Ilar.
perform by slight of hand, or with a light touch. TRILUMINOUS, trl-lu’into-ås.
To TRICK, trik. v. n. To live by fraud.

ing three lights.
TRICKER, trîk ûr. s. 98. The catch which be TRIM, trim. a. Nice, snug, dressed up,
ing pulled disengages the cock of the gun, that To TRIM, trim. v. a. . To lit out ; to dress, to
it may give fire.

decorate ; to shave, to clip; to make neat, to
TRICKING, trik Ing. s. 410. Dress, ornament. adjust; to balance a vesscl: it has often Up
TRICKISH, trik Ish. a. Knavishly artful, frau emphatical.
dulently cunning, mischievously subtle.

To TRIM, trim. V. n. To balance, to Ductuate
To TRICKLE, trik'kl. v. n. 405. To fall in drops,

between two parties.
to rill in a slender stream.

TRIM, trim s. Dress, gear, ornaments.
TRICKSY, trik'sė. a. 438. Pretty. Obsolete. TRIMETER, tum'é-tér. a. Consisting of three
TRICORPORAL, trl-kôr'po-rål. a. 119. aving measures, Mason.--See TRIGONAL.
three bodies.

TRIMLY, trim'le. ad. Nicely, neatly.
TRIDENT, trdént. 8.044. A three-forked scep-TRIMMER, trìin'můr. $. 98. One who changes
tre of Neptune.

sides to balance parties, a turncoat ; a piece
TRIDENT, trl'dênt, a. 544. Having three teeth. of wood inserted.
TRIDUAN, trid'ja-án. a. 293, 376. ”Lasting three |TRIMMING, trim'ming. 8. 410 Ornamental ap
days; happening every third day;

pendages to a coat or gown.
TRIENNIAL, trl-én'yál. a. 113, 119. Lasting ||TRINAL, trl'nål. a. 88. Threefold.
three years; happening every third year.

TRINE, trine, s. An aspect of planets placed in
TRIER, tr/år. s. 98. One who tries experimen three angles of a trigon, in which they are sup

tally, one who examines judicially ; test one posed by astrologers to be eminently benign.
who brings to the test.

TO TRINE, trine. v. a. To put in a trine aspect.
TO TRIFALLOW, trl'rál-1d. v. a. To plough land| TRINITARIAN, trin-e-ta're-án. s. One who be.
the third time before sowing.

lieves in the doctrine of the Trinity.
TRIFID, trifid. a. 119. Cut divided into | TRINITY, trin'é-tė. s. The incomprehensible
three parts.

union of the three persons in the Godhead.
TRIFISTULARY, tri-fis'tshú-lå-re. a. Having |TRINKET, tring kit. s. 99. Toys, ornaments of

dress; things of no great value, tackle, tools.
To TRIFLE, trl'A. v. n. 405. To act or talk To TRIP, trip. v. a. To supplant, to throw by

without weight or dignity, 10 act with levity; 10 striking the feet from the ground by a sudden
mock, to play the fool; to indulge light amuse. motion; to catch, to detect.
ment; to be or no iur.portance.

To TRIP, trip. v. n. To fall by losing the hold of
To TRIFLE, trl'A. v. a. To make of no impor. the fet; to fail, to err, to be deficient; to

stumble, to titubate; to run lightly; to take a
TRIFLE, tr/A. 8. 405. A thing of no moment.
TRIFLER, trl'A-år. 8. One who acts with levity,|| TRIP, trip. 8 A stroke or catch by which the
one who talks with foliy.

wrestler supplants his antagonist; a stumble
TRIFLING, trl'A-Ing. a. 410. Wanting worth,

by which the foothold is lost; a failure, a mis unimportant, wanting weight.

take; a short voyage or journey. TRIFLINGLY, trl'A-ing-le. ad. Without weight, TRIPARTITE, trip pår-tite. a. 155. Divided without dignity, without importance.

into three parts, having three correspondent TRIFORM, iri'förın. a. Having a triple shape.

copies.--See TRIGONAL and BIPARTITE. TRIGGER, trig'går. $. 98. A catch to hold the TRIPE, tripe. s. The ivlestines, the guts : it is wheel on steep ground, the catch that being

used in ludicrous language for the human belly.
pulled looses the cock of the gun.

TRIPEDAL, trip'e-dál. a. Having three feet,
TRIGINTALS, tri.jtu'tålz. s. 119. A number of See TRIGONAL.
muasses to the tale of thirty.

TRIPETALOUS, trl-pét'á-lås. A. 119. Having i
TRIGLYPH, trl'glif. 8. 119. A member of the flower consisting of three leaves.
frize of the Dorick order, set directly over eve-TRIPHTHONG, irip thông. 6. 413. A coalition
ry pillar, and in certain spaces in the interco of three vowels to form one sound. See Opa

TRIGON, trigou. 6.
A triangle.

TRIPLE, trip'pl. a. 405. Threefold, consisting
TRIGONAL, "trig o-pål. a. Triangular, having

of three conjoined; treble, three times repeat

ed See Codle.
IT I have made the first syllable of this word To TRIPLE, trip pl. v. a. To treble, to make

short, as I am convinced it is agreeable to the thrice as much, or as many; to make threefcld
genius of English pronunciation to shorten eve-TRIPLET, tripʻlít

. $ 99. Three of a kind; threa
my antepenultimate vowel except u, when not verses rhyming together,
followed by a diphthong. 135. This is evideot|TRIPLICATE, irip'ie-káte. a. Made thrice as
in tripartite, triplicate, and a thousand other much.
words, notwithstanding the specifick meaning of TRIPLICATION, trip-id-kå'shån. &. Tho act of
the first syllable, whichi, in words of two sylla trebling or adding three together,
bles when the accent is on the first, and in po- ) TRIPLIČITY, tri-plis'e-tè. š. Trebleness, Etato
lysyllables when the accent is on the second, of being threefold.
ought, according to analogy, to have the i !ong. TRIPMADAM, trip'mad-&m. & An herb.
See Principles, No. 530, 335.

TRIPOD, tripod, or trip'od. 8. 544. A seat with
TRIGONOMETRY, trig.L-nome-tre. s.

three feet, such as that from whicle tba pricsta
of meesuring triangles.

ays of Apollo delivered oracles.

three pipes.

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three corners.

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-råt. }


559.-fi.e, Par, rån, fåt;-mé, aet , -pine, pin;IT The first mode of pronouncing this word is!! victory; rejoicing as for victory; victoriaus that which is adopted by Mr. Sheridar., Dr.l. graced with conquest. Kenrick, Bailey, Buchanan, and Perry: and TRIUMPHANTLY, tr-8mf'ânt-le ad. In a tri the seconi, by Dr. Ash, Mr. Nares, Mr. Scott, umphant manner, in token of victory, joyfuk Entick, ard Fry. I do not hesitate to pro as for victory; victoriously, with soccres; riik nounce the former the most agrecable to Eng. insolent exultation. lish analogy : cot only because the prefixes, bi|TRIUMPHER, ul'dm-fár. s. 98. One who ta and tri, when no other law forbids, ought to be uixphs.

s. A coalitie words of two syllables with the accent on the TRIUMVIRI, trl-&m've-rl. first, and having one consonant between two or concurrence of three men. vowels, ought, if custom does not absolutely for- || TRIUNE, tri-ine'. a. At once three and one. bid. to have the vowel in the first syllable long || TROCAR, tro'kår. S. A chirurgical instrume This is the genuine English analogy ; ti.e mode used in tapping for a dropsy. in which we pronounce all Latin worls of this TROCHAICĂL, tro-ka'e-kål. a. 353. Consisting

of trochecs. form, let the quantity be what it will, 544; and the mode in which we should have pronounced TROCHEE, troke. s. 353. A foot used in La all English words of this form, if an affectation tin poetry, consisting of a long and short ol of Latinity had not often prevented us. For

lahle. the same reason, therefore, that we pronounced||TRODE, trôd. The pret. of Tread. biped, trigon, and trident, with the į long, we TROD, irod.

Part. pass. of Tread. ought to adopt the first pronunciatiou of the TRODDEN, tråd'!'n. word in question, and not the second. See TROGLODYTE, trôg'ló-dite. s. 155. One who DRAMA.

inhabits caves of the earth. TRIPOLY, trip'po-le. : A sharp cutting sand. To TROLL, troll. v. a. 406. To more circularly, TRIPOS, tri'pôs. S.-See TRIPOD. A tripod. to drive about. TRIPPER, trip pår, s. 98. One who trips. To TROLL, troll. v. n. 318. To roll, to ne TRIPPING, trip'ping. a. 410. Quick, nimble. round; to fish for a pike with a rod which has TRIPPING, trip'ping. 8. Light dance.

a pulley towards the buttom. TKIPTOTE, trip'iote. s. Triptote is a noun used TROLLÓP, trôl'håp. s. 166. A slatternly loose

but in three cases. TRIPPINGLY, trip'ping-lé. ad. With agility, | TROOP, trôôp. s. 306. A company, a pamber ol with swift motiun.

people collected together; a body of soldiers; TRIREME, ulrème. s. A galley with three à small body of cavalry. benches of oars on a side.

To TROOP, trôöp. v. n. To march in a body, TF:ISECTION, tri-sek'shån. Division into to march in haste; to march in a coinpany. three equal parts.

TROOPER, trôðp'år. s. 98. A horse soldier. TRISTFUL, trist'fal. Sad, inelancholy, ||TROPE, trópe. s. A change of a word from it glooiny. Noi in use.

original signification. TRISULC, trl'sålk. 8.-Sec TRIPOD. A thing of |TROPHIED, trò'rld. a. 203. Adorned with tro three points,

phies. TKISYLLABICAL, tris ss1-låb'd-kål. a. 533. Con-TROPHY, tro'fe. 8. 413. Something taken from sisting of three syllables.

an enemy, and shown or treasured up in proof) TRISYLLABLE, iris'sil-lå-bl. s. 535. A word of victory. consisting of three syllables.

TROPICAL, trốp e-kãi. a. 509. Rhetorically TRITE, trite. a. Worn out, stale, common, but

changed from le original meaning ; placed

near the tropick, belonging to the tropirk. TRITENESS, trlte’nds. 8. Staleness, common || TROPICK, tróp'ik. s. 548. The line at which

the sun turns back, of which the North has the TRITURATION, trit-tshd-ra'shån. 8. Reduction tropick of Cancer, and the South the tropick

of any substance to powder upon a stone with of Capricorn. a muller, as colours are ground.

TROSSERS, trös'sårz. 8. Breeches, base. Na TRIVET, trivit. s. 99. Any thing supported by in use.See TROUSERS. three feet

To TROT, trót. r. n. To move with a high jolt TRIVIAL, triv'yål. a. 113. Vile, worthless, vul ing pace; :o walk fast, in a ludicrous or con

gar; ligbt, triling, unimportant, inconsidera temptuous sense. ble.

TROT, trôt. 8. The jolting high pace of a horse TRIVIALLY, triv'yai-e. ed. Commonly, vulgar an old woman. ly; rightly, inconsiderably.

TROTH, troch. s. Truth, faith, fidelity. TRIVIALNESS, triv'yál-nes. s. Commonness, || TROTHLESS, trôth'lès. a. Faithless, treacher

vulgarity ; lightness, unimportance. TRIUMPH, triawf. s. 116. Pomp with which a TROTHPLIGHT, trolh'pllte. a. Betrothed,

victory is publickly celebrated ; state of being affianced. victorious; victory, conquest; joy for success; | TROUBADOUR, trdo'bå-door. A general & conguering card now called trump.

appellation for any of the early poets of ProTo TRIUMPH, trl'âmf. v. 11. To celebrate a vic vence in France. - Mason.

tory with pomp, to rejoice for victory; to ob• || To TROUBLE, trnu'bl. v. a. 314. To disturb, tain victory ; to insult upon an advantage to perplex; to amict, to grieve : to distress, to gained.

make un:asy; to busy, to engage overimich * This verb, says Mr. Nares, was, even till to give occasion of labour to; to teaze, to sex Bryden's tiine, pronounced with the accent to disorder, to put into agitation or commotion either on the first or last syllable. Accensing to mind with anxiety ; to sue for a debt. the last, was according to the general rule.-- TROUBLE, trůbbl. s. 405. Disturbance, per See Principles No. 502, n. But it is now, as Mr. plexity; affliction, calamity; molestatioa, ob Nares onserves, invariably accented on the first, struction, incoovenience ; uneasiness, Fest notwithstauding the analugy I have remarked, tion. and the general propeusity to give a dissylla- | TROUBLER, trâu'l-dr s. 91. Disturber, con Sle noun and verb' a different accentuation. founder.

492. TRIUMPHAL, trl-āmfal. a. 88.

TROUBLESOME, trådbl-såm. a. Full of mo

Used in cele broting victory

lestation, vesatio's, uneasy, affliotive; burden TRIUMPRANT, trh-dmf &gt

some, tiresome, wearisome ; full of teanny 1. Celebrating & husiness; slighúy harassing ; unseasonably as



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-nd, move, nd:, ndt ,-tdbe, 18b, 581l ;-811 ,--podud ;-thin, this.
gaging, improperly importuning; importunate,| TRUENESS, tröð'nės. 9. Sincerity, faithfulness

TRUEPENVY, trôô'pên.nė, s. A familiar pärase
TROUBLESOMELY, tråb'bl-söm-id. ad. Vexa for an honest rellow.
tiously, wearisomely, unseasonably, importu-TRUFFLE, trôô'fl. s. (truffe.] French. A kind of

subterraneous mushroom.
TROUBLESOMENESS, trib'hl-sům-nës.s. Vexa | If This word ought either to have the u short,

tiousness, uneasiness; importunity, unseason. or be written with only one f. The latter

of these alterations, is, perhaps, the most prac
TROUBLOUS, tråb'bl-As. a. 314. Tumultuous, ticable, as we seem inclined rather to part WILI

confused, disordered, put into commotion. a luudred letters than give up the smallest ten
TROVER, tro'vůr. s. 93. In the common law, is dency to a foreign pronunciation.
an action which a man hath against ene that, || TRUISM, trådizın. s. An identical proposition ;
having found any of his goods, refuseth to de a self-evident, but unimportant truth.
liver them.

TRULL, tråll. s. A low whore, a vagrant strum
TROUGH, trof. s. 321, 391. Any thing hollowed pet.

and open longitudinally on the upper side. TRULY, tr3a'lė. ad. According to truth, not
To TROUL, tréle. v, a. 318. To move volubly; falsely, faithiully; really, without fa'lacy; ex.
to atter volubly.

actlv, justly, indeed.
To TROUNCE, irodnse. v, n. 313. To punish by || TRUMP, tråmp. s. A trumpet, an instrumenti
an indictment or information.

of warlike musick; a winning card, a card that
TROUSE, trdize. 313.
TROUSERS, trdů sårz.}
S. Breeches, hose.

has particular privileges in a game. To put to

or upen lie trumps ; to put to the last expedi-
TROUT, trôåt. s. 313. Delilate spotted fish in ent.

habiting brooks and quick streans; a familiar | To TRUMP, trồmp. v. a. To win with a trump
phrase for an honest, or perhaps for a siily tel card. To trump up; to devise, to forge.

TRUMPERY, (råmp'ér-ė. s. 555. Something
TO TROW, trò. v. n. 324. To think, to imagine, fallaciously splendid ; falsehood, empty talk;
to conceive.

something of no value, trifles.
TROW, tro. interject. An exclamation of inquiry. TRUMPET, trảmp't. s. 99. Au instrument of

martial musick sounded by the breath: in mili-
TROWEL, tr887. 8. 99. 322. A tool to take upi tary style, a trumpeter ; one who celebrates,

the mortar with, and spread it on the bricks. one who praises.
TROY WEIGHT, trdé'wate.
TROY, trde. 329.

s. A kind of To TRUMPET, tråmplt. y. a. To publish by

sound of trumpet, to proclaim.
weight by which gold and bread are weighed. TRUMPETER, 'trùmpit-ár. s. 98. One who
TRUÀNT, trðbånt. s. 339. An idler, one who sounds a trumpet; one who proclaims, pub-
wanders idly about, neglecting his duty or em lishes, or denounces ; a fish.

ployment. To play the Truant is, in schools, to TRUMPET-TONGUED, trůmp It-tång'd. a. 359.
stay from school without leave.

Having tongues vociferous as a trumpet.
TRUANT, troš'ånt. a. 88. Idle, wandering from To TRUNCATE, trång'káte. v. a. 91, 408. To
business, lazy, loitering.

maim, to lop, to cut short.
To TRUAŃT, irod'ânt. v.n. To idle at a distance TRUNCATION, trůn-ka'shủ . 8. 408. The act
troin duty, to loiter, to be lazy.

of lopping or roaiming.
TRUANTSHIP, trõõ'ånt-shỉp. s. Idleness, negli-|| TRUNCHEON, uân'shủn. s. 259. A short stafl,
gence, neglect of study or business.

a club, a cudgel; a staff of command,
TŘUCE, trose, s. 339. A temporary peace, a TRUNCHEONEER, trůn-shån-der'. s. One
cessation of hostilities; cessation, intermission, armed with a truncheon.
short quiet.

To TRUNDLE, trúud'al. v. n. 405. To roll, to'
TRUCIDATION, trồó-sé-dá'shún. s. The act of bowl alorg.

TRUNDLE-TAIL, trån’dl-tále. . Round tail.
To TRUCK, tråk, v. n. To traffick by exchange. || TRUNK, trångk, s. 408. The body of a tree;
To TRUCK, trük. v. a. To give in exchange, to the body without the limbs of an animal ; the

main body of any thing; a chest for clothes, a
TRUCK, tråk. s. Exchange, traffick by ex small ci.est commonly lined with paper; the

change ; wooden wheels for carriage of cannon. proboscis of an elephant or other animal ; a
TRUCKLEBED, trôk'kl-béd. s. A bed that runs long tube.
on wheels under a higher bed.

TRUNK-HOSE, trångk’háze. S. Large breech
To TRUCKLE, trük'kl. v. n. 405. To be in a es forinerly wern.
state of subjection or inferiority.

TRUNNIONS, trůn'yånz. s. 113. The knobs of
TRUCULEXCE, crðb’kd-lense. s. Savageness of bunchings of a gun that bear it on the cheeks
manners; terribleness of aspect.

of a carriage.
TRUCULENT, trdo'kd-lènt. a. Savage, barbar- TRUSION, trôdézhủn. s. 45). The act of thrust-
ous; terrible of aspect; destructive, cruel. ing or pushing.

TRUSS, trůs, s. A bandage by which ruptures
So TRUDGE, trådje. v. n. To travel laborious are restrained from lapsing: bundle, any thing
ly, to jog on, to march heavily on.

thrust close together.
TRUE, irdd. a. 339. Not false, agreeing with fact; || To TRUSS, trus. v. a. To pack up close to

agreeing with our own thoughts; pure from the gether.
crime of falsehood, veracious; genuine, not] TRUST, tröst. s. Confidence, reliance on ano-
counterfeit; faithfuí, not perfidious, steady ; ther; charge received in confidence; coofident
honest, not fraudulent; exact, truly conform opinion of any event; credit given without ex
able to a rule; rightful.

amination; something committed to oue's faith
TRUEBORN, trdo bởin. a. Having a rigut by deposit, something comınitted to charge, of

which an account must be given; fidelity ; sup-
TRUEBRED, trõõbrèd. a. Of a right breed. posed honesty ; state of bim to whoin some.
TRUEHEARTED, tr88-bårt'él.a. Honest, ibing is intrusted.

To TRUST, tråst. v. a. To place confidence in
TRUELOVE, tröðlav. 8. A: herb, called Herba to confide in, to believe, to cralit; to admit in

confidence to the power over any thing; to
TRUELOVERSKNOT, tr83-jav-arz-nøt’, s. Lines commit with coofdence; to venture confident
drawn through each other with many involu ly; to sell tpon cirdit.
tions, considered as the emblem of iwierwoven ||To TRUST, trůst. v.a. To be conGdent'ot some-

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